Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Feature! 9 Questions with The Good Doctor! Today's Guest: The Amazing MS. PIPY (w/10 Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say cannot keep this a secret any longer. Let us punish the guilty. Let us reward the innocent. My friend, can your heart stand the shocking facts of grave robbers from outer space?

In the last two weeks, you may have read a report featuring the extremely hot MS. PIPY, who along with her partner in crime, The Escort, is just starting their adult theater journey. Their first trip is planed in the next month or so, and they asked The Good Doctor for some pointers.  You can read that report HERE.

So, where do we go from here, dear friends? Well, the only answer is 9 Questions from The Good Doctor!

In this new feature, The Good Doctor throws 9 questions at our guest(s), and they answer as truthfully as possible while hooked up to the Lizardo XR4Ti Lie Detector. Not once did the tape show any deception, so MS. PIPY's (& The Escort's) answers are the real deal.

Now for the cherry on top... Not only is this long-form interview cool as Hell, MS. PIPY supplied 10 brand new photos of herself to add some extra flavor to the interview.  That MS. PIPY...What a giver!

So kids, here we go... Enjoy the first chapter of 9 Questions with The Good Doctor! 



The Good Doctor: MS. PIPY & The Escort... Thanks for being the first subject of first 9 Questions with The Good Doctor! How long have you known each other?

MS. PIPY: We first met, casually, 14 years ago. We were both married, to someone else, at the time. Five years later we “saw each other” for the first time. On that day, our eyes met and we began to gaze into one another’s soul. It was instant fire as we began to text and talk at every opportunity. At the rate we were going our history, our desires, our secrets, our souls were laid bare before one another within weeks. We were connected by a raging desire for one another that led to our complete union. There is nothing we do not share and that is a big part of why we are here today, speaking with you as we pursue our life together. And oh what a life it is!

Doc: Tell me a bit about how you entered the lifestyle (GBs)?
MP: The Escort was completely open with me from the beginning as to his desire to see me fucking and sucking other guys. One guy, two guys, multiple guys, as many and as often as possible. With him or alone on my own accord. Oh now don’t let me mislead you, I am a highly sexed girl and have always been, let’s say, receptive. My approach from the beginning with The Escort was that I was willing to do anything to make him happy, to fill his wildest and most perverse sexual desires….I was his girl and am yet today! 

To facilitate our adventures we joined a Swinging Lifestyle community at swinglifestyle.com or SLS as its members refer to it. This site has been amazing for us as it has led us to a number of wonderful gentlemen who I have enjoyed playing with. It was through the “Forums” section of SLS that we came across a group called The Mid South Gang Bang Club ( this is where we also learned of the Good Dr. but more on that later). 

We joined the group and it was only a manner of weeks before we were on our way to Memphis for our first group encounter! I was wearing black high heels along with a skimpy leopard print silk dress. We drove up to a seedy hotel with people out moving around, standing in walkways, and looking from balconies. It seemed to me that it was obvious what we looked like, a whore with her pimp headed for an engagement, it was sooooo HOT!

I was very nervous at first but the guys were awesome! There were five of them. We were there for a full two hours of wide open sex and there was not a second that there was not a cock in either my pussy, mouth or BOTH! It seems like we were only there 15 minutes. I guess it is true what they say about how time flies when you are having FUN!! On the ride home The Escort asked me how I liked my first gang bang. My reply; “ What’s not to like about being the center of desire for a group of guys who want you, who nurture you, use you and make you feel so good?” 

There you have it, the beginning of our Gang Bang Journey.

Doc: How and when did the topic of visiting an adult theater come into play between the two of you?
MP: On a recent trip to a haunt of The Escort’s youth, the topic of adult theaters came up. In his latter teen years and on into his 30’s he frequented adult book stores and theaters across the South, always alone. It was on that trip that we began to talk about it.  

He began to feel me out as to what my thoughts might be. He began to share ideas as to what it might or might not be like for me. Let me just say, I was receptive! The Escort even found a couple of locations in the city we were in and we rode out for a cursory glance of the premises. 

Subsequently we have found one of these in the Good Dr.’s Database. We did not go inside for there were so many things going through our minds, so many questions. Just being on location had The Escort rock hard and trembling with excitement and as is always the case, when The Escort trembles so do I!!

Doc: How did you come across The Journal of Adult Theaters and The Good Doctor, and what prompted you to write me in the first place?
MP: After the trip and the following discussions, The Escort began to research the topic. He searched for videos and anything he could find. Our big find came, once again, from the Forums on Swinglifestyle.com. There was a thread dedicated to adult theatres. The Escort posted asking if anyone could provide input and one of the members told him of Good Dr. and his blog. Upon that revelation we came straight to you. 

