Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Exclusive! How About Some ToyLovingMILF? Well, Glad You Asked! (w/5 PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say spent three days in the hoosegow for running an x-rated version of Simon Says, with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

One of my favorite people in this thing of ours is Katie, the ToyLovingMILF. She and her hubby, D, have been long time contributors to The Journal. They have traveled across the country to several of the top adult theaters, from 15th Ave. in Chicago, to The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, and many points in between. 

Katie and D are regulars at 15th Ave.'s monthly big events, hosted by The Good Doctor.  Katie not only has a blast at the events, she will be the first one on stage playing nearly naked Twister, or a pervy version of Simon Says.

Katie is also a very bad girl, and would love to let you peak in her window and check her out.

How would one do this, oh mustachioed one? Well, come closer and The Good Doctor will let you in on a secret...

You see, Katie has a Clips4Sale page that contains about a dozen of her hottest videos. If you like your MILFs with an adorable face, incredible boobs, and a playful nature, you have hit paydirt my friends. There is a POV video that is my favorite. (Please note: the videos do not have black bars across her eyes! You get the full ToyLovingMILF experience!)

Here are a few pics of Katie for your viewing pleasure (click to ENLARGE)...

So kids, do your old friend in the white suit and aviators a favor...Visit Katie's Clips4Sale page and enjoy the view!  I did!