Sunday, February 22, 2015

Couples Flash Report! Sati Spends Valentines Day at Fantasyland 2 in Tampa, FL (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say started on the inside of the 26th row in the 1996 Daytona 500, with a very cool Couple's Flash Report from one of the naughtiest girls in the adult theater landscape: Sati!

Sati, who is now in the Tampa area, had quite the fun (and pussy) filled Valentines Day date on 2/14/15, and she is here to tell us her tale of her tail.  This report is detail rich, and has 5 brand new pics of Sati from that night. The pics of her in the gloryhole room at Fantasyland 2 are HOT, and she exchanged Valentines with some of the lucky that were there that night.!

Please welcome back to the Journal, the amazing and insatiable Sati!

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

I had a date for Valentine's Day, but it wasn't your ordinary date! I got picked up at my house, which was nice, and then taken to dinner. Then drinks (lots of drinks) then to a really scary dive bar (which I actually like.) My date had been a gentleman all night other than asking me occasionally to flash my boobs in several public areas. 

Just when I was sure the date wasn't going to end that well, I recognized the neighborhood we were in and realized he was driving me to FantasyLand! 

 We pulled in Fantasyland 2 and walked through to the rear theater room. It wasn't very crowded and at the time we were the only couple in the theater (more showed up during the night but I never saw anyone else playing.) :(

When we got to the theater room we sat on a sofa in the back. Some guy immediately asked if he could sit next to me and I said sure. He pulled his cock out, and I started stroking him. Of course once that happened a swarm of guys came over and within seconds I had cocks everywhere in front of me. I took turns sucking what I could reach and then some guy lifted me up and spun me around so that I was facing the guy I'd been stroking and my pussy was towards the crowd. So I sucked the first guy I'd been stroking while guys behind me took turns fucking me.

After several minutes of that the guy I was sucking came and so I started sucking my date. After a couple minutes of that I spun around so that I could sit on his lap, but instead of letting me sink down on his cock he pulled me back onto him exposing my pussy back to the crowd. They got the hint and started fucking me while I was laying back on my date on the sofa.

After a lot more cock in that position my date suggested we move to a glory hole room so he could take some photos on his phone. I fucked several guys on the cot in the room, then fucked/sucked guys through the glory hole. 

Here's one of the photos from the glory hole room, of a guy unloading inside me through the glory hole:

After a pretty long while in the glory hole room my date said we should go back to the theater room. Once there he put me back on a small cushion, but it was too low for everyone to get inside me, so I spun around on my knees. At one point my date told me that I had fucked 11 guys and he wanted to be my 12th. Apparently instead of getting a dozen roses for Valentine's Day, his plan was to get me fucked by 12 cocks! So I spun around and finally sat on his lap. 

A few minutes later he told me he was filling me full of cum! There were still a few guys wanting to fuck, but my date said that I was done for the night because he wanted to take me out to a bar so he could see me in public with all those loads draining down my legs! And once in the bar he did actually buy me a rose to award me for being such a good slut on our date!



Doc here again... Many thanks to the naughty and sexy Sati for another GREAT Flash Report from Tampa. And please make sure you check out her many locations for more of Sati at her blog HERE or her website HERE

And Sati... Keep the cards and letters coming!