Upon review of your blog we were convinced that the Doctor was just what we were looking for. We sent you a letter asking of the Do’s and Don’ts for adult theater play and found the answer to our questions and more in your Mailbag!

Doc: Tell me the single biggest question you had about the adult theater scene.
MP: My biggest concern and question at present is, what will the guys expect from me, and need from me? How far or how close can the scene be played in terms of penetration and cum placement? I want the experience to be pleasing to the guys in the theater so again, how much or how little is expected? 
Along with that, are there unspoken signals and or rules? 

One final question from this newbie, what are the prospects of legal issues? Are adult theaters often targeted by law enforcement and if so, what is the risk of arrest where such activity may be frowned upon?

Doc: Tell me about your ideal adult theater fantasy.
MP: As a newbie, I think that elements of my ideal fantasy will change with each trip. The one constant will be that the guys really enjoy themselves. For my experience to be the best it can be, the guys in the theater have to be pleased with what they get from me. 

For openers, I imagine The Escort taking me into a theater with a number of hot and horny guys present, needing to cum, desperate to cum. Straight to the point, guys needing, longing, trembling to ejaculate! Desperate for the rolling sensation of cum squirting from, pumping from, their cocks! To feel that in their eyes as they watch The Escort and I find our place. 

As The Escort begins to caress me, touching me, revealing me I can hear sighs and moans of desperate interest. The guys want to move in but are not certain of The Escort’s intent. They are hot and wanton but cautious with the Escort. Is tonight their time, is tonight their night? They are not quite sure of what he or I will allow. As the Escort continues he exposes me completely! I am laid bare before him and all as he signals for the group to gather around me. Not to close, as a group, mind you but close enough where they can see and hear me and even touch me by stretching their arms out toward me. 

As they gather around me The Escort presents me with my favorite toy! I am desperate to fill my wet and hungry cunt with it as it vibrates. I work it feverishly lost in the sensations that are exploding deep inside of me! My hands are a blur as I stimulate myself. I assume the fetal position shoving the dildo deep inside of me, as deep as I can as the orgasmic waves of pleasure fill me, flowing through me over and over. 

As I have taken to serving myself the group has joined me in an orchestra of masturbation. Like an erotic symphony we rise together, the group and I, headed for the climax we yearn for both as individuals and collectively. After the initial waves of pleasure subside I move out of the orgasmic fetal position and stretch myself as the next waves of pleasure begin to flow through my body. 

It is at this time the orchestra explodes, together, as the sounds in my ears match the feeling deep inside of me and the warmth splattering across and covering my torso. As the last drop of cum oozes from the crowd, The Escort summons two volunteers from the group. Their task, to message the cum into my skin. My body is covered in warm, wet, slippery sweetness and becomes foamy and sticky at the hands of the two volunteers. Now, who will lick me clean, one and one only allowed the honor! Who will it be? Any volunteers?

Doc: When do you plan your first adult theater visit?
MP: We are currently in the stages of planning our first visit. We have a location picked out and are making final travel arrangements as we speak. This event will occur in March! We are excited as the time moves closer. Can you feel me tremble?

Doc: Why yes...Yes I can! What do you plan on wearing to your first adult theater visit, and why?
MP: The Escort and I have been considering my wardrobe for this first outing. I am still considering options at this time. I can tell you the why if not the what at this point. My desire is to present myself in a way that intrigues and excites the guys in the theater! You and or your readers might provide some insight here. 

The Escort is a straight to the point kind of guy and would have me completely naked as he walks me into the theater. More than likely, if left to him, a long silk black cover-up that would be shed at the door. I do have body suits, both crotch less and one crotch less with open breasts. I would imagine wearing one of those under a sexy tunic upon entry. Once the play begins I imagine all clothing removed that I may be COMPLETELY open and exposed for the gentlemen in attendance!

Doc: Where do you see yourselves 1 year down the line in the adult theater scene?
MP: Honestly, I see a progression for me. I am confident that our first visit will lead to another and that to another. In looking out a year, I hope to have had several experiences and opportunities to visit some of the most highly rated venues the Good Dr. can recommend. My imagination tells me that I may become a well traveled theatre slut within the next year. 

I guess only experience and time will tell that tale Good Dr.  Do you suppose there is room for a horny little girl like me?

Doc: Why yes, there will be plenty of room for your horny little self in this thing of ours. 


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to both MS. PIPY and The Escort for an intriguing and enlightening look at the first steps of a hot couple entering the adult theater scene. We are looking forward to your first reports and pics from this thing of ours, and with bated breath. 

Stay tuned for the next installment of 9 Questions with The Good Doctor.