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Flash Report! 15th Ave. Holiday Ball in Chicago on 12/13/14: Report #2 by The Guy with the Glasses (w/Video!)

Doc here, a man who some say wears mistletoe on his belt buckle, just in case Mrs. Claus stumbles into the same room, with a brand new Flash Report.

The 15th Ave. Adult Theater Holiday Ball this past Saturday was an amazing event, and reports are now starting to trickle in. 

The latest report from this huge event is from now senior reporter here at The Journal, The Guy with the Glasses. Even though he got to the event 90 minutes after it started, he was able to soak in a lot of what was happening. And by "soak in", I mean he was pulled in gravitational orbit by many of the LWS (Ladies Who Squirt) in attendance at the party.

 This is an excellent report kids. Saddle up, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy the holiday song stylings of The Guy with the Glasses.

Take it away, sir.


Hey there Doc, 

It's been a long time since I've submitted a report. I've had the bad habit of going to the previous two parties and putting off my report to the point that I've muddled the details in my mind. I decided not to put off writing this report like I have my previous few so here we go!
I was cutting it close as I left work and headed home to shower and change. I figured that since the party started at 8pm I would be fine if I arrived arrive a little later. By the time I showed up at the theater it was about 9:30pm and I was happy to see that the main parking lot was full and the street in front of the theater was packed as well. In case there are new people reading the blog, couples are the only people allowed to park in the main lot. There are a couple gentlemen at the entrance that will check the occupants and not admit cars with single guys into the lot. The reasoning is that ladies will feel more comfortable if they don't have to walk down a down industrial road to get to the party. This is fine by me, it's only a short walk from the street into the theater anyways.

For being the middle of December the weather on that Saturday was fantastic. It was unseasonably warm and I was hoping that the lack of snow would encourage more couples to make an appearance. The night was warm enough where I decided to leave my jacket in the car and venture out in just a shirt (A nice holiday appropriate read shirt hah). I paid my entrance fee and did an initial assessment of the party. At that time the theater was full of couples but no one was doing much playing. I didn't see anyone in the room behind the movie screen either so I headed back towards the party room. 

On my way back I stopped by the video booth hallway to see if there was anything happening there but lo and behold it was just guys over there. There are no gloryholes here unfortunately, since it's very much an interest of mine (looking up gloryholes was how I initially stumbled onto this site hah). However, that's a whole separate report that I'm writing about all the Chicagoland gloryholes I can find.
Once I get to the party room, I am surrounded by great looking couples packed into every free space the room had. It was definitely a great turnout that evening! Towards the entrance I recognize some of the usual suspects and I see the Good Doctor. After saying my hellos Doc motions towards a couple near us and I instantly recognize the lovely Kitten and her guy. 

The readers may remember her from the photo contest that Doc held a few months ago where contestants submitted their own pictures to be voted on (she had my vote!). Kitten was wearing this fantastic red dress where the front was very low cut showing of some of her great assets. It's a good thing that she is gorgeous and you can't help but have your eyes glued to her pretty face when talking to her. Otherwise my eyes may have kept wandering to front of her dress hah. I said my greetings to Kitten and her guy "M" (he was a nice fellow) and then headed back to the theater.

On my way out of the party room I see a couple in their 50's putting on a show for a group. This was happening in that little cubicle area of the spa with the TV near the entrance of the party room. The female half was bending over for guys and inviting everyone to feel her body and if a guy happened to have his cock out she would give him a blowjob. The male half was chaperoning and reminding everyone that she was not there to fuck, only blowjobs. I enjoy the show for a couple minutes before I go back to exploring the building. 

While I'm still in the spa area I see an attractive young and possibly Hispanic couple who I've seen previously on a non party day. The first time I saw them they were just looking around the theater and spa area. I remembered them because the missus had an amazing body! 

