Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(UPDATED!) Flash Report: Brent Returns To Portland & Gets An Eyeful

Doc here... Brent from Portland, OR was out of town for several days over the last week and a half, tending to what people do when they are out of town.  He was even able to hit a couple of out of town adult theaters with nothing spectacular to report.

Well, he's back home in Portland and it looks like The Paris Theater missed him...

Check out these two instant reports he sent out around 7:30pm PDT last night:

"A beautiful dark haired Lea Michele type is sucking all cocks at the Paris while we talk dirty to her . Come on down and enjoy this slut. Plenty of parking."

"This Kardashian is making out with guys getting her tits sucked so hard she is beginning to lactate & wants two dicks in her pussy & wants loads on her face.  It is good to be back in Portland."

Only Brent could give us the following in 4 short sentences:
  • Not one but two celebrity look-a-likes
  • A call to action for an adult theater gang bang
  • A parking update
  • Lactation
  • DPP (double pussy penetration)
  • Facials
  • A personal note about how good it is being back home
This is why Brent is the poet laureate of this thing of ours: Word management.

And it's good to have you back in PDX, Brent.


Brent supplied some more info on the above Tuesday night encounter:

"One of the things that makes Portland such a good town for adult theater sex is not only the frequency that it occurs but also the fact that "ats" is likely to occur at all hours of the day. A couples theater adventure may not always go as planned but its more likely to be successful in Portland."

"The lady who played last night was very pretty and had a great attitude. She loved to be talked dirty to and was up for just about anything. The crowd was small and respectful- maybe a little too small. Still she had a few very intense orgasms from getting fucked by her old man, riding Coke Can's dick while her old man put it to her from behind while at the same time someone sucked hard on her nipples and someone else stuck his dick in her warm wet mouth."