Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Khal & Khaleesi Hit 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago

Doc here, man who some say used to play rugby with the White Walkers, until he had to bow out citing a lower body injury.

Well kids, you are in for a big time treat.  This is a report years in the making (per our author) and it's worth every second of it. 

Much in line with the reports of senior Journal scribes Scott & Jean, the amazing Khal and Khaleesi have jumped into the Journal talent pool and come up with a GREAT Couple's Flash Report.  Their first visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago is chronicled, as well as the prelude as to how they took this big step into this thing of ours

If that wasn't enough, how about a few pics of Khaleesi?  Got them too...

Here is my prescription:  Grab two cans of Fresca (Hi Gemini!), settle in on this chilly evening, and enjoy this great first time report.

Take it away, Khal & Khaleesi!


Hello, Journal fans... 

I'm Khal, a lucky guy with a beautiful, intelligent wife, Khaleesi. This is the story of how we came to make our first visit to 15th Avenue Adult Emporium. It's also testimony to Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters.
When I was younger and single, amateur porn websites and VHS sales were a new thing, I had found Robyn's "When I Feel Naughty" videos online. I was intrigued, I was very turned on, and I really wanted to know where I could find a theater or a bookstore with an arcade and gloryholes. I bought VHS tapes of "Gloryhole Tiffany," "Multi-Orgasmic Mary," "Charlee's Secret" and many others. These were all very attractive women doing very dirty things, but I was most intrigued wondering about the men lucky enough to be with them.

I went to countless bookstores looking for gloryholes or darkened back rooms, not because I wanted to get off - although I wouldn't have turned it down - but because once I'd found a place to go I wanted to turn right around and head back out into the world and find a woman that would go with me. More than anything else, I wanted to be the lucky s.o.b. that walked in with the amazing, confident, sexy woman that everyone was watching and wanted to be with.

For the entirety of our relationship, Khaleesi has known about my interest in theater sex and bookstores and gloryholes and everything in "this thing of ours." On just our third date (!) we settled in on my couch and I played a VHS tape of an amateur video titled Theater Slut. Not exactly your typical third date rom-com, I know, but our first sexual encounters had been very adventurous, so I had a pretty good idea she might be receptive if I took a step towards revealing my fantasy.

In the video, a petite woman walks into a dark theater wearing only a black bra with a matching garter and stockings and takes on a dozens of men. First, she sucks off one man to completion, her head pumping like it was at the end of a piston rod, then she gets fucked by a hung black man while a group of men take turns unloading on her face while they watch, and the whole time she's talking sooo filthy to them with a heavy New Englander's accent.

As we watched, I felt Khaleesi's wet excitement with my fingers and eventually removed her clothes so I could taste her while she continued watching. For as new as our romance was, I had already been down on her often and was familiar enough with her to know by the way she pressed herself into my face that it was obvious Khaleesi was very turned on by the video. 

Khaleesi came at the end of my tongue. She later told me it was the first time she'd cum that way and we still recall it fondly as a portend of what was to come years later.
After her finish, I entered her and began to move. Our eyes locked, and as my thrusts quickly became more intense, she asked, "Is that what you want me to do? Do you want to fuck me while they cum all over me?" 

What she asked and the way she looked at me opened the valves in my balls. I lost all performance control and unloaded into her amazing pussy. Beyond satisfied, I collapsed over her with my forehead in between her breasts, sweaty and panting, and I confessed to her, "I've been watching this video for years. I jerk off to it all the time."

In my mind, as lay there, I planned to - in order - 1) Repeat what had just happened, 2) Make sure she falls in love with me, 3) Convince her to marry me, and 4) Take her with me to the first XXX bookstore or theater I could find.

That's pretty much what happened. We moved in together not too long after and were married soon after that, but the theater sex didn't come to be.

It wasn't that theaters and gloryholes were forgotten about during that time. We talked about it often. During sex, when she wanted me to get off, she'd say something like, "You'd love it if we were in some dirty theater right now and there was cum all over me."

And it always worked. I'd pull out to finish on her beautiful face imagining I was the tenth and final man in line to do so at a theater or I'd fill her from behind, thinking of her simultaneously sucking an anonymous cock at a gloryhole and swallowing his finish.

It worked for her, too. She'd come home from a trip and tell me she'd masturbated while thinking about it or watched videos on her laptop.

Of course, I'd wanted it badly, but Khaleesi just wasn't ready to walk into a theater and let a bunch of strange men watch us have sex - never mind letting them have their turns with her. I still wanted it very much, but I love her and respect her and knew pushing the matter would only end in disaster. I need her in my life as a spouse and friend so much more than I need a bookstore companion.

And still we did talk about it, and we watched videos online, and we were having a lot of really good sex. There was also this one amazing thing she can do better and bigger and more often than any other woman I've seen...

