Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Part 1 of The Long Awaited Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports (w/6 PICS and 2 VIDEOS!)

Doc here, a man who some say once barrel jumped over 21 kegs during a meet in Lake Placid, NY in the late 1980's, only to be disqualified due to the fact he was pantless (thus reducing drag). His landings also were described as "devastating" by the few reporters in attendance.

Well kids, the moment many of you have been waiting for: The Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports. And trust me, it has been worth the wait. 

In the Mount Rushmore of Adult Theater Women, no matter what the argument is for the other three positions, taking her place on it would undoubtedly be my good friend, Hawaiian Eyeful. This Northwest beauty, with her knockout looks and body made to sin again and again, is back and better than ever in this report. 

The Good Doctor's report and photo shoot with her is the #2 ranked report of all time here at The Journal (you can check it out by clicking here). It has been viewed over 130,000 times since it was published late last Fall. And something tells me this will be viewed just as many times. 

In this, Part 1 of The Mother of all Hawaiian Eyeful Reports, you'll get the full report on her escapades, 6 brand new exclusive pics from this encounter, and two videos.  In Part 2, you will get the remaining 3 videos, and they are nothing short of amazing.

And before you ask me, yes, she really is that incredible. 

Fasten your seat belts, and hide the faint of heart.  This report could be hazardous to your pants (and panties).

Here we go...


Hi Doc,

We joined SLS, a site for like-minded people who enjoy this thing of ours where we can meet not only couples but single men. A different venue in itself which brings a variety of men that otherwise might not meet me at an adult theater or ABS. After viewing their bios and pics, many which are body shots only, we made arrangements to meet with a few men at the next local SLS Meet N Greet nearby.

Here is my report...
Hawaiian Eyeful 1
It was 7:00 pm on a Saturday night and we headed out to meet up with Leon and Mr. S. As we drove to our destination for our newest encounters, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. 30 Minutes later we arrived at our destination, walked into the establishment and headed to the bar. 

As we approached to order our drinks, I noticed a gentleman walking our way. I knew without even seeing his face, he was Leon. Making a quick introduction, we placed our drink order and proceeded to a table. Leon took the seat closest to me. Scooting my chair closer, I placed my hand on Leon’s cock to get a feel of his tool. It was hard and ready. 

Hawaiian Eyeful 2
Sliding his hand up my dress, he began playing with my pussy. With his other hand, he squeezed one of my tits which had been exposed for many others to see. Getting a bit frisky, we realized we needed to settle it down since we were in a public venue and I knew I had another candidate to meet. Leon and I were now so hot and bothered that I don’t think either one of us knew what was to cum next. 
Hawaiian Eyeful 3

While my husband left to get another drink, I found myself in somewhat of an awkward position.  Mr. S. had arrived and thinking that Leon was my husband, asked if I was Hawaiian Eyeful. I replied “yes” and pointing to the chair across from me I offered him a seat. With the arrival of my husband, Leon departed allowing us to have some one-on-one time with Mr. S. As Leon left, we told him we’d definitely be getting in touch with him.

The butterflies now settled. I got to know Mr. S. He was quite the gentlemen and although not as forward as Leon, I felt a connection. He seemed well at ease. I noticed that he had placed a helmet on the seat behind us and I thought how cool it would be to have a photo shoot with his bike. As I brought this up, he was in agreement to do so and began to tell me how he’d like to see me bent over his bike as he fucked me. 

Hawaiian Eyeful 4
Even as adventurous as I have been, there is still a lot that I am naive about. Although we haven’t done so yet, taking pictures on and with a bike will definitely be another great sexual adventure. I can only imagine what next hot report would follow! 

By now Leon came back to our table and I’m sure was hoping for some action. Finishing up our drinks, my husband asked Leon and I if we felt like playing at “Fantasy Video”, our local ABS. With my mojo returning, I smiled and said sure why not. We got into our car and I joined Leon in the back. We hadn’t even made it out of the parking lot before he had my dress unzipped and was eagerly sucking my nipples. As my moans began to get louder, I wondered if my husband had his eyes on the road, or was watching through the rear view mirror. 

Hawaiian Eyeful 5
Filled with ecstasy, Leon continued to ravish my tits and began to finger my now dripping wet pussy. By the time we arrived at Fantasy Video, we hurriedly made our escape from the car. Heading straight to the booths in the back, we settled in and stripped down. As I removed my drenched wet panties, I bent over, placed my hands on a bar with my tits and face facing the glass screen so others could see the action inside. 

Hawaiian Eyeful 6
With Leon fucking me from behind and squeezing my mounds, I could feel his excitement as his cock was so engorged inside me. In just a few short minutes, as my own juices were now overflowing, he groaned and I could feel his cock explode. We opened the door open to allow other men to watch, but because I was so loud the establishment asked us to close the door. 

Taking a few minutes to catch our breath, Leon then took a seat in the chair, where I mounted him and began to fuck him wildly as he sucked away on my girls. Cumming once again, he disengaged. It was now my turn to have some enjoyment. With my mouth wrapped around his cock, I began, like a baby, sucking eagerly. One thing I enjoy while a cock is in my mouth is to have a cock in my pussy. Knowing this, my hubby then decided it was time to have a third man join us. Opening the door, he invited one lucky guy to join in. 


By now, totally exhausted, I allowed the stranger to fondle my wet tits as I deep throated his cock, Leon began to pound me once again releasing yet another load. It seemed to appear that Leon had more to cum as his next request came as a surprise as he wanted to shoot a load onto my tits. Never wanting to disappoint and as long as he didn’t hit my face, I nodded in agreement. He immediately started stroking his cock and in just another few short minutes I felt his warm load being released. Covered with his cum, I rubbed the wetness all over my body enjoying the sensation of knowing I had drained him dry. I don’t know how many condoms we went through that hour but there is no doubt in my mind we had definitely left our mark.

Totally exhausted and spent, we got dressed and departed and made our way back to the original place we met. I don’t know where he had the energy, but it wasn’t until the next day I found out that he wanted to have one last fuck in our SUV. Would I have been able to enjoy one last orgasm since the SUV would have been more comfortable than the glory hole? I guess this girl will never know until the next opportunity arises.

As always, may you continue to enjoy this thing of ours at home and abroad,

The Hawaiian Eyeful


Doc here again, fresh from my 6th cold shower since I sat down to edit this puppy.  What can I say about The Hawaiian Eyeful?  Each report, each set of pics, and each video gets hotter and hotter. And you know what, dear readers?  The videos is Part 2 of this report are even hotter, longer, and more naughty than these two. Part 2 of this report hits 5:30am CST Wednesday morning here at The Journal. 

Many thanks to Hawaiian Eyeful and her hubby for a top shelf report...And we are just getting started.