Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Special Report! Holly Godarkly's The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours” - Part 4 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say has dance moves described as "fluid", "confusing", and "unnatural", with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal.

Yes, it's the return of the extremely popular Holly Godarkly, and her journey into this thing of ours.  In Parts 1, 2, and 3, she let you peak inside her initial motives and desires, and her first visit to an adult theater. 

And now kids, we have Part 4 -- The Aftermath.

Holly, take it away! (BTW, all the pics in this report are of the real Holly Godarkly)


The Journey: Chronicles of a Woman’s Initiation into the World of “This Thing of Ours”

Part 4 -- The Aftermath

Leave it to Doc to dangle a carrot (“And since then, she has taken more steps of which I have sworn to secrecy. Will she ever divulge them?”); leaving me flooded with emails begging to know what has transpired since the adventure!!! By the way – thank you all for your kind responses to the journal of my little adventure. I do appreciate each and every one of you, and try to make every effort to answer each correspondence. And with the growing interest in what Doc was referring to, I have decided to write and let you all know what that little side trip was all about. AND, clue you in on my future plans.

I had planned to go to ESCAPE in the Cleveland area the day after the adventure with the Knight. They were having a little party where the women were going to be encouraged to expose their boobs, and the men would be given cans of whipped cream. I figured: RIGHT UP MY ALLEY – right!!???!! 

I mean – exhibitionist and all. I thought this would be a mild party…non-threatening, and a good way to get those toes a little wetter! Come out of my shell a little further. But after the adventure on Thursday, and the fact that I would have to drive 3 hours each way, I decided not to go – because I thought there would be other parties like that planned in the future that I could attend. (It really DID sound like fun!)

We also had planned to try to attend a couple of Halloween parties, but, I cancelled those and decided that on Saturday, 2 days after my first adventure, Lacey and I would check out our first “Meet and Greet.” I decided on ROOSTER’S ROADHOUSE which was only about 30 minutes from me. Lacey had a gentleman that was going to meet her, but he never showed up. We had both told 2 or 3 people that we were going to go there…but I did not expect anyone to come. I was just going for moral support for Lacey. 

We had gone out to dinner at the Red Lobster, but my meal was not prepared properly, and had to be sent back, and I opted not to eat. So I figured I would just order something there – which I did and was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food. The owner’s wife cooked the food – and she is such a nice person. I really like her! I had ordered an appetizer sampler, a couple of additional appetizers and a shrimp basket – in case people stopped by our table. It’s always nice to have food to offer!

It was not very busy, when we got there. 2 couples were seated at one table. 4 younger gentlemen were sitting at the far end of the bar. A few other gentlemen were also present. A few men were staring at us -- but when the waitress asked if I wanted to run a tab, and I said yes and she asked my name – one gentleman’s ears perked up and he immediately came to the table to introduce himself to me.

I had made arrangements before I met with the Knight to meet this gentleman, but then decided not to go through with the meeting, thinking that we were probably looking for different things. So I contacted him and cancelled the meeting. He introduced himself (I will call him T), and he stood at the end of my table for the rest of the evening. At some point, Bruce, the owner, walked by and I was introduced to him. T talked with us for a bit and I think he was more interested in Lacey, as she was a little friendlier to him.

Now I have to say here that Lacey truly did behave badly this evening, which I did point out to her later. I believe she led poor T on a little, as she allowed him to buy her a few beers. Now she doesn’t do that on purpose – she just doesn’t think about things – she is extremely friendly and has that bubbly personality that makes her the life of the party. And she truly is a real party girl – the genuine deal. 

But I did notice how things went down – and how T was probably feeling. This is why I always insist on an initial intro meeting for a few minutes. It just helps to avoid unpleasant feelings. 

Soon another man came in – knowing we were going to be there. He came straight to our table after greeting the owner, Bruce, who was sitting at the end of the bar. Lacey asked the gentleman to sit beside her. I will call this gentleman J. I sensed T was a little miffed and irritated -- and I feel he had every right to be. Lacey is so friendly to everyone, that she has no idea that she leads people on. Poor T had been receiving mixed signals. I am a little more direct, and tactfully try to let people know where they stand with me. So I had let T know that I was just looking to make friends and was not rushing into anything, and made sure I bought all of my own food and drinks. Lacey of course, was also letting J know where he stood. I am sure there was no doubt in his mind as to her interest level and where things were leading – AND HOW QUICKLY!!! Mind you, he never bought a drink or anything, but knew exactly where things were leading.

