Thursday, February 5, 2015

Flash Report! MileHighMan on the Denver Adult Theater and ABS Scene

Doc here, a man who some say functions well at high altitudes due to his tremendous hair, with a terrific first-time Flash Report from newest contributor to The Journal, MileHighMan

MileHighMan will be our Denver correspondent moving forward, and has been given his press card by The Good Doctor. It's has been a long time since we have had a voice reporting from Denver, but now that has been addressed.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome MileHighMan and his first Flash Report.  Take it away, sir...


Until I moved to Denver I had no idea there could be so much fun had at places like these. My previous home had nothing close to an adult theater, much less anything in the way of adult entertainment. So when I moved to Denver I was happy to find the plethora of adult theaters, bookstores with arcades and swinger’s establishments.

Just the other day I happened across your fine website and saw that Denver’s adult establishments are sorely under reported or missing from your database. Now I am a little new to this thing of ours so I do not know if this will be a beneficial report but here goes.
On a Saturday night I decided to tempt fate and go to a few of the local adult bookstores. The chain, which has numerous stores throughout the city with different setups in each, is called Pleasures. I have a group of 3 to 5 that are within relatively close proximity to each other and each offering varied clientele as well as different setups.

That night I decided to go to the 3 that were closest and at which I had had the best luck running into couples. The best part about this chain is that for $10 you can go to any of their stores all day long. Now if you buy your ticket before midnight it expires at midnight, but if you buy it after midnight it is good until the next night at midnight so you can try your luck two nights in a row. Which is what I was doing on that particular Saturday night. I had struck out that Friday night and decided I wanted to try again.

The first place I went to was somewhat dead, but explored the arcade none the less and waited around awhile. You enter the arcade at the back of the video section, which is to the left as you enter the store. It starts with a row of video booths, 4, on your left, the first two of which have a glory hole. The other 2 are solo booths. Then there is a row of 4 booths on a back wall after the first booths, each air has a glory hole in between them as well. Then there is 3 larger areas with a variety of sofas and chairs each with locking doors and no glory hole between them. After milling around for a while I chalked it up to bad timing and went to the second of the three for the night.

This particular store is next to an adult theater, the Act I and II, only been in there a few times. Most of the times it is bums who bought a cheap ticket and are snoring in the back. Poor management and lousy setup places this place strictly on my do not fly list. The arcade next door has one large area with 2 sofas and a cushy chair with porn playing, and the remaining booths are setup in four booth squares with the majority having glory holes between them. 

 There was a couple sitting in the large open area but the random desperate guys couldn’t stand or sit still long enough for them to get in the mood so they soon departed. I curse my luck, as she was a pretty blonde, wearing a see through dress. She had nice B sized tits, didn’t look like she had panties on, so they had definitely come to play. Oh well, those appear to be the breaks with the majority of visitors to these places.

By now I was disappointed and nearly decided to call it a night, it was only 10pm, but as I still had 2 hours left to play with I decided to go to the third store. When I pulled up there was a full parking which is sometimes a good sign. This location is within a 10 minute drive from the second store I just left but the vibe is so much different at this store. They had just recently remodeled the arcade area and made it almost fun to walk through. 

There are only 2 pairs of booths with glory holes. There is one “theater” style area with benches, one open “theater” area that is basically an open area with a large screen and plenty of space to do whatever in. There is another place that when you enter the doorway you can go left and take a few steps up, or go right and stay on the same level. If you go to the left you are on a raised platform that has slots in it where you can put yourself on display and enjoy the porn playing as well as someone’s oral talents. This is where the night started to look up. 

 As I was walking out of the area since there was no one worth watching in the area an older man followed by a younger woman passed by. She had lighter red hair, long to the middle of her back, a form fitting white shirt, she must’ve been at least a C cup, but her shirt never came off. Her ass as very well shaped and nice and firm looking the times she bent over to give me a view.

She began playing with his cock while placing a larger one that was at her eye level in her mouth. She went from one cock to another one, one of an older guy. She stayed with his for the remaining time, I guess she has a thing for older guys, who am I to judge? She sucked him off and then would suck her man off, jumping between them until the man on the ledge came. Husband and wife made out and headed out the door. I thought that was the end of the night but they returned a few minutes later and went into the theater area with the benches and headed for the rear. After finding something to watch they settled in with her face in his la going to work. They gained a small audience after a while at which point he stood up and gave her a good face fucking. He pulled out of her mouth and made a show of giving her a nice pearl necklace, after all Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

They headed out after she licked her fingers clean and cleaned her face up. I walked around a little more when I heard a feminine cough. I walked back out front and saw a single lady walking into the arcade. This is a true unicorn, very surprised they let her in, which leads me to think that her husband/bf was watching this all take place.

She sat on a chair in the large open area and began to take her leggings off and replace them with fishnets she had just bought. She showed off her body while doing so. She was mid-thirties, short brown hair, like a 50’s pinup girl. Small A cups, no more than 5 ft. tall, skinny and I learned later she was also shaved smooth. It started as a cat and mouse game, with her and one overly talkative guy. I thought he was going to scare her away but eventually she let him go down on her and he was rewarded with a large squirting orgasm. She was acting tired after that and he left with a smile and a thank you. I walked over and, being the gentleman, I said there was a room with a bench she could lay on if she was interested. She gathered her things and followed me in. I closed the door behind us and she laid down with her legs across my lap. Of course I had wandering hands and eventually I was tasting her sweetness and bringing her to another orgasm, sans squirt.

After this point I stood up and she sat up and began to give me a hall of a blowjob. I wouldn’t have lasted long if I didn’t get a sudden idea. If she was just there to be used and fucked I would enjoy this as much as possible so I opened the door and invited another guy in to fuck her. He did not turn the offer down and went right to work. He had a large cock and alternated between fucking her and eating her out. My disappointment was that he didn’t cum in or on her. He vacated the room, saying he would “look for other cocks to fuck her” but I didn’t see him again that night.

After he left I stripped her down and played with her tiny nipples and alternated between fucking her and getting a blowjob. Eventually I had her on her hands and knees and I began to finger her, first one, then two, eventually I was fisting her. I had one hand in her and decided to open the door for everyone to see. It being bright in the room and dark outside it was very hard to tell how many people saw me wrist deep in her. Either way it heightened my pleasure and I eventually came on her ass. She scooped it up and ate it. Then said thank you. I walked to the back of the arcade to the bathroom to rinse the lube off my hand and get her a few towels, when I returned she was already entertaining another to guys, one at each end.

Since I was good and spent and did not want to hog her attention, not that it seems I could have, I watched for a few more minutes and then went on my way home. I will return.



Doc here again... many thanks goes out to MileHighMan and this terrific first-time report. Keep up the solid work, sir. It's great to have you on board!