Khaleesi is a squirter.

That almost sounds too dainty, though. She's a gusher.

Khaleesi goes off like a hydrant. I've measured out torrents that shoot out distances of almost ten feet. 

She once was laying on her back while I serviced her orally and at the moment of orgasm she turned her hips up so that when she went off it was like a geyser and her hot blast hit the whirring ceiling fan above our bed - thwack!-thwack-thwack!-thwack! - resulting in a moment of us laying in a rain shower of her own squirt. She has submerged our entire living room floor in a pool of squirt spreading out over an 10x12 ft. expanse, then gone upstairs and done the same to the master bath. (We had gone up to shower, but Round 2 started instead.) 

Gushing can be expensive too. Twice we have even had to pay an additional hotel room cleaning fee because it was determined by management that the sopping-wet bedding had to be thrown out. (We've since invested in squirt blankets for home and travel.

As you can imagine, I was well-entertained and quite happy, theaters or not. And, as we had recently moved to Chicago, there was also now the practical problem of not knowing where to go even if the right time were to come.Then I discovered Dr. Emilio Lizardo and his amazing Journal of Adult Theaters. I had found a theater sex video on a tube site and in one of the comments someone had posted, "I know that place. That's CT's in Gary."

'It has to be Gary, Indiana,' I thought. I checked the web and the first listing I found was for a CT's fan page. That lead me to the Journal and that lead me to 15th Avenue Adult Emporium in nearby Melrose Park, Illinois.

I checked in on The Journal often. I learned there was a lot of interesting things going on at 15th. (Lockers! Showers! Private rooms!) I got onto Twitter. I learned about couples like Jean and Scott, a really cool and interesting couple who also just happen to be a woman who is down to get dirty and a man who knows he lucky and is proud to share.

I was more ready to go than ever, but Khaleesi still just wasn't there. She did, however, give me her blessing to go by myself.

"Be safe," was her only request.

Over the next few months I went weekly. I loved what I saw. Straight sex, gay sex, and t-girls. Everyone had a place to find what they wanted. There was no need to worry about me being safe, either. I was content to watch all the action. As it had always been for me, what I really wanted was to be there with Khaleesi on my arm.

I tried not to make it a "thing" of it, and she'll tell you - with a smile, I hope - that I was terrible at it. I wanted it a lot. It was an impasse, but we kept communicating and being honest with each other.

The key that opened the lock was Doc's Adult Theater Primer, part manifesto and part etiquette guide. I read it. Then she read it. We talked about it. It was reassuring in its honesty.

You can't be private, but you can still be private property. Guys will either already know to be respectful or they would be instructed to do so. You don't need to be self conscious, men will want you for the amazing woman you are, not for what you look like. If you only want to show off... Great! Have some charms to share... Even better!!! Just set the ground rules. Single women and couples set those rules. It sounded like a place she could maybe be comfortable.

At long last she agreed. ("It's an experience, right?") Then we set a date.

"I can't say I'm going all, 'Everyone in the pool!' like Jean," she said firmly. "But I'll go and we'll see about putting on a show." (Wink to you, Jean, for being so awesome. It was a compliment for a woman like you, confident enough to take on the house.)

So, on a snowy night, my Khaleesi appeared at the stairwell landing looking stunning in a slinky dress, with her hair and makeup done to perfection. We made the drive to 15th Ave. and went inside. My heart was pumping hard. Her grip on my hand was possibly causing nerve damage. I paid at the register and we went back to the spa's locker room.

Of course, there was only one locker left. And some guy was about to put his coat in it.

"Oh," he said when he noticed us. "You take it."

Khaleesi commented on how that had been a nice gesture. I laughed.

"He was doing it because he doesn't want you to have a reason to leave. You're why he's here. This whole thing goes on because you're here!" He'd carry your coat if you asked. Mine too!"

She smiled as she understood. It wasn't naïveté. She just hadn't yet experienced the respect a good crowd of single men shows to couples. We looked at each and shared a laugh without making a sound, as in-love couples can do from across a room. It was the moment we needed to relax.

We proceeded into the theater and sat down in the first row of the couples section. There was some time warming up, sure - the worst porn video ever made was playing - but the action in the theater heated up and the it soon got very wet.

Being watched turned Khaleesi on more than she'd anticipated. She came twice using her fingers to manipulate her wet and smooth-shaven slit, spilling her liquid over the seat bottom. 

After that she relaxed, stood up, and I helped her take her dress off to show off her sexy lingerie. She sat back down and put her heels up on the row in front of us so that the half-dozen or so watchers could see her slick, bald pussy. I retrieved her favorite vibrator from the theater tote bag I'd prepared in advance of our trip. (Hat tip, again, to Jean and Scott for the idea. We had wipes and lube and towels and everything.) With that buzzing help she came three more times, now releasing incredible gushers with every pulse of orgasm.

