Thursday, April 16, 2015

Multiple Flash Reports! The Guy with the Glasses on 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago: 4/4, 4/7, & 4/11/15

Doc here, a man who some say still looks like a 80's era magician, with a great series of Flash Reports from senior reporter The Guy with the Glasses. He visited 15th Ave. Adult Theater 3 times in the last three weeks, and has filed this report to The Good Doctor.

Great stuff awaits you in the 3 for 1 offering  from Chicago's western suburbs... Enjoy!



This report is going to deviate a little from the norm. Instead of covering one night, I'm going to highlight my experience at 15th Ave. Adult Theater over the past two weeks. Over that time I've binged a little more than usual and visited the theater three times instead of my usual once a month visits. I think the pleasant weather has something to do with it hah.

Saturday (04/04)

I arrived at the theater a little after 9pm. The parking lot didn't seem very crowded so I expected there to be light activity inside the theater. I wasn't wrong. After paying my entrance I checked out the theater and the back room and saw no action happening. I left the theater and headed to the video booth lounge where I saw the Garys. One Gary is a middle aged Indian guy who I see regularly when I visit on the weekends. He's probably the closest thing I have to a friend in this thing of ours hah. The second Gary is a younger black guy who I will see once in a while. Together they have some very amusing conversations that passes time while no one is in the theater.

Both Garys had already been there for some time and told me nothing has happened for the previous couple of hours as well. We all hangout in the lounge area in front of the video booths when a new couple walks in. She was your typical hot soccer mom, long blonde hair, slim body, pretty face, etc. Her guy looked like a semi serious fellow. He kind of had a perpetual "why are you looking at woman" expression on his face the whole time. If that was what he was thinking then he is definitely in the wrong place. His wife on the other hand looked curious and thoroughly excited to be at the theater. The couple were given a tour by the staff and then went to the spa area. The rest of us stayed behind to give them space.

After a few minutes another couple came in and I was more hopeful with them. She was a middle aged white woman with medium length light brown hair. She had an amazing body and the dark stretchy material she was wearing for pants caused us all to stare. Her guy was a middle aged black guy who seemed neutral about being at the theater. They were given a tour and then traveled a few times between the theater and spa area. I guess the theater was not to their liking since they left about 10 minutes after finishing their tour.

The first couple came out and the wife left behind her jacket in a private room. This was a good sign since it meant they were going to stick around for some time. To my dismay though they went into a booth instead of the theater. Since no other couples were in the theater the Garys and I stuck around the lounge area hoping that they would crack open the booth door and invite one of us in. They didn't and instead headed back to the spa looking flush in the face.
Victor and Victoria
During another bout of waiting, we see Vickie and Victor show up. After this night I have nothing but great respect for Victor. We chat for a bit and I found out that he taught Physics at a prestigious university. This is a subject near and dear to me. He then posed the question to the crowd around the lounge "Who is Occam and what is his razor?" Someone said it was something to shave with, I had a good laugh and raised my hand to answer.

Afterwards, Victor and Vickie went to the back room behind the screen and they were joined by Moaning Lisa who arrived shortly beforehand. Victor sat on the table leaning back and Vickie was on her knees on the table giving him a blowjob. Black Gary then suited up and fucked Vickie from behind while she was still sucking. Talk about multitasking, she looked great giving and receiving! Lisa then takes off her clothes and sits on the opposite edge of the table and gives a Hispanic guy a blowjob. A couple minutes in, the first couple comes into the back room and watches. The husband is hugging his wife from behind and he rubs her tits but doesn't take them out for us to see. A shame since it looked like she had great small perky ones! After Gary is done, Victor and Vickie head back to the spa and the crowd disperses.

I head back to the lounge area and see the first couple head back to a booth. Shortly afterwards a new older couple arrives with a tall slim blonde wife. They go right into an adjacent booth from the first couple. I wait in the lounge area to see if anyone is going to be invited in but the couples keep to themselves. The first couple leaves the booth and then heads home. The new couple stays in the booth much longer and the wife comes out looking glassy eyed and reeking of alcohol. It seems as though they elected to have some drinks in the privacy of the booth. Not my idea of after dinner drinks but to each his own hah. They leave the theater after exiting their booth.

It is now past midnight and nothing else is happening so I say my goodbyes to the Garys and head home.

Tuesday (04/07)

I arrive at the theater shortly before 10pm and once again the parking lot was empty. Inside is the same story. No play happening throughout the theater so I hangout in the lounge area. Since no one I recognize is there to make conversation with, I enter a video booth  while I wait for people to enter the theater. I'll then travel around the theater to see if any couples have entered and then go back into a booth. During one of my excursions I saw Roy and we had a conversation about the history of the theater.

The night continues like this until a little after midnight when I see an older couple has entered the theater and are sitting in the couples section. I can't tell much in the theater but I gather that the wife has long dark blonde hair and a lithe frame. I take a seat in the theater and watch the movie while occasionally glancing to see if they are up to anything. At this point it's just me and another guy who is standing by the theater entrance door. After what seems like 20minutes the couple takes off and I take that as my queue to head home as well. Kind of a disappointing night but 15th Ave can be hit or miss on the weekdays. The next time I see Roy he tells me that I should have stayed since two couples came in right before closing and they had no one to play with other than themselves.

Saturday (04/11)

I arrive at the theater around 9:30pm and to my delight I see that the parking lot is almost full. After paying my entrance I immediately book it to the theater and see about three couples in the couples section and lots of single guys seated across from them. I take a seat also and spend about 10 minutes in the theater to see if any play will occur. 

