Saturday, April 11, 2015

Flash Report! Jerry Hits The Hustler Club Theater in Washington Park, IL

Doc here, a man who some say is a meatball without fear, with a terrific first-time Flash Report from new contributor, Jerry.

Jerry hit the Hustler Club Adult Theater in Washington Park, IL, and has a good story to tell.  I have hit the same theater several times over the years, and have had extraordinary luck during those visits. 

Here we go...Take it away, Jerry!


The Good Dr,

I've been reading your site for many years, but this is my first post. St Louis has been kind of slow with the closing of Pyramid of Pleasure. I decided to hang out at Hustler Club, which is one of the only theaters still open in the area. 

Hustler Club & Adult Theater
Washington Park, IL
Hustler has a strip club (busiest in town), adult store, and 2 adult theaters with over a dozen booths. After several hours it was looking like a bust - one couple early on played in a room by themselves, another couple came through, didn't see any other women then left, and tons of single guys. But right when I was about to go home a very attractive girl in her mid twenties came from the strip club side holding her husband's hand. I thought they were going to wonder into the adult bookstore, but sure enough they went straight back into the arcade!

They looked nervous and bolted right into one of the booths. Hustler doesn't have any gloryholes or peep holes, so a bunch of guys just waited outside hearing her get fucked. But then he opened the door and pointed at me to come in (while she was still getting fucked from behind). I obligued, and as soon as I got in I said "hello" - well apparently this startled her, because she had no idea another guy was coming in the room! 

She immediately pulled his dick out, and got very nervous. She said this was her first time doing this and didn't know what to expect - she said it was even her first time at a strip club as well!

She looked amazing - I'd give her a 10/10, brunette, thin, small boobs, sexy sundress, high boots - exactly my type! She looked upscale & sheltered, and didn't look like she'd had too many cocks in her life. The guy assured her that it was her choice and I let her know I'd only do what she was comfortable with. So she started by pulling up her dress so I could see her white thong (pulled to the side) and her perky tits. She bent over and continued to get fucked. 

At first I was just sitting there jerking myself off, but then she took my cock in her hand and started stroking. After a bit I asked if she wanted to suck, and she said "just a little", but wasn't ready to fuck me. I said no problem - and she sucked me while getting fucked by her husband (all while 10 guys waited outside). He pulled out and shot all over the floor, and she asked me to do the same. I gave her a big load!

She quickly pulled down her dress, grabbed her purse, and left. You could tell she was nervous as hell and had no idea what she was getting herself into! But we all treated her with respect, so hopefully she had fun and she'll come back. I know her husband and myself had fun! :)

Hope to meet you in Chicago sometime!



Doc here again... Many thanks to Jerry for a terrific first time report here at The Journal. Well done, sir! Keep the reports coming, since my report flow from the St. Louis area has slowed to a trickle.  BTW, your next report earns you your own custom logo!