Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Khal and Khaleesi Hit 15th Ave Adult Theater in Chicago on a Warm February Night

Doc here, a man who some say was from The Riverlands.  Other say he was born in The Crownlands. But only a few know he hails from The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college. 

Good readers of The Journal, you are about to read a true adventure the likes of which are my favorite to edit and publish.  They feature a relatively new couple to this thing of ours, and specifically how the better half of this great tandem is embracing the adult theater scene. 

Khal and Khaleesi are taking The Journal by storm, as their reports and pics have earned a tad over 31,000 pageviews since they were published. And now with this, their second visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, Khaleesi is raising her game to new heights. 

And before I turn the report over to these kids, I'd like to mention a few words about Khaleesi.  She is a stunning looking woman. On the evening in question, she was dressed in the perfect adult theater-wear, and she was in all her squirting glory.

A daily-double of awesome.

Here we go... Enjoy the report and brand new pics (which show exactly what she wore to the adult theater this night)!


Khal, here.

Wow! Lizardudes and Lizardettes, what a run it has been after our first visit to 15th Ave. Adult Emporium! Since that trip, we've jumped into Twitter, picked up a few hundred followers, had our story and many naughty pictures of the beautiful Khaleesi featured here on the Journal, and we've had a lot of bed-soaking sex while reminiscing about all that had happened that night.

Of course, from the moment I put the key in the ignition to start the drive home at the end of that night, all I'd been able to think about was when would we be able to go again. And we've heard from many of you who wanted to know when we'd be going again too.

As we are lacking the experience of most/all of the other couples the Journal and it's readers revere, we don't yet feel comfortable "announcing" a visit here on the Journal or on ours or Doc's Twitter accounts. We appreciate all the compliments and the Likes and we understand you read about the epic squirt displays and see the pictures of Khaleesi looking so sexy and want to be able to see her in person, but for the foreseeable future, it'll have to be a happy coincidence for you if we're at the 15th Ave. and we're there too.

(If it does happen that you're there when we are, please, wait until all the squirting subsides and "show" is over, then please do introduce yourself to me. As "This Thing of Ours" requires a certain level of anonymity, it's nice to match a face to a Twitter handle in in a place where your real life identity is safe.)

We had been wanting to meet Doc, and to do so at 15th Ave. seemed like the best possible and most logical place to do it, so we reached out to him to let him know we'd set a date. Doc was able to find time in his jet-set schedule to meet us there and I then finally had a night to look forward to.

Khaleesi was able to spend several hours that afternoon to take a long soak in the bath, shave her pussy to bald perfection, and do her makeup in a way that certainly wouldn't be appropriate for work or even a night out at our favorite cocktail bar, but just perfect for a XXX theater. She wore red lingerie, red stockings, and red crotchless panties - these panties being more about showing off that beautiful bald pussy than actually functioning as panties - underneath a shimmering black dress that left a lot of that fuck-me red showing.

I know from visiting 15th Ave. on my own that when you're sitting in the theater and you hear the door creak open and you hear heels clicking on the floor, your heart rate picks up and for a moment and your mind races through all the possibilities of a wild gang bang and a bukkake... It's then that you turn around and see the woman is wearing jeans and a baggy sweatshirt and you realize she's there with her man and they're just going to cuddle up in the couples section and go home giggling about their night out tiptoeing over the line on the wild side. (And good for them. And hopefully they come back again feeling more comfortable after having had a positive experience.) In this outfit, there would be no doubt when the door creaked open and her heels clicked on the floor that Khaleesi was there to entertain.

It was a beautiful evening in Chicago. In February - February! - we drove with the windows down. Music was playing and I was so excited I had 3/4-hard dick twitching in my jeans. Khaleesi had been singing along with the radio and seemed so loose and relaxed that I noticed it immediately when she suddenly became quiet. She put her window up and asked me to do the same, then she turned down the music as we slowed to a stop at a red light.

"My pussy is tingling", she said.

This, of course, is always good to hear. Anytime. Anywhere. On that night, however, by then approximately halfway there, it was really, really good to hear.

In the preceding weeks Khaleesi had developed a growing case of nervousness since our last visit. Of course - and I say this with fond affection - as women can do, she was worried she wouldn't look good, but more troubling to her she was also worried that she would disappoint everyone if her squirt show didn't flood the room. As I had explained in our first Report, even the most prolific of squirters doesn't always go off like a water cannon, and Khaleesi was troubled thinking that her performance might not match up to the reputation and the Twitter handle and all the stories and the #squirtflood hashtag.

And remember she had only been to 15th Ave. just once before. Despite doing just about anything in the privacy of our own bedroom, and making everything very, very wet doing it, she was still feeling some uncertainty about the idea of doing it in public again.

At that moment, as we waited at that red light, I could see Khaleesi was ready to go. Almost four months of patience had paid off. A confident Khaleesi with a tingling pussy is a call-the-National-Weather-Service level awesome combination. My dick was now already fully erect and aching.

(I would pay for this later.)