The couples are keeping to themselves so I exit and check out the booth area. I see Indian Gary seated and talking to a group of guys. I tell him there are couples in the theater but none of them are playing. He tells me he knows they are not playing since he could see the theater entrance and people were entering and exiting the theater at similar rates. He says when no one exits anymore is when he knows that something is happening in the theater. Wise words from Gary hah. He also tells me that even though the theater is busy, not a lot of play has happened.

We converse for a while longer when a new couple arrives and goes straight into the theater. I decide to spend more time in the theater even though I know no play is happening thanks to Gary's method. Inside the theater I now see four couples watching the movie yet none are doing anything else. I take a seat in the theater and after a few minutes the new couple start making out in their seats. This brings renewed attention from the on looking crowd and Gary comes into the theater and sits behind me. The couple starts getting very handsy with each other when a fifth couple enters the theater and sits in the couples section.

This couple had an interesting dynamic going on. I talked to Gary about them afterwards and he said they had a master and subordinate interaction. Apparently the male half is a regular and brings different girls to the theater to play. In this instance the girl was young compared to the others in the theater. I would say that she was around the early twenties to mid twenties, the same age as I. She had long hair that was looked like it somewhere between light brown and red. Her face was very cute and her body was fantastic. She had an amazing ass and rather large tits as well. At the time she was wearing a dress in the theater. Her guy was a much older gentleman. If I had to hazard a guess I would say he was in his late forties or early fifties. I got the impression of curtness and no nonsense from him which made sense given their dynamic.

Gary whispered to me some of their backstory and after a few minutes they went to the back room. Knowing that they were experienced and they played in this thing of ours I immediately followed them to the backroom and was not disappointed. Right away the girl went on her knees and her guy brought out a black sleeping mask for her to wear. He then got out his cock and had to guide her head to it since she was now blindfolded. I was literally right in front of the action while keeping a respectful distance. A random guy got too antsy and made a grab for the girl and he was promptly pushed back and told to leave. Afterwards she continued to blow her guy and all of us around proceeded to start stroking our cocks to the action.

I happened to be the lucky guy that night because the guy nodded to me and grabbed one of his girl's hands and put it on my cock. She started stroking my cock with one hand and used the other to stroke and suck her guy. She would stroke for about half a minute before bringing her hand back to her guy. At that point he grabbed her hand and put it back on my cock. This happened a few more times before he took his cock out of her mouth and moved her head towards me. The sudden warmth as she wrapped her lips around me was amazing! She knew how to work her tongue well also and I found that I was involuntarily slightly moving back and forth to fuck her mouth. I only wish she wasn't wearing the face mask so I could see the lustful expression on her face.

After a few minutes of her sucking the guy asks me if I have a condom. When I say yes he tells met to me them in a private room and the two of them leave the theater area. I haul ass to the front counter and lay down another $10 for my spa pass. I practically sprint to the private room area and wait around until the guys creaks open the door and beckons me inside. If you've never been in a private room, they are tiny. The one I was in had an L shaped padded table that took up half the room and a small TV playing porn while the lights were off. I saw the cute girl on top of the table already in a doggy style position. Her guy sits in front of her and leans back so she can easily suck him off. I take off my pants and jacket and the guy asked if I want her to touch me. I say of course and she grabs my cock and pulls it towards her mouth. While she sucks, I get permission to lift her dress so I can see her fantastic ass. The guy tells me no penetration with fingers and he wants to see the condom on me before I get one the table behind her.

At this point I have the condom out and she stops sucking so I can put it on. I ask if they use any lube and she proceeds to give me a very sloppy blowjob with the condom on. I guess that answers that hah. When she goes back to her man, I get on the table behind her fuck her doggystyle. I'm a definite ass man so I was running my hands down her hips and over her ass while I fucked her. At one point I slow down a little and the guy asks if I came. I tell him no and he says to fuck her hard and cum. They laughed when I said, "you don't have to tell me twice" and then I grabbed her by the hips and fucked her as deep as I could before I exploded into the condom. It was another one of those toe curling orgasms that leaves you weak in the knees. I pull out, take off the condom and proceed to get dressed. I nod to the guy since her face is still buried over his cock and leave the private room.

There was a large group of onlookers outside the room and they barrage me with questions about how it went and whether they were letting anyone else in. At that point I realize that I left my jacket inside the room but I decide to wait until they are done instead on knocking on the door. If you are new to this thing of ours, it is rude to knock on someone's booth or private room door unless they invite you in. Plus I don't want to interrupt what ever dynamic that had going on in there. Needless to say I was grinning and smiling at everyone after that. 

I felt like I drank a potion of Felix Felicis (let me know if you get the reference hah). Eventually they left the room and I finally got a good look at the girl's face under the lights. She was gorgeous and had startling bright green eyes! I briefly made eye contact with her while still grinning and she had mischievous look on her face while she passed me. Her guy handed me my jacket and I thanked him.

The time was now 11pm and they went back into the theater. I eventually followed them into the theater because the night was still young and I was hopeful that more play would occur between some of the couples. After about 10 minutes the couple I played with decided to head home. I spent another 10 minutes in the theater but none of the couples there were playing so I ventured out to the lounge area and talked to the guys that were hanging out in the area. 

Some time before midnight I saw Vickie and Victor come in and head to the spa. I go back and forth between the lounge area and theater until it hits midnight and I decide to head home. It seems I was the lucky dog that night since I was the only single guy who played with a couple by the time I left.

As usual, if you have any questions you can reach out to me at or on under the name Christian741

Hope to see you all this Saturday at Naughty Gras at 15th Ave!


Doc here again... Many thanks to the yeoman-like effort by The Guy with the Glasses for another terrific report (or in this case, reports).  Great job sir, and I look forward to seeing you Saturday evening as I host Naughty Gras at 15th Ave.  

I have been working on a surprise guest physician's assistant or two for the evening. Regular readers of The Journal will know these lovely ladies by name... More details to come very soon right here at The Journal.