Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Special Report! Holly Godarkly's The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours” - Part 3 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say  is here from downtown. He's here from Mitch and Murray. And he's here on a mission of mercy.

Well ladies and gentlemen, the moment thousands of you have been waiting for.  It's time for Part 3 of Holly Godarkly's Journey into this thing of ours. You have read the "who & why", and you have read the "how & when." Now it's time to digest the "what happened?"

The Good Doctor's in-box has been blowing up since we started this series, asking when the next editions are coming out, or "has Holly gone to the theater yet?". Patience my friends...It is all here now, and ready for you to digest with a Fresca chaser (Hi Gemini!). 

Fasten your seat belts.  Please welcome back the lovely Holly Godarkly and Part 3 of her journey.


The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours”

Part 3 -- The Experience and Evaluation

WOW!!! The excitement has built. The day has arrived. I finally go to meet the Knight! As my friend Lacey and I were driving to meet him, he texts and says,

“See you at noon. Oh and I’ll be very disappointed if either of you are wearing panties. I will be checking.”

When we meet, he gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I get in the car and as we are putting our seat belts on, he reaches over and kisses me. Wow – very soft, very tender – I enjoy it. While he is driving down the highway, he slides his hand up under my dress and up to my waiting pussy. He slides his finger in and says,

“MMMMM wet – but it will get wetter. Tastes good, too,” as he sticks his finger in his mouth.

Lacey is in the back seat and is wearing slacks, so he makes her pull her pants down to prove she is not wearing any panties either and he fingers her.

As we continue to drive, he asks if I will be pulling the girls out in case we pass any drivers we might want to play “show and tell” with. So the girls come out to say hello and we pass several trucks, but no one notices.

L to R: Lacey, Knight, Holly Godarkly
As we pull up to the theater, we see the lot is filled. The Knight had mentioned that a very hot couple had posted that they would be there around noon, and they would pull a crowd. It looks like they are still here. We walk up and get a picture taken before we enter in.

Inside, Lacey and I are introduced to the gentleman behind the counter. He takes us on a tour of the facilities. The Knight takes us into the theater room. A lot of men are gathered on the far side of the room and I can hear moans and groans. We walk to the front of the theater and I can see a woman being fucked. The Knight moves us up closer to the couple. I watch as she moves up and down and moans and groans. At this point, something dawns on me. I will discuss it with you in the evaluation section. But note that here is where I have a huge awareness smack me right in the face.

Lacey & the Gloryslot
The Knight moves us out of the theater to go to the gloryholes. The men follow us. We go into a small room that has 2 holes – one on each side of the room. The Knight coaxes us to play – but we are both nervous. I finally kneel down and place a tit through the hole and allow the man to play. Then I place the other in the hole. I touch his cock for moment, and as I stand up and he fingers my pussy for a minute before I pull away. 

Lacey is handling a nice cock on the other side. The Knight drops his pants and I am immediately drawn to his magnificent display of manhood. VERY NICE!!! Lacey joins me in touching him. We leave the glory hole room and go out in the hallway.

The Knight introduces me to the couple. The woman is absolutely GOURGEOUS!!! Tall blonde – really beautiful. Statuesque. Classy. And so nice – I REALLY like her. She has a super personality. Dressed to kill and be noticed. And those shoes – to die for!!! She got them in Vegas. My kind of gal! The man is equally pleasant. This is such a nice couple. The Knight knows them – and the man has read my story, and apparently enjoyed himself while reading it in his office!

Holly Godarkly
The Knight takes us back into the theater. We go to the far side in the front row. The Knight sits in the middle of the sofa with Lacey on one side of him and me on the other side. The couple are standing in front of us, with all of the other gentleman standing all around us. Lacey and I are both nervous. My boobs are out. As we are talking, the woman lifts her short black dress to reveal her pussy. Knight has me flash my pussy. He stands up and drops his pants. I begin to play and so does Lacey. 

He kisses me again – man I really like that tender kiss. Then he begins to finger my pussy. I lay back and begin to enjoy. I slide my shoes off and place my leg and foot on his leg. I am just getting ready to ask if 2 of the men can come over and play with my nipples. But as I go to ask I see something that kills the mood for me. So I do not ask. I let my mind interfere with allowing myself to enjoy the moment. I spoiled the moment for myself. Lacey had loosened up a little. She was sucking on the Knights cock, and one of the gentlemen shoots his load. Things began to calm down a little as the Knight realizes I have lost the mood and he asks if we want to go out in the hallway again.

The men all followed us out again. Lacey gets some water. A couple of the men introduce themselves to me. Arrangements are made for someone to watch over Lacey for a few minutes. The Knight asks if I want to go in one of the small rooms with him. He asks if the couple want to go in the small room next to the room we are going in. While in the room with the Knight, he has me playing with his cock, he fingers my pussy again, he has me allow the woman touch my pussy, he has me touch the other man, he suits up and enters me from behind and he has the woman suck him off – all in no particular order.

