Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Flash Report! The St. Patty's Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater on 3/14/15 in Chicago by The Guy with the Glasses

Doc here, a man who some say was the inspiration behind the dance "The Watusi", with a terrific Flash Report from this past Saturday's St. Patty's Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

Senior reporter The Guy with the Glasses (AKA Chris) was on the scene starting at 8pm, and has done a great job capturing the scene that was this crazy party (and hosted by The Good Doctor).

I encourage to you sit back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy the song stylings of senior reporter The Guy with the Glasses and his review of St. Patty's at 15th Ave. Adult Theater.

Here we go...



It's been a while since I've submitted a report but it's good to be back in the saddle! That's not to say that I've been away from the theater though. I've had several great visits since my last report and will probably write a report with brief highlights of those missing nights. Think of it as a "the best of" report.
Anyways, on to the fun! I decided to be a good boy on Saturday and arrive on time for once at 8:00pm. Usually I arrive fashionably late to parties by arriving an hour or two after the party starts. I see plenty of parking on the street so I know that there is not going to be much of a crowd in the theater yet. In case you don't know fellow reader, on party nights only couples are allowed to park in the lot behind 15th Ave. This is so couples feel safer when they come to this industrial area for the first time. When I head to the entrance I see that the parking lot is also devoid of cars.

Before I head inside I see Victor (of Vickie the Vixen and Victor) and he greets me with the usual, "Hey Superman!" He tells me that Doc and Vickie are inside and I should look forward to her outfit. I said my hellos to Doc and Vickie and she looked very sexy in her festive themed attire. After some chit chat I take a look around. First I check out the theater and just see a couple guys and a couple are seated. Then I head to the party room and only see a few couples sitting at tables.

On my way out of the party room I see a new couple (or at least a couple I've never seen before). The female half of the couple had me do a double take. She was a very cute brunette with shoulder length hair and was wearing an amazing outfit. Imagine a dress with lots of thin horizontal strips so it was completely revealing. Underneath that she wore appropriately an colored tiny green thong and bra. Her guy was a larger friendly looking guy with a shaved head who kind of looked like a club bouncer in his suit. If I had to guess I think that they were in their late 20's or early 30's. They were heading into the party room as I headed out and I hoped to see them play later on that night!

With no play happening yet at this early hour I head back into the theater and take a seat to pass some time. A note to the single guys reading, TAKE A SEAT IN THE THEATER! Don't just stand around blocking the entrance and definitely don't be a creep standing right next to the couples section. Also it goes without saying but don't stare at the couples who are not playing. I've seen couples get wierded out and leave prematurely because of this. Just relax and watch the movie if no play is happening (it is a theater after all). 

While I'm passing time in the theater I see Doc come in every now and then to show couples around the place. I see him come in with the new couple I saw earlier but unfortunately miss revealing dress was wearing an overcoat that covered her up.

Eventually I start to hear lots of voices coming from the lobby so I head back to the party room to see the turn out. The party tripled in size and I see some of the usual suspects. There's this blonde milf that I usually see at a party. She must be in her late 40's or early 50's and was wearing a bright green fishnet dress with matching green underwear. She wasn't wearing a bra so her amazing large natural breasts were on display behind the fishnet.

Another favorite of mine is this young couple that comes in every party that I've been to (I think they are in their mid to late 20's). The guy looks like a typical chill bro and the female half is stunning. She is a very pretty brunette with small breasts and an AMAZING ass! I have only ever seen her play with her guy and never any of the single guys. It's a shame because I am very much an ass man and I would do terrible things to play with her hah. On a positive note, I've seen her go up on the stripper pole and she knows how to move her body in a way that would give every guy in a mile radius a hard on. If you two are reading this I would be happy to make your acquaintance!

After spending some time in the party room I head out around 9:00pm and spot a new young couple (probably early 20's). They are in the locker room outside the showers and they are talking to Victor. She was a tiny brunette with her tits showing as much cleavage as possible. I think she may have been Hispanic (dark long hair and dark eyes) and she had a very cute face. Her guy reminded me a lot of Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine. I find out later that when they saw me they thought I looked like Clark Kent hah. I guess I'm the latin version.

I then shuffle back and forth between theater and party while I wait for some play to occur. Eventually around 10:00pm a blonde bbw and husband head to the room behind the theater screen. The usual flood of guys follow her and I wait a few minutes before heading back there. In the back room I see her husband (I believe they were both in their 50's) laying on the table while she gives him head. Quickly the husband switches places with wife after he makes a joke about how he's not the one who should be surrounded by guys.

