Monday, February 23, 2015

Field Report! Mr. Chairman at 2004 Theater in Louisville, KY

Doc here, a man who some say would never disobey a direct order from The C.E.O., with a Field Report from her better half, Mr. Chairman
Mr. Chairman recently visited the 2004 Theater in Louisville, KY, and this is his review of this previously un-reviewed theater.  He also passed along several pics of the facility for our edification. 
Take it away, Mr. Chairman!
Hi Dr., 

It's been a while and this information is really nothing exciting.  I had the chance to visit one of the bookstores on your database, and this is one that needs some updating.  As we all know, the day of the week, time of day, and even the season can have an affect on the outcome of one's visit.  Therefore, I first need to give you the variables, then each person can evaluate as they deem appropriate. 

I happened to be in Louisville on some other business on a Friday morning in mid-January of 2015.  After reviewing the data base (which I find very helpful when traveling), I searched for any theaters close.  Since the CEO was not with me, I knew this was merely a reconnaissance mission.  

The 2004 Theater seemed like the right target of opportunity since you advised that you needed a report.  After my business was concluded, I shot over to the known address and indeed, the address is correct and the store was open.  There were probably 15-20 cars outside, so I thought that was impressive for Friday around noon.   I entered and was greeted by a friendly staffer who happened to be on the phone but did answer a few questions for me.  

The front counter was immediately on the right after entering the front door.  The front room is like many toy shops selling various sex novelties for both his and her pleasures.  Not a great selection and I felt like that was more of a "we sell toys because we can't admit we are an adult theater".   

There is a second door that allows you to enter the arcade section which has a $10 admitting fee, but no fee in the booths.  There seemed to be around 10 booths in the middle of a donut,  if you will, and a handful on the outside ring with a walkway between which circles like a race track.  I entered one booth and it did have a gloryhole, but it had been boarded over.  Upon exiting, I walked the circle, but since it was all men (not the Chairman's cup of tea, thank you), I exited the video arcade area with out more details.  

Now the 2004 does have two separate "theaters", one for straight and one gay.  I paid another "door" fee and entered the small straight theater.  No one was in this area, so I was able to snap a few pics which I am sharing with the great readers.  I know this is no nonsense and no fun report, but intel can be very important in this hobby of ours.  If I had to guess, I would say there have been good times in the past (hence the worn out couch in the pics) and there could be more again...on the right night.

The Chairman