Today she was wearing some red top (very much the theme of the day) and some yoga like pants that fit her extremely well. I said hello and introduced myself and the girl with the great body told me her name was Melissa. We joked about how this isn't a place where people would shake hand to greet each other but rather they would bump forearms hah. I told them to have a good night and I saw them a few more times taking in the sights around the building. What I would have given to have seen Melissa play take off those pants...
I see a group of guys crowding around the locker room and I ask a black gentleman in a wheelchair what's going on in there. He tells me that there is this little Asian women in there and I know exactly who he is talking about. This women is one of the most enthusiastic I've seen about theater sex. I'll see her often at 15th Ave and she will always suck off and fuck tons of guys every night that she visits. The crowd was thick so I continue making my way towards the theater. I don't see much happening there but as soon as I go look at the room behind the projector screen I see the same Asian lady making her way towards the backroom. On her heels were a pack of dudes so I stayed where I was and got a good "seat" at the action since I was already back there. 

True to her previous visits, she got onto the massage table on her back and then invited guys to come at her. She had her legs spread open for guys to fuck her and she would give the rest blowjobs. The guy with the wheelchair came into the backroom and tried to force his way to a good spot right next to me and at that point I decided to head out of the backroom since it was starting to get very hot and pushy in there.
Nothing was happening in the theater room so I headed back to the party. I see the good Doctor with a couple heading into on of the private rooms and I ask him if I can take a look inside since I've never been in one. Doc invites me to look around and tells me that they once had 13 people in that small room. I was amazed since that room was not much bigger than the average bathroom. It must be like a sauna in there with that many people! (ed. note: We had the door open with the 13 people in the room, but it was still a sweat lodge in there with that much body heat steaming off of us.
Back in the party room I see Kitten and M keeping to themselves. I've never really talked to her much other than saying hellos so I went over to them and struck up a conversation. I was surprised to hear that she noticed my lack of recent report posting. Apparently I have a fan, and a very pretty one to boot! That's the reason why I decided to not wait weeks to write this report hah. 

Afterwards I see a couple ladies up on the stripper poles so head to the opposite side of the party room to investigate. There were about five hot women up on the stage in various states of undress. I joined the group of guys by the stage and took in the show for a couple minutes. At this point I'm thinking that my entrance fee was the best $45 I've spent all month! After a while I recognize one of the ladies as "B" from one of my first party reports (I suggest you look it up). Tonight she decided to switch up her hair to a very curly blonde which was why I didn't immediately recognize her. Continuing the theme, she was wearing a very seductive Christmas inspired outfit. On the way down from the stage she recognizes me as well and then goes to get some refreshment.
The Stage at 15th Ave. Party Room
I head back to the theater and notice that the little Asian women has moved into the theater and there is a circle of guys crowding around her. I get close to have a look and she is sitting down in one of the seats with guys having their cocks out all around her. It was just like a scene straight out of porn. 

She would give the guy in front of her a blowjob and then give another two guys handjobs. She was insatiable! At that point her chest was covered in cum and you could tell that she already got many gentleman off that night. Shortly afterwards she tells everyone that she needs to take a break and you could feel the subtle disappointment from the other guys. When she leaves the crowd disperses and I head back to the party room. 

In one of the two private rooms there, a guy is fucking his female partner doggy style while leaving the door open. The crowd around the door is pretty deep and I am thankful for my height since I can just look over the shorter guys in front of me. The couple puts on an excellent show but I leave to see what is happening in other parts of the party.
I stop by the spa area and look into the showers to see the Asian lady from earlier showering by herself. I'm surprised that no guys joined her in the shower, she looked great all wet and covered in bubbles. It was a great sight to see but I didn't want to just stand there watching her shower (sounds creepier when I type it hah) so I go to the theater to see any new developments.
In the theater I was ecstatic to see that Kitten and M made their way from the party room to the couples section. They were just sitting down and enjoying the show (loud porn on the projector) so I popped into the backroom. In the back was a cute short redhead who I've seen plenty of times before. She was with her husband and they were on the way out when I went to the back. 

Once they left I re-entered the main theater and I see Kitten giving M a great blowjob. I must admit that I was extremely envious of M and thought he was one of the luckiest guys on the planet. M was sitting down and Kitten was crouching in front of him and engulfing his cock! I quickly took a seat where I could clearly watch action. After a while Kitten had to stand up to adjust her hair and let me tell you ladies and gentleman, she has a smoking hot body! What I enjoyed the most was that she is very cute and pretty and you wouldn't imagine that she would ever be in a dimly lit room giving a blowjob in front of lots of strangers while the sounds from the porn are blasting. It was all I could do to stay in my seat hah. 