When we arrived at 15th Ave. we met briefly with Doc. And before this report goes on I'd like to take a quick moment to recommend that any couples considering visiting 15th Ave. should reach out to Doc and make arrangements to meet him there. Yes, his avatar is a caricature, but Doc is actually a real, regular guy. As you can imagine, Khaleesi's pretty creepy-sensitive at this moment - we're at a XXX theater filled with single guys staring at her, so we can meet a stranger who operates an erotica website, that's reason enough to be on high creepy alert I think it's fair to say - and after we'd met with him the very first thing that she said was, "Well, he wasn't creepy at all. He's a really nice guy."

And Khaleesi does not pull punches.

Doc was effusive with praise for Khaleesi - "You look amazing... That dress is great... God, you're a knockout..." - but he was never weird or uncouth. I could see Khaleesi was comfortable, not creeped out. She was flattered. The compliments hit their mark.

Doc is considerate, encouraging, and reassuring. He's not some lurker using the Journal as a setup to get his hands on your wife. He is a genuine ambassador for 15th Ave. and "This Thing of Ours" as a whole. If you want advice, talk to him. If all you want is a tour so you can see the place before you decide to go further, he's the tour guide for you. And if you're thinking about taking your wife, but you'd feel better going into a dark room filled with horny guys if you had a wingman with you and you don't really want to ask Big Dave from your bowling team and know it'd be pretty freaking inappropriate to ask your brother-in-law to join you and his sister for the visit, but still don't know who else to turn to, Doc is most definitely your man. (ed. note: Thank you!)

After five minutes of conversation, into the theater we go. Doc remained at the front desk with assurances that he would check in on us later.

The door creaked open, Khaleesi's heels clicked on the floor - and I love this part because of all the solo visits I've made - and as quickly as the heads turn, the jaws drop. Khaleesi's big, wonderful tits are booming in her dress, bouncing with each step, and although you can't exactly see what that red something is that she has on under that dick-teaser of a LBD she's wearing, you know it's something your cock is going to like. 

We took our familiar seats in the front row of the couples section. As we had before, we settled in, and after we were able to get comfortable, Khaleesi lowered her dress and began to play with her nipples.

This, brought a crowd. There was a single woman in the theater when we arrived and she had a host of suitors around her. When Khaleesi spread her legs open and lifted her feet up to the seat backs in front of us, she had everyone gathering around.

One of these guys - and there's always a possibility there will be one - whipped his dick out and was starting in on himself. I understand it's a compliment in it's own way and not something that shouldn't be expected in a XXX theater, but this guy was waving his stick just a little too close to Khaleesi for the liking of one Dr. Emilio Lizardo.

I hadn't even seen Doc come in to the theater. Like a comic book superhero coming to the rescue in a dark alley, Doc swooped in and was firm, but not at all aggressive.

He said, "Stay back. Give them their space," and the guy complied without so much as dour look.

Khaleesi later told me she had no idea anything had happened. It was that quick and well handled.

(Like I said. Wingman.) (ed. note: Word.)

If you follow me on Twitter you know I train hard every day. I don't need any help keeping an unwanted wagging dick from Khaleesi, but it was better for us to have Doc to handle it. And by the way he handled himself and the situation, it's obvious Doc's done it a hundred times and knows how to do it without anyone becoming unruly.

Khaleesi was now into her zone. I gave her little purple vibrating friend and I could hear her getting wetter. Her moans became louder and her legs spread wider and her hips raised... And then it happened.


Khaleesi unleashed a torrent. The two men directly in front of her actually moved back to avoid being sprayed by the gushing. (Their mistake, in my opinion.) It's loud in the theater with all the moaning from the porn piped through the sound system, but you could clearly hear the force of her squirt stream hitting the back of the seat in front of her and all of that liquid orgasm splashing on the floor.

This was not yet the great 15th Ave. flood of 11/2015, but the puddle beneath Khaleesi's seat was definitely significant. (It took almost all of two towels worth to clean up later on.) It was a good start. Six or seven more like it and that puddle would grow to have some real, Khaleesi-like floor coverage.

I know Khaleesi well. I've witnessed probably hundreds of these events. And I knew what was up as soon as I touched her pussy. She would keep still coming for an hour, again and again and again as she does when she's really in her zone, but she wouldn't be squirting anymore.

I'm no gynecologist, I'm not Masters or Johnson, but I think it has something to do with how hydrated she is. Maybe. I don't really know. Some nights she squirts so much I honestly wonder how she could have possibly had so much liquid stored inside her or - conversely - how she could expel so much liquid and not pass out. (As she did on our first visit to 15th Ave.) Then there are nights when it just stops when it stops. The well is dry and I'm always nothing but happy for whatever there was.

Khaleesi knew it too. Fortunately for me, she then turned her attention to me. Unlike our first visit, when we had retreated to a private room for my pleasure. Khaleesi stood up, bent over and put her ass high in the air, and started to suck my cock. As I enjoyed her, I took the opportunity to pull her cheeks apart and spread her asshole open for everyone. I'm told by Doc the view from behind her was magnificent.

