Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Big Day Has Arrived!!! The Penthouse Article on Adult Theaters & The Good Doctor Hitting News Stands & Digital TODAY April 28th, 2015.

Doc here, a man who some say was last seen in Field & Stream's August 1988 issue landing a crappie, with the 411, the skinny, the deets, and whatever the kids say nowadays, on the big Penthouse article on The Good Doctor and the new adult theater scene hitting news stands and digital download TODAY, 4/28/15. 

Almost exactly a year ago I sat down with author Mike McPadden, a respected journalist (and now a good friend of The Good Doctor), for an in depth conversation about the old and new adult theater scenes. It was a fun afternoon, as it was good to sit down with a fellow New Yorker in a Chicago restaurant, and talk about this thing of ours

The result of this conversation was the article hitting Penthouse on Tuesday, April 28th, it's the May 2015 Pet of the Year issue. Mike, along with myself, worked with the editors at Penthouse to provide a top-shelf article by Mike, and several images shot by myself of the top adult theaters in the country, as well as access to a few friends of The Good Doctor (like Velvet Skye, Piper the Gloryhole Princess, and Journal reporters Scott & Jean) for their point of view on the theater scene. 

There is also an image I shot and submitted to Penthouse for their preview of the article in the table of contents page of The Sexual Athletes. Look for the blue image taken in the balcony of The Art Cinema in Hartford. 

The Cover Page of the Article...
This is going to be big, folks. To my knowledge, it's the first major magazine of any sort to publish an article on the adult theater scene. My hope is that it opens the doors to a whole new audience of people willing to dip their toes into the water of this thing of ours

OK, now you may be asking "Where can I buy the issue?" Well Mr. or Ms. Consumer, you can buy a hard copy at Barnes & Noble, convenience stores (behind the counter), or adult book stores carrying current magazines. Some specialty book stores may have them as well. Just call and ask.

Digital copies can be purchased Skinmagz.com, and you can buy it by the single issue (desktop, tablet, or smartphone compatible). I checked the site out myself, and it's easy to purchase.  It is available RIGHT NOW!

Stay tuned for more updates!  Let's ride this wave!