Once they finished they headed back towards the theater area. Not wanting to stalkerishly follow them, I hung back and waited to see if any of the other couples would play. There was an Asian couple where the guy's wife was pretty and had rather large breasts. He kept on rubbing them and kissing her but to my dismay nothing came of it and they left later on in the evening without playing.
I see B heading towards the backroom and I know that she puts on an amazing show so naturally I go back there also and see her already laying on her back in the massage table. She removes her clothes and looks fantastic laying there with her legs spread apart. B asks (or rather demands) for help getting off and a lucky guy proceeded to finger her. If I can say one thing about B it is that she is wild hah. She was giving commands the guy on what direction he should curl his fingers and how hard to press (in her words "as hard you fucking can!"). At this point most of the guys had their cocks out and stroking to the show and B told everyone that no one could cum on her face or tits. She would only let them cum on her stomach or else she would "knock them the fuck out" and "knock their teeth out". I think some of the newer guys were a little intimidated but I just found it amusing hah.
If you've never seen my previous party report you should know that B is an amazing squirter. She squirts so much and so often that it is a wonder she does not become immediately dehydrated. True to form, she cums hard and squirts (and moans loudly) all over the front of the massage table after almost no time at all. At this point I join in the festivities and start stroking to the show. 

Another woman joins B on the massage table (didn't catch her name), gets naked and then gets on her knees over B while fingering her also. This woman had dark hair, a hot face with a "fuck me expression", and an awesome rack that bounced all around over B's face. While this woman fingered B she invited guys to fuck her doggystyle and cum all over her back. I was at the front of the action by their faces and were hoping that they would be giving out blowjobs but unfortunately (for me) all she did was get fucked by the guys behind her. After a few guys came on her she got up and left the back room.
Once she leaves it's Just B again on the table and she wants another guy to make her cum. This little Indian guy began to fingering and again B was telling the guy exactly how to do it. An older guy told B and he was going to cum and everyone backed up as he came on her stomach. A guy came from the spa area and gave her a towel to clean up before the Indian guy continued fingering her. I'm directly to the side of her and she asks for two guys on her sides to lift her legs while she cums again. Like a good Samaritan I lift her leg with one hand while stroking my cock with the other. At this point I am bursting at the seams since this whole part of the evening was insanely hot. 

After she finishes trembling from her orgasm I tell her that I'm going to cum all over her stomach. Since she knows who I am she begins saying all these filthy things ("Do you want to cum for mommy?" , "Be a good boy and cum on me!" , etc). Normally that kind of talk does nothing for me but the environment must have made my inner Oedipus come out. My first couple shots of cum went clear across her stomach and hit her leg. The rest made a huge mess over her stomach. It was a good thing that the previous guy brought a towel because the paper towels that I was carrying around with me were no where near enough to clean it all up. I wipe her off with the towel (and let me tell you it is a great feeling cleaning up a sexy woman you just came over) and then toss the towel underneath the table since it is now damp hah. I head to the bathroom to fully clean myself off and then go towards the party room to see if anything is going on over there.

Afterwards it is close to 1am and the party is winding down so I say my goodbyes before heading out. When I left I heard yelling coming from the parking lot and I thought some people were about to get into a fight. It turns out it was just a guy who had way to much to drink. He was making a ruckus yelling about his black belt.  He was with his embarrassed cute blonde wife who was trying to get him to go towards their car. As they passed me by the guys asks me if I know what he's talking about. I say of course and then fist bump him before smiling at his wife and walking away. Funny way to end the night hah.

All in all it was a great night and I saw a lot of new couples there. Doc told me that a lot of couples from SLS ( were showing up and I want to thank him for inviting them. If anyone wishes to know more details, my email is and my handle on SLS is Christian741.



Doc here again... Kudos to The Guy with the Glasses for another top-shelf report from the front lines at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago. I am glad he was able to capture the overall scene for us.  The Good Doctor spent the majority of the evening at the front desk greeting guests, or in the Party Room hosting.

Were you at the 15th Ave. Holiday Ball?  If so, I would love to get a report (short or long) from you.  Please e-mail The Good Doctor directly at and I will edit, format, and polish up your report.  You will looks like a rock star and you keep the byline.  All I will need is a pen name from you, and you will be off to the races. 

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