Sunday, December 14, 2014

Couple's Flash Report! Sloppy Second Seekers at their local ABS (w/8 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say played the irascible Mr. Picklepants in a summer stock production of "Seven Brides for Seven Doctors", with a great Couple's Flash Report.

Returning to The Journal are senior reporters Sloppy Second Seekers.  They have filed an awesome Couple's Flash Report from their local ABS, and it sounds (and looks) like a VERY HOT TIME.  The accompanying pics are from the actual visit. 

I encourage you to sit back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this great report. 

Here we go...


Hi Doc, 

It’s been a while since we corresponded and we certainly hope your readers are doing their best to stay warm as the temps drop outside.  Regardless of the season, we're doing our best to keep it hot on the inside.

One evening, not long ago, with a chill in the air, we decided the best way to warm-up would be to contact a few "friends", meet at a local adult bookstore and enjoy a buffet of sorts: The menu included sucking and fucking for appetizers, a split-roast for the main course and loads of pleasure for desert, which turned out to be quite a meal and we were not disappointed, leaving quite filled when the feast was over.

Upon arriving at one of our favorite locations we found quite a few eager gentlemen waiting in the store area. So, to get things started Mrs. S removed her coat, offering a glimpse at her attire, under the bright lights of the novelty / store area.  After all, the meal always tastes better with a good presentation. 

From there, we all headed to the back, which offered a bit more privacy for the multicourse "meal" we had in mind, starting at a gloryhole to warm-up with a little sucking which then led onto some hot [through the hole] fucking.   However, eventually the booth felt a bit too confined and, to expand our horizons, we all moved to a theater area to enjoy more than one at a time; increasing the intensity.
A knee level platform provided an ideal location to enjoy two gentlemen at once, where she first got two men throbbing by deep throating their cocks back and forth until everyone was moaning and then changed over to the doggy position to be split-roast, right on stage, in front a few more horny onlookers, stroking away as they watched the “show.”
You could say that no one was feeling a chill by then and both of the split-roasters enjoyed themselves to completion; telling each other how good it felt as they penetrated her love holes and timing their releases to occur at the same time. She then laid on her back and they held her legs up and spread open for the onlookers (I mean on-strokers) to view it all, up close and personal.  And, that was then the jizz hit the fan:  The guys who were standing around, stroking away, reached their peak as they gazed upon her goodies to which they began releasing all over her, providing an extensive and thorough bukkake bath as the sounds of their moans and scent of sex permeated the air.  There truly was multiple loads of pleasure shooting which glazed that creampied desert dish.
While it may have been chilly outside, it was definitely hot and sticky inside and we all departed feeling quite satiated.
Triple S (  

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Doc here again... Many, many thanks as always to Sloppy Second Seekers for another top shelf report and the incredible pics!  Keep them coming guys!