It was then that I realized we were in the middle of a lake of squirt... All eight of us! From our position in the first row of the couples section up to the second row of that left side of the theater and then back a row behind us, the flood was spreading.

Cool, right? Except for that her dress - the only clothes she had - had fallen in. It was so soaked I had to actually wring it out like a towel in my hands.

I asked Khaleesi if she would be okay if I left her alone while I went to get more towels from the front desk. She said she would and I then instructed the men that she liked to be watched, but did not want to be touched. They said they would.

In the lobby a couple was at the register. "Nice shirt," the guy said to me.

I thanked him, but my mind was on Khaleesi and I think it showed. I think he thought that I was weirded out.

"No, really," he said. "It's a nice shirt. I'm Victor."

Of course, it was the legendary Victor and Victoria. I told them I had read about their exploits. I told him my wife was in the theater and he said he'd like to go in with me to see her. I took four towels from the desk with us.

"We've had a bit of a squirt-tastrophy in there," I said.

A "This Thing of Ours" Tribute
We were just in time to see Khaleesi go off again. It was maybe the most massive gush yet. Victor nodded at me the same as Big Paul would nod at Henry in Goodfellas when he approved of the tribute being paid for the latest heist. I venture to say it without Victor having said the words, I think it was respect. He liked what he saw. A 15th Ave. legend approved and I was elated!

We picked up our squirt-soaked things and went back to a private room. We had a moment to ourselves and then she told me to open the door so we could be watched. I opened the door, she was on her knees in front of me, and with only her and the one guy watching us as witnesses, her lips only just touched my purple head and I unloaded onto her face. It was a sperm-release catharsis of a decades-old fantasy having finally come true.

I left Khaleesi in the private room and went to the front desk to ask if there was a plastic bag I could have for her dress. On the way I passed one of the men who had been watching in the theater. He offered me a fist bump and said, "I've never seen anything like that here, on the internet, or anywhere else. That was incredible!" I was as satisfied and proud as any man could be.

In the end, Khaleesi had to leave wearing only her lingerie underneath her coat. It was still snowing as we left. Victor and Victoria were waiting in the parking lot. They encouraged us to stay for the party, but Khaleesi was literally wrung out. She had nothing left.

When we got in the car she said, "I hope no one minded that I made such a mess."

Then she was being naive. I assured her, "Trust me, nobody minded."

On the drive home we stopped and went through a drive-thru and sat in our car in the parking lot and ate with the voracious fervor of uncaged velociraptors. Khaleesi drank down probably a third of her bodyweight in water. And we stopped at a Target and went in to buy her a pair of bra and panties and some yoga pants and a t-shirt to change into.

If you'd been in line at the checkout with us night, you'd have had no idea the woman in front of you had on nothing but damp lingerie underneath her coat.

-Epilogue -

We'll be back to 15th Ave. again. I can't say when for sure. We have jobs and lives. When we do, it might well not be anything more than another squirt show.

No one but me got anything more than a good show from her the first night and it could very well likely be that way again. We'll see. Maybe next time there'll be more.

I can't even say for sure she'll squirt and go off like Buckingham Fountain West again. If you squirt or enjoy the company of someone who does, you know it's not always a tsunami. She's usually much more than good enough to impress, though, so please grab a towel for us if I ask for help.

If she doesn't touch you or let you touch her, you'll still see a good show. If you like watching squirt videos online, you'll love it in person.

Be courteous, patient, and respectful. It will get you everywhere - even if not with us. Maybe we'll cross paths with Victor & Victoria again, and if they're in the building I'm sure they'll see to it that if you behave, you'll be well taken care of.


Doc here again... Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, where to begin?  You would never know this was Khal & Khaleesi's first report, as this report hit it out of the park. Touch all the bases kids, this was amazing!  I cannot wait for your follow-up report, nor can the good readers of The Journal...

Khal & Khaleesi make a good point of how useful Doc's Adult Theater Primer is for new couples and singles before taking their first steps into this thing of ours. Couples, if you are thinking long and hard (snicker) about your first adult theater visit, read The Primer. Please and thank you.

Plus, those of you who know me, know of my infatuation with Goodfellas.  So, invoking a Paul Cicero tribute in a report get's you a gold star (in the shape of a cannoli).  Well played Khal & Khaleesi.

The best part of this is the fact this is their beginning. And as each step is taken further and deeper into this thing of ours, we will be there for the ride (or in Khaleesi's case, the swim). 

Lastly, make sure you follow Khal & Khaleesi on Twitter @MotherofSquirt . Trust me on this...I'm a Doctor.