Lacey and J left my table to go look at the pool table – yeah, RIGHT! Meanwhile she left me sitting at my table with T standing at the end. Later I found out that there was major playtime going out in the pool room and in a dark side cubby hole. She finally did return, and I told her I was ready to go. But then she disappeared down to the pool room again. I was a little agitated, as she really did not know this guy, and I know she does not think things through as thoroughly as I do – I AM a safety gal!

When she returned the second time, I again told her I was ready to go. She wanted to get the leftover food wrapped to go, and then said she wanted me to see the pool room before we left. I went down to take a quick look so we could leave, and T followed me. I had no intention of sitting down there, but I thought she left to go to the ladies room, so I sat down with T and we talked with the owner’s son. J had disappeared also, and they were gone for a LONG time. When she came back in, her hair was a sight!!! I asked her where she had been and she said she went outside to check for internet connection. Okay – do I have STUPID tattooed across my forehead!!! LOL. I knew EXCAXTLY what she has been doing – and so did everyone else, for that matter! 

In the car, parked right in front of the main entrance to the building, no less! You can read her version of exactly what happened in my new book I am working on now. ALL OF DOC’S READERS WILL BE ABLE TO GET MY BOOKS FOR FREE!!! I will never charge for books or pics or anything. Doc will give you all of the details as soon as they are published – first one will be done before Thanksgiving! Lacey has written a blow by blow (pun intended) of the action from that night for the second book. So you will want to be sure you grab your free copy.

Needless to say, I appreciated T keeping me company, as a new friend. I know he is looking for more, but I am not quite there yet, and even though he is a very nice man – there really is no attraction on my end. But I like him as a person, and would be honored to be his friend. I am taking Doc’s advice and checking things out slowly, learning, watching (exposing a little, LOL), being patient and making friends. I am easing into a comfort level.

Now, I do want to share something with you that I thought was really endearing to me. You remember the story of the adventure and at one point the Knight had taken me and Lacey into the small middle room with two rooms on each side that had glory slots in them? Well, I got an email from the gentleman that was in the room next to me – and I have his permission to share it with you. I will call him B, and this is what he wrote to me on the SLS site:

SUBJECT: Hello I met you at Pastimes

Hello I read your story about the theater. I was the one who took your picture on the way in. I tried to talk to you in the theater but I was so nervous I was shaking. I'm usually very confident but for some reason I was terrified. When you were standing in the back of the theater watching the other couple playing I tried to come talk to you again but I could not get close enough because all of the men swarmed around you and your friends. I did get to go into the booth next to you. You had let me lick your breast and feel your sweet shaved pussy. I wanted to taste you so bad I started to shake again. I was so overcome with emotions that I couldn't even think straight. I was so attracted to you my head was spinning and I couldn't get the words out of my mouth. You are a very beautiful woman and I couldn't believe that I may have a chance to play with you. I would really like to have a chance to see you again but I know that the chances are slim. As I'm writing to you I am starting to shake again. I have no idea why other than the sheer attraction that I have for you. You are definitely a very, very attractive woman.

I wish I would have been able to get your friends phone to take a picture also but I'm not sure she was really into having her picture taken at the moment. Did you happen to get a picture of me licking your breast? I did see the picture of my penis through the hole in the wall.

This was my response to him:

SUBJECT: You are so sweet

Hello, So very nice to meet you. Thank you so much for the kind words. You are such a sweetheart. A girl likes to be appreciated. And honestly...flattery will get you EVERYWHERE!!! It is such a turn on to read your words. I was scared myself. I am certain my next visit will go smoother. I am sorry we did not get to speak...perhaps on another visit. Please say hello!!! Would you mind if I shared your words with Doc for the blog? And the next time we see each other, feel free to give the girls a little attention!!! I was excited to have you lick my breast. I am discovering that I like to have my nipples played with. My pussy is tingling just from thinking of you sucking on my nipples when I next see you. Again, thank you so much for sharing -- your honesty and vulnerability are charming and VERY sexy to me!!! Holly PS The pic of the cock in the glory hole was not of you. That was of Lacey with someone else on the other side of the room. Thought you should know.

