Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Couple's His & Her Flash Report: The Adventurous MD Couple Attends Nightmare on 15th Avenue Halloween Party on 10/24/15 w/5 Exclusive PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say needs to get to Maryland frequently and soon, with a GREAT His & Hers Couple's Flash Report from my good friends, The Adventurous MD Couple.

A little background for you, the good readers of The Journal... The Good Doctor had been speaking to The Adventurous MD Couple for almost 2 months prior to their visit to Chicago, talking about the event and the Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween Party I hosted on 10/24. I was a) excited to meet them, and b) looking forward to introducing them to the Chicago adult theater scene.  

Lastly... Ms. Adventurous MD Couple was even hotter in person than I had seen in her pics from prior reports, but more on that later. And the pics in this report are Ms. Adventurous MD Couple, and the outfit she wore to the event. 

Onto the His & Hers Couple's Flash Report from The Adventurous MD Couple!  This is a page turner, so pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy.


The Adventurous MD Couple Attends “Nightmare on 15th Avenue” Halloween Party

We arrived at the 15th Avenue Adult Theater about an hour later than we had hoped due to crazy driving conditions from downtown Chicago. When we arrived around 9 PM the parking lot was totally packed with cars. We parked across the street and changed into our Halloween costumes right in the parking lot since we weren’t sure the upscale Chicago hotel would appreciate a sexy Ms Adventurous MD Couple walking through their lobby. 

We came to Nightmare on 15th Avenue dressed as “Chicago mobsters” which we thought was appropriate for the scene! Upon walking in the door and paying our entrance fee we were immediately greeted by Doc. It was our first face to face meeting with the Doc and we found him to be as warm and gracious as he always is in responding to our emails. Doc gave us a great tour of all the facilities, which we found to be very clean and had a very comfortable feeling. Doc left us in the big party room and promised to check back on us later and he then went back to greet more of his guests (which kept him quite busy that evening!). 

The 15th Avenue Adult Theater had plenty of play space depending on one’s preference – the theater had a couples-only section with a gang bang room behind the big screen, private rooms in the spa area, as well as the stadium seating area and play rooms in the big party room. With 100s of couples and single guys the party room was packed tightly with sexy bodies and mostly inaccessible after 9 PM unless you worked hard to force your way toward the front. We stood in the back and listened to the music for some period of time and then spent our evening cruising back and forth between the theater, which was packed with single guys and couples, and the party room with the music and bar area. 

As we settled into the party we definitely found the theater to be a very comfortable place and it was always full of people that were ready to have some fun. Unfortunately with the size of the crowd it was difficult to actually meet many people though we did end up talking to several people in the very back of the party room near the bar where we stood and watched many women taking their turn to pole dance on the stage in the front of the room. The music was good, the costumes were great and sexy and we essentially settled in to have a fun time. 

We did experience one highly amusing moment in the theater when a false alarm spread that a woman/couple was playing in the room behind the movie screen – it was funny to watch nearly every guy on the single guy and most of the couples in the theater jump up and make their way forward to the small room behind the screen only to find out that nothing was going on….theater action at its best! For the blow by blow description of our fun evening, we thought it might be fun to provide the reader with His & Her stories – Ladies first:

Ms Adventurous MD Couple’s Story

I was a bit overwhelmed by the number of people attending the party and though we had hoped to meet a couple or two during our stay, it wasn’t going to be simple – there were just too many people. It seemed that many or most of the couples were either with friends or had their own mission plan for their time at the theater. I did enjoy checking out some of the sexy costumes that the women were wearing and noted quite a few that I know would have been a lot of fun to unwrap and play with. 

We did get the opportunity to watch a lot of action – women going down on their men and men fingering their women in the theater. It was erotic to watch and made for a very sexy environment while in the theater. I also appreciated that several men introduced themselves to us and were very complimentary. Best yet they said hello, and let me know they were available if and when I wanted but didn’t latch on and make me feel uncomfortable. Besides they certainly had lots of sexy targets during the party. 

Though we couldn’t see very much of what was going on it became apparent that we were going to have our fun in the theater. I am very much into exhibitionism and thus while sitting on the couples only side of the theater I began to rub my pussy and my husband’s cock. His cock was nice and hard and rubbing his cock through his mobster pants was a turn on – it became even more so when he dropped his pants so I could get at his bare cock. 