The Blonde bbw sits on the table and starts giving a black guy a blowjob. After a minute she tells him that he can fuck her but only with a condom. The guy says he doesn't have one and the husband pulls out a wide assortment to handout to all willing participants. The bbw lays back on the table while getting fucked. During this time a couple in their 30's are watching the action from the other end of the massage table. The female half has shoulder length dark hair and she was wearing a tight green shirt and little black shorts. She was a sexy curvacious woman and it was immediately apparent that she had huge tits. Her partner seemed like a regular clean cut guy. I was looking forward to seeing if they would join in on the festivities.

Once the black guy cums another guy with long hair takes his place and starts fucking the bbw. At this point the other couple starts to put on a show. Her guy is hugging her from behind and he starts massaging her breasts through her shirt. He slowly lifts her shirt over her tits and gives everyone in the room great view while continuing to play with her breasts. The long haired guy fucking the bbw cums and she begins to give another guy a blowjob. The girl with the huge tits then sits on the opposite end of the table and starts sucking her guy's cock. Now I take out my cock and stroke it to the action at hand (I was hoping she would suck me next). While getting a blowjob her partner lays her back against the table and kneels to go down on her.

She starts enjoying herself and I am transfixed by her breasts as they bounce around while she lays in the table. Lo and behold she grabs my cock first and guides me towards her mouth. I am in bliss as she grabs the base of my cock while working the head with her tongue. All the while she periodically shudders since her guy is still going down on her. The bbw starts getting fucked by another guy so she is now laying the table as well. To give you all a picture, I was getting sucked off by a stranger's wife all while I was fondling her and the bbw's breasts as they lay down on a massage table. I swear I love this country!

Before I can finish though the couple gets up and head out of the back room (maybe they were feeling crowded?). The bbw and her guy also leave the back room and the remaining crowd clears out. Nothing is happening in the theater so I head back to the party room. Here I see the very cute tiny girl on the strip pole dancing to the song "Toxic". It was a sight to behold but unfortunately she kept her clothes on.

I notice another couple that I haven't seen before. She was wearing all black and had curly dirty blonde hair. She wore tall black boots, black skirt and a black jacket showing lots of cleavage. Even though she wasn't wearing the most revealing clothes I could still tell she had an amazing body. Her guy was also wearing black and had short hair. I imagine that they were in their late 20's or early 30's.

Back in the theater I see the green fishnet milf at the front of the theater in the couples section and she is giving her guy a blowjob. A crowd forms around them since usually this is a sign that a wife is about to give other guys blowjobs as well. Sadly after she finished up with her husband they went back to the party room without playing with anyone else. It was still a great show to watch though.

In the party room I see Doc hosting a game of Nearly Naked Twister with Vickie and few other lovely ladies. I watch and laugh as they struggle to play the game and then realize that it is getting late for me since I planned on staying that night until around 11:00pm. I head into the theater for one last look and see a different hispanic couple fucking in the couples section. That would have been the end of my night, but as I head to the party room to say goodbye to Doc I see him with Kitten much to my surprise!

I stay a while longer to talk to Kitten and I kind of stumble for my words since I find her incredibly gorgeous. It didn't help that she was wearing a very sexy cheetah print dress either hah. We are joined by a person I've never met named Shannon and we talk for a while longer. I decide to stay a bit longer (proper sleep be damned) and head back to the theater.

I happen to be in the right place at the right time when I see the couple wearing all black go into a video booth and leave the door open. I was right outside the door looking in (don't enter a booth unless you are invited in). The curly haired dirty blonde took a seat in the booth and worked her guy's cock out of his pants before sucking it. They only played in the booth for a few minutes before leaving but I was thrilled to watch because she was smoking hot! They head towards the party room and I see Doc coming the other way towards me. I ask him if he knows who they are and Doc says that they are a new couple that he showed around the theater earlier. Hopefully they had a great first time because that was the last time that I saw them before I left.

In the theater I see a brunette wife kneeling in the front row of seats and giving guys blowjobs while her husband "chaperones". The back room was packed wall to wall but my height allowed me to see over the crowd and I saw three women enjoying each other on the table. It was really packed back there so I went back to the party room to say goodbye. On my way there I saw the cute little hispanic girl in the locker room and it seemed like she just got out of the shower. She was all wet and only wearing tiny black underwear. I'm glad one of the last things I saw that night was her perky small breasts as I walked by the locker room.

I saw a very busty blonde woman getting fucked by her partner in one of the two private rooms in the party room (that's a jumble of words). They left the door open so everyone could see. I've seen them plenty of times and Doc informed me that she was ToyLovingMilf from the blog. I learn new things everyday!

Finally sometime before midnight I say goodbye and head home. I was very glad I stayed the extra time since I got to talk to Kitten and watch the very hot couple in black play in the video booths. Too bad there are no gloryholes at 15th Ave though!

If anyone wishes to reach out to me you can find me at and Christian741 on


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Guy with the Glasses with another top-shelf report from 15th Ave. Adult Theater. The St. Patty's Party was a huge success, and Chris did a great job of capturing the scene for us.  Keep up the great work, sir.