And then he wrote back:

SUBJECT: You are so sweet

I may be sweet but you are super sexy. I have a hard time believing that you were nervous at the pastimes. You carry yourself with such confidence. I've found myself daydreaming about the day I saw you and dreaming of the day we meet again. In my dreams you have the same or similar hat on. You walk in with a long black dress and a jacket. When you get to the back you remove the jacket and you have on a sexy corset. You make your way to the couch and remove the skirt to reveal sheer thong that I can just barely see the outlines of your pussy mound. You sit next to me on the couch and we chat for a few minutes before we have a tender kiss that leads to full on making out like teenagers and our hands wonder all over each other's body. 

After a few minutes of discovering each other's body I lay you back on the couch and make my way to your sweet pussy and nibbles on your mound before I pull your panties to the side and very slowly kiss and small lick on your lips careful not to touch your clit. Once I see that you are aching for more I begin to use my tongue on your clit slowly working between your tight hole and your rock hard clit. After about 5 minutes of teasing your pussy I slowly start inserting a finger in your sweet hole. I lick your clit for a few seconds then stop and start working the g spot getting you near exploding and backing off and working the clit. 

As you near climax I go back to the g spot. After I can tell you are ready I work both until you are exploding all over my face. Once you regain control of yourself you climb on top of me and ride my cock while I rub every inch of your body until both of us can no longer hold it back and we both cum on each other and fall onto the couch. But this is my dreams so take it as you wish. And yes it is my dream that I would love to make a reality with you. Thanks B

HMMMMMM…..inspiration for a book about fulfilling fantasies! The Knight helped me with my first adventure – I may decide to make a few fantasies come true for a few people. We shall see!

Now, as to my future plans! I am just putting the finishing touches on the prequel to the blog. I have already started the second and third book. So here is the line- up.

BUSTING OUT WITH HOLLY – Pictorial of the Mature Woman Rediscovering Her Sexuality by Holly Godarkly RELEASE DATE: 11/25/15 (So you can enjoy over the Thanksgiving Holiday!!!)

THE ADVENTURES OF HOLLY GODARKLY – Initiation into THIS THING OF OURS and Tour of America’s Adult Theaters by Holly Godarkly RELEASE DATE: 12/23/15 (So you can enjoy over the Christmas Holiday!!!)

ON DISPLAY – Antics of a Fun Loving Exhibitionist by Holly Godarkly RELEASE DATE: 12/30/15 (So you can enjoy over the New Year Holiday!!!)

ASK HOLLY – Holly Godarkly’s Two Cents – Email Q & A by Holly Godarkly

HOLLY’S FANTASY ISLAND – Where Sexual Fantasies Cum True by Holly Godarkly

HOLLY’S FRIENDS – Work Hard, Play Harder by Holly Godarkly

I will be going on a tour of the better theaters in the USA, and will be featuring my adventures in upcoming volumes of THE ADVENTURES OF HOLLY GODARKLY and ON DISPLAY. I have 70 cities scheduled to tour over the next 12 months. Each volume of THE ADVENTURES OF HOLLY GODARKLY will feature my adventures in at least a half a dozen theaters and ON DISPLAY will included any exhibitionism thrills I may encounter outside of the theaters. You never know when the wind may blow your dress up! Doc will get the posts for his blog on each theater I visit as I visit them – I am actually hoping he can help me find some safe escorts I can trust! Let’s see, 70 cities -- 70 escorts. I hope I will be able to find a few helpers. And of course – we will have plenty of pics for Doc’s blog and for the books! I am excited to share with you!!!

Geez… I have to go shopping. I need to buy more hats!!!



Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friend Holly Godarkly as she continues to take us by the hand and guide us through her panties journey. 

And before I get hit with 5,000 e-mails on how to meet Holly or links to her forthcoming books, please read this:  I will publish all the info you will want on the Journal. I am not responding to individual e-mails on these topics. OK? OK. 

And...Holly had a brand new adventure this past Monday... She is writing the report as we speak, and when it's ready for prime time, I will publish it here at The Journal. Once again, I am sworn to secrecy until she sends me the piece. How turned on was she at the theater? How far did she push her envelope? 

I know...and you will know soon. Stay tuned.