I leaned over and sucked on him for a bit, stroked him for a bit, and watched other women doing the same thing next to me and in front of me. It’s always a turn on to see and hear other women and couples at play in the vicinity but none of the women or couples were interacting with other couples. After a few back and forth trips between the theater and party room (to keep track of the contest winners), we settled into seats in the theater. 

My choice of costume was a good one but made things a bit difficult for easy theater play since the fishnet stockings I wore weren’t crotchless. Mr Adventurous MD Couple started rubbing my thighs and moved upwards until he was running his fingers along my pussy lips. Soon, he pushed the fishnets out of the way and began rubbing my clit. Wow did it feel good! It didn’t take long for him to bring me to my first orgasm of the night while a woman next to me sucked on her husband’s cock. 

After another break to scout out the attendees we ended up back in the theater and Mr Adventurous MD Couple convinced me to just drop my skirt and fishnet stockings below my knees and rub my pussy – I thought that was a great idea and it felt great to masturbate and play with hubbies cock at the same time. We started talking about guys and couples that we might like to play with. At some point hubby realized that my exhibitionist side would enjoy playing with myself for all the guys standing along the rope of the couples section so I spread my legs over the arms of the chair and exposed my wet pussy to all that could see and played with my clit. I always enjoy watching guys stroke their cocks while watching me and I wasn’t too disappointed though few were able to pull their cocks out and security kept pushing the guys away from the aisle and ropes. Nevertheless, I achieved a great orgasm and enjoyed showing off my pussy to the guys. 

Hubby and I talked about how it would be best to sit on is hard cock while sitting in the chairs – with my skirt and stockings down around my ankles I straddled his legs, lowering my wet pussy onto his hard cock slowly. As I faced forward and watched the movie, he fucked me and massaged my breasts. I rode his cock, easily sliding it in and out and again enjoying having others watch us have fun. Another orgasm left me feeling great. At this point we decided it was time to find a stranger’s cock to play with. 

We had noticed a guy that was always in our vicinity during the evening and one that had politely introduced himself to us earlier. He was sitting on the other side of the theater in an aisle seat and had watched my masturbation and fucking shows – so we decided to go over and I sat next to him and asked him if he’d like a blowjob. He was definitely okay with that so I told him I wanted to feel his cum over my skin. While leaning over and sucking his cock I noticed that the number of feet around me was rapidly increasing as more and more guys surrounded us and watched. I vaguely heard my husband ask the guys to stand back and give me room to play. 

Though still a bit intimidated by all the guys, I focused on the cock in my mouth and thought about the guys watching me – which was a big turn on. Where else can you go and have so many guys watch you have sex? I sucked on his cock for many minutes, feeling him get thick and hard in my mouth and I got really excited by the thought of his hot cum on my body. As I felt his cock engorge with cum I stroked his hard cock between my fingers and felt him cum over my chin and hand. His cum was very hot and really turned me on. 

As I lifted my head I noticed how big the crowd was that was surrounding us and got even more turned on. Though I thought briefly about asking if anyone else wanted to cum on me, I figured the guys still had lots of opportunities to get sucked or fucked since it was only midnight. Mr Adventurous MD Couple and I decided that it was time to make the long drive back down to the city and get ready for an early day of work in the morning – yes Sunday was a workday. 

The Nightmare on 15th Avenue was a great time and we definitely look forward to making our way back for future parties.

Mr Adventurous MD Couple’s Story

I was very excited to see such a large crowd of people at the party and Ms Adventurous MD Couple had a very sexy costume that was perfect for the party = it showed just enough to fire up the imagination of everyone that’s saw her. 

Ms Adventurous MD Couple and I had talked about what we hoped to do at the party but it was easy to see that with such a huge crowd the plans were going to change. Our original idea was for Ms Adventurous MD Couple to take a seat in the front row of the theater and to masturbate for a crowd of guys with a blindfold on while I selected guys for her to stroke and suck on and hopefully a guy or two would rise to her selectivity level that would allow her to do some public fucking too. There were just too many people for this plan. So, as we made our way around the theater I noticed a couple of guys that seemed very interested in Ms. Adventurous MD Couple. Several came up to talk to us while others just looked at her from afar. 