Holly's Toes - Officially Wet
When we come out of the room, we exchange pleasantries with everyone and are on our way out. Lacey had been outside talking to the gentleman that the Knight had assigned to watch out for her safety – he walks us over to the car and gives us each a hug goodbye. When he hugs me, he slightly touches my breast and I offer it up to him and he sucks on my nipple for a few seconds.

We have a good time talking during the drive home. The Knight kisses me again. Very nice.

When we get home, I take a nap and then have a bit of work to do….and then begin to work on my report to you.

Now…for the evaluation.

First, let’s talk about Lacey – she is really sexually frustrated – she enjoys sex and has not had any for a little while. She is truly a sex addict and is craving a fix, NOW! She needed a fast fuck, but was too nervous in the environment. She was talking to a man (D) outside – and she wishes she had gone ahead and initiated something with him. I tell her, we can always turn around and go back, but we don’t. Lacey is a more experienced than me. She is a true party gal. She loves sex and knows how to have a good time. We need to find her a few partners.

Now, let’s talk about me and how I feel.

Did I have an orgasm today? No. Did I get fucked today? No, not really. The Knight was amazing, but it just wasn’t happening for us. Whether it was positioning or the cramped room, or just me letting my fear get in the way – not sure. We just did not quite get all the way there. I will say, he does have an amazing body, and equipment he can certainly be proud of. I will be dreaming of that body and that big, beautiful cock for a long time! 

Holly Godarkly

Men and women are different. Men left Venus to go to Mars because all the women were killing them. Just kidding. In evaluating and discovering my sexuality, I realize that men are visual. Sex is a visual matter for them. But women have their brains all tied up in their sexuality. And a lot of time, they get screwed up sexually because they think too much. 

That is exactly what I did on this adventure. I thought too much. I let fear overtake me and did not allow myself to let go and enjoy myself to the fullest extent. But – I did get my feet wet. Is the adult theater scene for me?  Who knows? I am ready to go wading – but I am probably not ready to jump in the deep end. 

So what interfered? Fear. Plain and simple. Fear of catching a disease. At one point, just as I was ready to let go and really enjoy the moment…that fear paralyzed me. It sucked the life right out of me. It robbed my joy, my passion and my ability to walk in freedom.

I know this…I would have no problem visiting a few times, as an exhibitionist – and I may or may not like to be touched. I do enjoy that. As for anonymous sex – I’m probably not ready AT THIS TIME for that. But as I feel more comfortable with myself, as I allow fear to fade away and as I venture out on adventure after adventure – who knows!

There is one thing I do know. While I was watching the woman have sex, I had an awakening. She was having the time of her life. And it hit me – I have never had the time of my life. Watching her, I realized that I have never been properly fucked – EVER. And I know with every fiber of my being that I desire to experience what she was enjoying. In an adult theater – I do not know. 

But somewhere…sometime. And I hope soon. I find myself craving it. I want to feel like she felt. I want someone to fuck my brains out – blow my mind. I am a control freak. I don’t drink and I don’t get drunk. I have never done drugs. I have never given up control of my body. The Knight is a Dom. I told him up front that I could never be a Sub. I told him that I actually think I am more of a Dominant personality. But, that control thing I have going on – I would like to give that up for a few minutes. I would like to lose control and experience true passion and be lost in an amazing orgasm. I don’t even know what that would be like. But I know that what I saw this woman experience – man…I want some of that!!!

In the meantime, I believe I will grace the adult theater scene and display my charms a bit, if I may. I believe that everyone here in “this thing of ours” is accepted for who they are. It seems that here I can be accepted for who I am – an exhibitionist. Who I can grow into, only time will tell.

And I will tell you – yes the Knight does have an amazing body and an amazing cock. He has a great mind also. I really enjoyed talking with him. But for me – it really is the intellectual side, and I truly do believe that a great sense of humor is the sexiest thing a man can have. And if you have that sense of humor and intellect, and can make me laugh – I really don’t care what you look like. I honestly don’t. It really is all about how you make me feel.

Oh my, I just got a text from the Knight: “I would love to have more adventures with you.” I would absolutely accept another invitation from the gallant Knight!


I have enjoyed sharing my story with you…and I look forward to YOU seeing ME in the trenches!!!




Doc here again... What can I say but thank you to the awesome Holly Godarkly for allowing us to ride along with her on this Journey. The response from you, the good readers of The Journal, has been nothing short of incredible on this series. 

The first steps into this thing of ours are always a little intimidating, and for a bunch of different reasons. My first steps (chronicled in the Penthouse article on the scene and myself in May 2015) back in the 1980's were filled with many of the same questions Holly illustrated. As I mentioned to Holly privately, slow and steady yields the most rewarding adult theater experiences. Her next steps (I'll even let you in on a little secret...She took another since this report was written) will be interesting , and I hope she will once again take us along for the ride.

Want to share a few words with Holly Godarkly?  E-mail her at the above address, as she is looking  forward to your comments on her series. Be respectful, and tell her you saw the reports here at The Journal.