Saturday, November 30, 2013

House Call! A Charlie's Angels Event: This Episode: "Fidelio"

Doc here, a man some say was once arrested for giving mustache rides at a lawn fete, with a very special House Call Report.

Late afternoon on Saturday November 16th, The Good Doctor pulled the Lizardo 3000 up to the Sonata Club in Chicago's northern burbs. His colleague from this thing of ours, Charlie (from Charlie's Angels) was playing piano alongside his jazz group. I decided to stop in and listen.

When this tall, dark, and handsome gentleman finished his set, he joined The Good Doctor for a cocktail. Charlie revealed that later this same evening, he was hosting a masquerade party in a secret location nearby. This party would feature several hot couples, a dozen or so females, and a group of good looking and high performance guys. Rumors of an appearance by two of his Angels were confirmed.