As the male half of a couple with an exhibitionist and adventurous female half, it always turns me on to know guys are excited about having sex with my wife and the opportunity to watch her get pleasured by a bunch of guys. Even better I know how much of a turn on it is for Ms Adventurous Couple to expose her body to strangers in the theater, play with herself and watch guys stroke their hard cocks for her to admire. I also know how good she looks covered in cum afterward. We had thought about trying to meet a couple to play with but most that we were attracted to seemed otherwise engaged with other couples – as long distance attendees we could see that this was a party to attend with friends! 

In the theater I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time touching Ms Adventurous MD Couple and enjoying her attention to my hard cock. She rubbed me through my pants and then asked me to pull my pants down so she could go at it with her hand and mouth. She stroked me and spent a lot of time going down on me – thought the seating comfort level in the crowded theater required constant breaks. Her tongue and mouth felt so good on my shaft and while she sucked me I was able to watch other guys getting similar treatment from their partners. I could hear some moaning from several rows in front of me as some woman was getting off with her guy. 

Ms Adventurous MD Couple is very into showing off her pussy in public places, so I suggested that she expose her shaved pussy to the guys lining the railing and play with herself. Ms Adventurous MD Couple gladly pulled down her skirt and fishnet stockings and put on a nice show for the guys. In hindsight I should have taken her over to the single guy side for the show but it may have been overwhelming for her at that point. After cumming hard with the guys watching, I asked Ms Adventurous MD Couple to fuck me. It’s heavenly to feel her hot and wet pussy slide down onto my shaft in an adult theater and tonight with all the visuals and large crowd it was even better than usual. 

Ms Adventurous MD Couple slid up and down on my hard shaft while I reached around and fondled her breasts. As we fucked we looked around and thought about finding a couple of guys to play with. Though we had noticed a couple of potential playmates, there was one guy that had introduced himself sitting directly across the aisle watching. I asked Ms Adventurous MD Couple if she wanted to join him since there were two seats right next to him. She was definitely interested in doing so and getting the opportunity to taste and feel a stranger’s cock. We sat down and Ms Adventurous MD Couple proceeded to suck on our new friend’s cock. I love watching her in action as she slides down in the seat and takes a new cock in her mouth. She later told me that he had a very thick cock that tasted and felt good in her mouth. I got really hard watching her suck the guy and it was an even greater turn on as I watched the crowd of onlookers growing around her. 

By the time our new friend came on her, Ms Adventurous MD Couple must have had 30 guys watching her suck his cock. You could hear quite a few of them moan a bit when the guy shot his cum all over her chin and it ran down over her hand. I was thinking about asking a few of the guys to stroke their cocks and spray cum on her chest but Ms Adventurous MD Couple and I hadn’t talked through what came next and I wasn’t sure if she wanted to find another guy or two to suck. 

In the end, Ms Adventurous MD Couple was content and so was I. She had 4 orgasms during the evening, fucked my cock and had a stranger’s cock in her mouth that ended with cum on her chin and hand. All in all a great experiences. With an early workday in the morning we decided to say goodbye to the theater and head back to Chicago. Great time, great party.

The Halloween party at 15th Avenue was our fourth theater experience and both of us are getting more comfortable with the fun that can be had with this thing of ours. We know that Ms Adventurous MD Couple enjoys being watched while she plays with herself and shows off her pussy and we know that she really enjoys the feeling of hot cum on her. So now we need to experiment more with what happens in between – lots of cock sucking, or lots of sucking and fucking. We’ll talk it over and make plans to be ready for our next stop at Fantasyland in Tampa in January.

The Adventurous MD Couple


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to The Adventurous MD Couple for this great His & Hers report from their visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Halloween Party.  I was very glad they had a great time, but here is the best part:  They were coming back a few days later for a visit with The Good Doctor's Black Sox and a pre-arranged theater meet back at 15th Ave. Adult Theater.  And that dear readers will be the subject of Wednesday's report here at the Journal. 

Do not miss this report!

Lastly, to those who were not there at the Nightmare on 15th Ave. Party and saw Ms. Adventurous MD Couple with your own eyes...She is very HOT!  Picture if you will the tall, sexy English professor you had in college. By day, dressed conservatively. But sitting in class, undressing her with your eyes, you knew underneath her conservative skirt and blouse, was an athletic yet sexy as sin body with killer legs and an ass to die for. A true exhibitionist who loves eye contact. 

That, my friends, is Ms. Adventurous MD Couple. And she wasn't done with Chicago just yet.