Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blast From The Past: Tom Austin on Houston's XXX Theater

Doc here with the return of Senior Journal Reporter, Tom Austin.  His travels have taken him across the pond, but he is now back and better than ever...

Today he submits for your approval a Blast From The Past from Houston, and the No-Name XXX Theater.  Needless to say, I could not come up with a photo of the theater.  However, I have dropped in a few photos of classic Houston adult theaters from that same era.

Here is Tom Austin's terrific Blast From The Past...


Blast From The Past – The No-Name XXX Theater - 1991

On the south side of Houston, near the intersection of loop-610 and I-45, was a small theater which provided both locals and tourists with a low-key means of enjoying "this thing of ours". It existed for at least 15 years and I enjoyed many late evenings there. It only had a large, red “XXX” sign in front next to its small parking lot – it was truly the adult theater with no name.

The facility itself had four sections – two theaters (couples-only and mixed, a private preview area with six small open cubes with a few seats in each, and then several rows of adult books and magazines in a large open area that separated the preview space and theaters. The clientele was definitely there to enjoy either the theaters or preview area (or both), but the rows of magazines did allow for casual cruising of the people who were going in and out of both xxx movie areas. My usual MO was to simply head to the mixed gender theater, take a seat near the back row, and watching straight porn to “warm-up.”

The theater was always really dark and usually took at least ten minutes or so for my eyes to adjust to be able to see anyone. One night upon entering the theater and taking my place next to the aisle (since it was the only seat I could clearly see was empty) was the first time that I enjoyed a great session with a very horny husband and wife.

I don’t remember much about the movie, except as usual the sound was turned up loud. The movie itself was dark and I could not begin to guess if I was alone or with any others in theater-style seats which could hold no more than about 30. I was slowly getting into the movie when I noticed that the movie had dubbed double sounds of a woman moaning in passion as the chick on the screen was getting fucked – it was almost like two soundtracks of a woman in the throes of passion were being played at the same time.

But then as my eyes gradually adjusted to the low light, I saw several people grouped together near the front of the theater. And I finally realized the second “sound track” I was listening to was actually not a part of the move, but instead was a MF couple and a couple of other guys playing with the topless woman down front. This was way back in my early days of enjoying “this thing of ours” and I was very cautious to go slowly in order to minimize my risk of an unplanned meeting with Houston LE. After my eyes finally adjusted to the theater I realized that two guys – one of each side of a woman – were helping her to get off, while a third guy stood behind and played with her nipples and tits. Hello momma.

Cinema XX
Houston c.1984
The woman’s passion had no shyness, and she was definitely enjoying the attention and maturations of all three guys. To this day, I remember her rapid moans and heavy breathing as the most passionate sounds of sex I’ve ever heard outside of an orgy. She was totally shameless and soon orgasmed with several loud grunts. It was my first time to witness a total slut completely consumed by sex.

After her orgasm, one of the guys got up and left, and was quickly replaced by the man in back who took a quick seat next to her. I’m not sure what he expected, but even without adjusting her summer blouse or skirt, she bent over and returned his favor with a blow job. Meanwhile the guy to her right side, which I later learned was her partner, looked back at me smiling. Not taking this for an open invitation to join their scene I remained in my seat watching her head bobbing up and down for several minutes until this guy filled her mouth with is cum. There was then some whispering and movement, and then BJ-boy stood, zipped his pants, and exited by me to the rear of the theater, almost racing to the exit. Was this to be my opening?

Then another rookie mistake as I thought about my next move too long. Seeing me paralyzed in my seat, the couple rose, and quietly exited the theater, leaving me with a full bone and no dog to feed it to. Frustration quickly set in as I realized I just probably missed my first attempt at open theater sex with a totally nasty couple. I slowly rose and also exited the theater, but instead of calling it a night, I decided to enter the private preview area and take matters in my own hand. It was behind that closed door that I rediscovered my very good fortune - the couple already at play with another guy.

Majestic Metro
Houston, c.1984
These were small preview cubicles with only two rows of seats – 6 or 8 chairs max. When I heard her familiar groan again, I stepped into a cube to find the couple and another guy who had just won the lottery without even buying a ticket. She was bent over and was giving another full BJ with total abandon. Five minutes max later he came and I then experienced another first on the theater trails – watching a woman openly kiss her husband right after a BJ and seeing the two of them French kissing with her mouthful of cum. Now I know it’s called snowballing, but back then, it was what probably frightened away her BJ beneficiary back in the theater.

She smiled at me; he smiled at me; and their latest conquest rose and walked away. I had learned my lesson and raced to take my seat to her right side, and quickly unzipped and displayed my member for her to see. She turned to her partner, whispered something to him, and then lowered her mouth over me and proceeded to remind me by using her mouth, lips, and tongue that there is a God.
Best. Blowjob. Evar.

And like I had witnessed before in the theater, she slowly turned from me towards her partner and they shared another deep French kiss, swapping the fruits of our coupling with more moans and total enjoyment.

Village Theater
Houston, c.1983
Their kiss seemed to last forever, and then he spoke, “Don’t you think you should tell her how good that was?”

Words failed me. “That was fantastic. Better than fantastic. Great.” My brain simply needed more time for the blood to return in order to function properly. But at least my sincerity solicited a cute little smile from her that said it all.

“Do you want to play for a while?” he asked. And then he showed me a small bottle of hand lotion. “She likes to be played with, too.” After readjusting our positions, I gave her one, two, and eventually three fingers, and she liked it hard. And very loud. After enjoying a couple of orgasms in her style, she motioned for me to unzip again and gave me a repeat oral performance. Followed by a final French kiss.

That story was how someone became a frequent patron of the same seedy, low-class, run-down shack for 15 years. I never saw that couple ever again, even though I probably visited at least once per week. None of the managers ever saw them again either.

The theater is now gone, bulldozed and replaced by another strip mall – how very Houston.


Doc here again... I would love to hear more about Houston's adult theater past, since the scene there now is almost non-existent. 

Thanks again to Tom Austin, for another 5-star report!

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