This was both a surprise and a big step forward. We all draw our own lines and Khaleesi had drawn one between her putting on a squirt show and us having sex in front of everyone. That line was now either erased or ignored as she stepped over it.

As is often the case when Khaleesi is really turned on, the cocksucking only lasts until she's ready to have me inside her. I pushed my hips out so she could climb on and she rode me good.

It was then that having had a hard-on for well over an hour became a problem. Mr. Happy was not at full strength anymore. I didn't have much time to worry about it, though. Khaleesi was about to surprise me again.

"Take me into that room back there," she whispered into my ear.

I have told Khaleesi about the room behind the screen and what can happen on the table back there, but she'd never even been in to see it. I have long fantasized about fucking her on that table and every time I've witnessed another woman in that room I've stood there imagining it was Khaleesi in there surrounded by men stroking their dicks for her.

I took Khaleesi by the hand and led her back to the room. Of course, everyone followed. She laid down on the table and was surrounded. Every man in the room was hard... Except me.

"Do you want me to lick your pussy?" I asked, thinking I could buy some time for myself.

Her response came quickly. "No. I want you to fuck me."

The queen wants what the queen wants. Fortunately, I was just hard enough to get inside her and I fucked her hard. Her pussy has absolutely amazing restorative powers and I was soon back at full strength. I was also overcome by finally seeing her on that table. Her big tits rolled each time I thrust into her and there were hard dicks all around her.

(For any curious-but-hesitant couples reading this, let me be clear that even with the beautiful Khaleesi laid out naked before them and moaning in orgasm, not one man touched her. No one even attempted to. I hadn't even said that she didn't want to be touched. 15th Ave. really does have a crowd of respectful guys.)

All of this was fantasy come true, again. And more than I had expected, again. Khaleesi looked so good and her pussy is so incredible. I was totally overmatched. I told her I was going to cum and she asked me to cum on her face, but it just felt too good to pull out and I emptied my load deep inside her.

Khaleesi was not done, though. There is nothing that Khaleesi gets off on more than masturbating with a fresh, hot load inside her.

Almost always, after I've finished and left her filled, she masturbates to at least one last orgasm. She often goes for several more. As a younger, more prideful man, I was a little put off that my performance hadn't completely satisfied her, but I quickly came to realize I was lucky to have such a dirty, insatiable woman.

With my load still hot inside her, she feels the pulses of her orgasm building and her pussy clenches in response and then a wad of cum pushes out and runs down over her asshole. She loves that sloppy, sexy feeling and her building orgasm pulses stronger and the cycle starts again and intensifies until she hits true, real, multiple orgasm nirvana and comes over and over again in rapid succession, and with almost no break in between, each one starting just seconds after the one before ends, sometimes until she's in tears.

On this night, Khaleesi would not have multiples, though. Instead, she would have one, single, 10-megaton orgasm.

With her favorite vibrator on her clit and her pussy pushing out my cum in big splurts, Khaleesi called out frantically, "I'm cumming so hard! Put your finger in my ass!"

Let me explain that Khaleesi does not open the back door often. When she does it's because she's all the way gone into that place where she wants it as dirty as possible because when she's there, it's the dirtier the better, and really dirty feels really damn good.

I pushed my middle finger into her super tight asshole and felt it sink in to the top knuckle. It clearly had the desired effect.

Truthfully, I think some of those guys were a little freaked out by hard she came. This was one of those orgasms she sounds like she's birthing an orgasm, rather than just pleasantly having an orgasm. It's maximum effort, pushed to the limit groans, not soft moans. I'm sure she could be heard all the way in the spa. Her body seized and spasmed on the table.

When it had passed, all of the veins in her neck, chest, and arms were showing. Her face was flush, she was short of breath, and looked liked she's just finished a marathon carrying a refrigerator.

Not a drip of squirt was released, but no one was disappointed. In fact, a few guys clapped for her as I helped her to her feet and we left the back room to go to our private room in the spa.

We had come prepared with a change of clothes for Khaleesi. (No need to have to go to Target again.) I spoke with Doc one last time before he had to leave - presumably to come to the aid of a damsel in distress elsewhere. Khaleesi and I stayed for another hour or so. There were five other couples in the theater, but all were clearly just dipping their toes in the water. The single woman was still there and she was surrounded by suitors again. All was well in Melrose Park and it seemed like a good time for us to drive home to The City Beautiful.

Thank you, all, again, for your interest and your many compliments. Khaleesi is amazing and I'm lucky to have had her walk into my life. Sharing a little only seems right.

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Doc here again, fresh from talking on the White Walkers... I told you this report had everything!  Awesome detail-filled report, and some very nice eye candy to accompany their fine words.

Khal and Khaleesi, you guys did a fantastic job on your report. Bravo!  I can not wait to see where this journey brings us as 2016 continues!  Keep the cards and letters coming, guys!

Thanks guys for the very kind words...You captured the moments perfectly!

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