Saturday, September 12, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! The Adventurous MD Couple Hits the Pegasus Adult Theater in Raleigh, NC (w/6 PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say once dressed as a crab cake for Halloween (no fly on the outfit proved to be problematic), with an outstanding Couple's Flash Report from the Adventurous MD Couple

The AMDC hit the Pegasus Adult Theater in Raleigh, NC for a little R&R, and came away with a hot adventure and tale to tell. 

And 6 HOT pics from this trip...

Here we go...Take it away, kids!


The travels of MD Adventurous Couple took us to Raleigh NC this past holiday weekend for three days of R&R. Despite extensive efforts to try and meet single males and couples while we were in Raleigh, things didn’t quite work out the way we hoped however, Ms. Adventurous Couple did get to experience some hot southern hospitality during our visit.
Pegasus Adult Theater
Raleigh, NC
Our long weekend kicked off with a nice visit from a BBC to our hotel room as a wakeup call on Friday morning and ended with a visit to the Pegasus Adult Theater on Sunday evening. Though Ms. Adventurous MD Couple was expecting a three pack of BBC for breakfast on Friday, one gentleman did actually make it to the hotel and treated her to a nice morning wake-up call. 

Adventurous MD Couple
After bringing her to an orgasm with his tongue, Ms. Adventurous MD Couple was fucked hard and then proceeded to give her BBC a nice blowjob which culminated in a spray of cum over her tongue, lips and chin. What a great way to wake up and start the weekend.

Sunday evening we made our way to the Pegasus Adult Theater. We had been communicating online with several males and couples about our visit and had hoped that we might meet a nice group of folks to play with at the theater. The Pegasus is actually located along a very nice stretch of Glenwood Avenue, mixed in very discreetly with a variety of upscale stores that front the road. The parking lot was fenced in and spacious with very conspicuous signs advising that sitting in the car is not allowed by the Raleigh Police Department. 

Adventurous MD Couple
Ms. Adventurous MD Couple wore a hot blue hip hugging dress which was cut to her waist in front to expose a lot of skin and to allow easy access to her breasts along with nice black high heels. Mr. Adventurous MD Couple always admires how hot she looks as she walks into the theater and thinks about how she will turn guys on by playing with herself in her theater clothing. Obviously a huge turn on for both of us is the ability to masturbate and play in a public setting while many guys (and hopefully some couples) watch her and us from a few feet away. 

We entered the store and quickly passed through the sections of adult videos and toys and made our way to the counter to get our theater ticket. For a couple the entry fee was $20 – we paid our fee and entered the theater. As you enter the theater area there is a long wide hallway with rooms on both sides – on the right there is a couple’s theater area and a line of booths and on the left there is one couples theater and one theater playing gay porn. 

Unlike many of the theaters we have been to recently, the couple’s rooms only had a single couch to sit on – in one room the leather couch was big enough to hold three people comfortably, while in the second room there were two couches so 4-5 people might have been able to sit and watch the movie. The rooms were very clean and except for the lack of seating they felt comfortable. With some additional seating we think the couples rooms would actually be able to coax more couples and women into the theater. Otherwise you can only stand along the walls to watch a movie or play.

We sat on the couch that held three and watched the movie that was playing to relax and get more comfortable in the surroundings. The guys in the theater gave us plenty of room to get comfortable. As we had entered we saw at least 8-9 guys peek out of rooms from along the hallway and as we entered the couples room we had the room to ourselves. We caught the end of the porn classic “Big Boobs Car Wash” and then had to wait while the movie rebooted to start playing again. 

While we waited a single guy came in and sat next to Ms. Adventurous MD Couple. This was J and we had chatted with him on line prior to coming to the theater. After chatting on the couch for a bit and having to go ask the attendant to restart the movie, we settled in to watch some hard core sex on the screen while Mr. Adventurous Couple and our new friend J began to rub our hands over Ms. Adventurous MD Couple’s legs and arms – soon moving on to her breasts. 

As mentioned, Ms. Adventurous MD Couple loves to play with herself knowing that many guys are watching and getting turned on – so she hiked up her short skirt and began to masturbate – rubbing her clit between her fingers and watching the guys around her begin to stroke their hardening cocks. The Ms. Spread her legs wide and gave everyone in the room a fantastic view of her wet shaved pussy and brought herself to a satisfying orgasm. 

She then proceed to suck on J and Mr. Adventurous MD Couple. After many minutes of sucking hard cocks, J asked the Ms if he could fuck her and got the answer he was looking for. Ms. Adventurous MD Couple made sure he donned his protective gear before sitting on his hard cock and riding him. Again the room was treated to an amazing view of Ms with her dress hiked up around her waist, her breasts exposed and J fucking her pussy – first in a reverse cowgirl position and then doggy style as she got on her knees on the couch. 

Adventurous MD Couple's
Grand Finale
With a large group of admirers she allowed a couple of the guys to touch her while J fucked her and then stroked his hard cock and shot a load of cum over her breasts. Hot cum on her chest is another big favorite of hers and Mr. Adventurous MD Couple is a big fan of seeing cum all over his hot wife. One of the guys that had been stroking a very large black cock while observing all the action was courteous enough to provide the Ms. With some paper towels for cleanup.

We contemplated staying around for some additional cum to chest moments (and a chance to play with the courteous BBC), but the theater was very hot and even the fan in the front of the room was not helping. Sex and overheating don’t go together for us so we checked the other couples room. We found it was just as hot and then decided that we had enough fun for one night. We departed and returned to our hotel room where Mr. Adventurous MD Couple got his turn to fuck the Ms while we relived the evening. All in all the Pegasus was a nice stop – the location and parking felt relatively safe, the guys in the theater were respectful of our space (though we think most of them were waiting for other guys), the theater space was clean and the couches were actually comfortable. With additional seating and perhaps a reduced admission price for women and couples, the Pegasus might actually be a nice venue for couples fun in Raleigh. Since we travel to Raleigh often we will keep it on our list but will likely try to announce our visits so that we are sure that some hetero guys are available to satisfy Ms. Adventurous MD Couple.

Next stop for us – “Nightmare on 15th Avenue” in Chicago on 9/26 (and hosted by The Good Doctr) where we are looking forward to having Ms. Adventurous MD Couple experience her first women in a theater along with many loads of cum. 

Any volunteers?

~Adventurous MD Couple~


Doc here again...Many, many thanks to the Adventurous MD Couple for a great report and the awesome pics for the report!  Keep the cards and letter coming in, and I look forward to meeting you in October for Nightmare on 15th Avenue!