Monday, August 10, 2015

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter Visits Fantasy Zone in Memphis, TN (April 2015)

Doc here, a man who some say knows this whole world's wild at heart and weird on top, with a Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter.

TOR hit Fantasy Zone in Memphis back in April, and this is the long awaited publishing of that report.

Without further ado, from parts unknown, weight unknown...The Oral Reporter.


Hi Doc,

I was in Memphis for work in April, so I thought I would check out a theater that I had never been in before. I remember reading a report a couple of months ago about this theater from one of your couples reporters (ed. note: Ms. PIPY's report), it was their first time in a XXX theater doing this thing of ours.

So Friday the 17th I traveled over to the Fantasy Zone theater, paid my $5 dollar entry fee and went in. When I got there all I found was several guys trying to please each other. I checked out the whole place including the little room off to the left side of the screen. I found the table with the vinyl padding located in this little room, but there was no action going on in there. If you didn't know it was there, you would not see it. 

I talked to one of the owners, Jeff. Ken (the other owner) was going to be in the following morning and I was going to try to talk to him, but did not get in on Saturday until he had already left for the day.

Jeff was a very nice guy and was full of information, about the local laws concerning a place like this.

He told me that the reason there was no door going to the theater was a local & state law, just like the reason there were no doors on the booths. Also, there are very large windows in all of the booths so you can see everything going on in the booths. There are two booths that have a covering over the large windows giving a little more privacy but still no doors. These two booths do have a glory hole between them in a connecting wall (which did get used by several of the guys with other guys).

Since there was no door on the theater entrance you could see into the ABS portion of the building. I noticed that a couple did arrive and was in the ABS portion for 15 or 20 minutes, then they went to the booth area. I found them in one of the booths that had the window covered and the glory hole. There was another guy in the adjoining booth with the glory hole, so I could not get into it and see if there was going to be any action at the glory hole. I went around to the booth they were in and when I peered inside I was told they were OK and were not looking for any company at that time.

So it was back into the theater section for me. After about 30 minutes, the same couple came in and sat in the theater. The seating in the theater is not very comfortable, with hard single chairs. They sat right in front of me and it was not long until he had his pants down and she was giving him a good hand job. Lets call them S and D, with S being the guy and D being the woman. 

Back to the story... a few minutes later she looks around the room to see who was watching and then she proceeded to kneel in front of him and give him a very good blow job. There was no hiding what she was doing, and she was able to deep throat him quite well. D had a set of tits that were very large and very nice, all natural. I stood up behind them as well as another guy who was watching them. I told D that there was a little room off to the side of the screen that had a padded table, she said she knew about it, but said they were  exhibitionists and liked people watching. 

S was enjoying the treatment he was getting, & he started playing with her big tits. She took of her bra (boulder holders), and he then started fucking her tits which were the kind you could do that with. I being the cunnilinguist I am, asked her if she would like my tongue to treat her pussy to a nice licking. She declined but said maybe later. I continued to watch them, while stroking myslef. S came in her mouth and also on her face, and then she used his cock to spread the cum all over her face (and was enjoying us guys watching her). She got up and went back to the bathroom to clean up (there is only one bathroom (unisex) and the door does not lock. She came back out cleaned up, but there were no paper towels in the bathroom so she had to use toilet paper. When she got back she was still trying to dry off her face with no luck.

Being the gentleman I am, I had brought a hotel wash cloth with me, so I offered it to her so she could get dried off. She thanked me and said I was well prepared for what ever happened. I told her later in the evening that I was not trying to be aggressive and she replied that I was being very respectful of their space. I also offered my hotel room for any further play time that they wanted to do, and of course offered my tongue for her pleasure on my bed in the hotel. They gave me their cell number, he told me to call it so my number would show up on his phone. They went out to get dinner, and would be coming back. 

About 1 hour later they did return and we carried on our conversations, It was then that I found out about how they knew about the padded table in the little side room. She said that they tried it one time and all the guys came in and she said it was like a game of spin the bottle and she was the bottle. The theater closed down at 11PM, and they said they would come over to my hotel since it was actually very close to where they lived. 

So I started heading to the hotel in Olive Branch, MS, which was just across the border and only about 10 miles from the theater. I stopped to get some refreshments (beer) in case anyone got thirsty at the hotel. I got a call from D asking if it was OK to bring over another person, I said sure. They were going to go by another book store and see if a friend of theirs was there, then cum over for some fun. I think she wanted at least one more guy to use her holes.

I gave them the room number and they knew exactly where it was and even knew the restaurants around the hotel. I waited and no one came by or called. I tried calling them back and only got the voice mail. At 3 AM I gave up and went to sleep. 

The next day (Saturday) I called S but still only got his voice mail. ( S&D are not a married couple or at least not married to each other, just FWBs. I left a message that I was going to be back at the theater and hoped to see them again. I guess Saturday was not going to be a night at the theater for them because they never did show up (no other couples came in on Saturday). 

I am going to be back in Memphis several more times so I will try to contact S and see if they are going to be back at the theater when I'm there, or if they want to come to my hotel room. I did get a taste of her beautiful tits and was able to suck on one nipple for a couple of minutes, and those are some really nice fun bags.

So S&D, if you read this and you see my call to you please pick up or call me back. I'm very much looking forward to seeing you again and being able to please you with my talented tongue. I would also like to get one of those fantastic blow jobs I know you can give.  You never know how a trip to the XXX theaters will go, but all in all I would consider this to be a pretty good one.

Well Doc, I am not sure where I will be this weekend, possibly CT's in Gary, Indiana or I might head to Phoenix, Arizona, since I have to be in Salt Lake City next week.
I will be back in Wichita in a couple of weeks so I will meet up with the lady I know there, she wants to go with me to one of the Dallas Theaters, either the Lido, or Exposed for a weekend. 

I'll keep you posted on my trips and what takes place with this thing of ours!!!

Oral Reporter signing off.


Doc here again...Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for another solid report from the trenches on the southern front.  Keep up the great work, sir!