Monday, March 21, 2016

Flash Report! The Oral Reporter at Kisses (the former Colony Theater) in East St. Louis, MO on 3/11 and 3/12.

Doc here, a man who some say once saved a town from a flood by laying cannoli end to end to form a bridge for people trapped by the rising waters.

Senior reporter The Oral Reporter is back with a report from Kisses, the former Colony Adult Theater in East St. Louis, MO. The action on Saturday 3/12 sounds like it was great!

Take it away, The Oral Reporter!


Hi Doc,

I have a report for last weekend at Kisses (the old Colony Theater) in East St Louis, MO. This is for Friday and Saturday March the 11th and 12th.

As you know Kisses is a different kind of adult theater, since it has a "swingers club" attached to the three theaters. The swingers club and the theaters are a play anywhere area.

The lounge area in the swingers portion has a fully stocked bar and the drinks are strong, and the owner Linda can make any type of mixed drink you could want, also there is beer and wine.

On to the report about the activity on Friday and Saturday nights...

I arrived at the Club before they opened, probably around 7PM, opening is at 8PM. I went in and helped Linda get the place ready to open for the night.
Kisses (former Colony Theater)

Even though the weather was pretty good, Friday didn't get off to a good start, several of the regular guys came in and had a few drinks but I only counted two couples all night and a few more single guys. In some places, these couples would have been like raw meat to the single guys. Kisses has a group of single guys (Choir Boys) that are very respectful of a couples or single woman (unicorn) space and will not crowd around unless asked to of course.

The couples theater got used by the two couples that night and I think they may have invited in a single guy or two. (the couples theater is just that, couples only unless a single is invited in to play. Management (Linda or Richard) controls the over zealous guys from just going in with out being invited.

So I stayed at the club until closing and patiently waited for additional couples or any Unicorns to arrive, No other couples or girls arrived and Linda actually closed about 1 hour early (normal closing is 3AM).
Saturday the 12th was a much better night, again I arrived at the club around 7PM before the club opened, I helped change out the sheets on the many beds in the couples theater and helped clean up the second theater which is for couples and singles. The third theater didn't need any thing done as it was not used on Friday night. This is the theater with a partition wall down the middle of the entire length of the theater and has Glory Holes in the wall, allowing the women on one side to service the guys on the other side.

Shortly after the opening time, the couples and the singles started arriving and ordering drinks. I have gotten to know several of the "Choir boys" that are regulars. We all talked for a while and then what everyone always wait for started to arrive. (The Couples) Tonight there were a combination of couples that were regulars and some new couples.
One of the first couples to arrive was a new couple (she said she had been here when it was called the Colony) this beautiful lady had long hair, slender and was not new to the swinging lifestyle.
Bar Area of Kisses

I went over to talk to them (she brought her husband) and I asked if they had ever read the Dr Emilio Lizardo Journal of Adult Theaters web site. She told me that she had read the report I wrote about Kisses and that was what brought them to Kisses that night. 

 We talked for about 20 minutes, while the other single guys drooled over her fantastic body and great looks. I of course offered my oral talents to her and got a maybe later answer. Not being a pushy guy I went back to the bar and had another beer. During the night I saw her go to the couples theater for a short time, but not with anyone following her.
During the night I saw and talked to probably 6 couples, one of the couples was a very wild couple probably in their 50s. When they arrived I was told to watch her and everyone was right she came in with a few drinks already in her and proceeded to show off everything she had and even gave one guy a blow job in the lounge, which is OK with Management, in fact sexual activity is acceptable in the lounge.
This woman was quite a squirter and several guys that she was riding cowgirl style got their pants very wet from her.

I caught up with her in the couple theater later and she was in the process of giving blow jobs and getting fucked by several guys one right after the other. The floor was getting pretty wet from her squirting 
(pressure washer will be used in the morning).  She was also a screamer so everyone in the whole place knew she was having a good time.

Another regular guy (affectionatly called Fabio) brought in a girl (seems to be a new one everytime) and they went into the couples theater after getting a drink and chatting with the regular guys and the owners. They invited in several of the guys for both a show as well as some group participation. When I walked in both Fabio and the very cute slender black girl were both naked and using one of the beds, several of the invited guys were naked and stroking themselves as well as fondling the girl. There were a few loads of cum shot on the girl who seemed to enjoy it. Fabio and his girl were finally done and got dressed to go to the bar and get another drink. 

One of the single (Unicorns), a black girl asked if they were going to come back in the theater. She was a cute single girl of about 30 years old, she told Fabio that she wanted to lick the slender black girls pussy when they came back in. All the time the wild couple were still entertaining the Choir boys with blow jobs and doggy style fucking. The guy did not participate with the wife, he only watched and encouraged the guys to join in. The single black girl ended up taking two guys at once, blowing one of them and fucking the other.

The first couple I talked about both came into the couples theater while I was there, and sat on one of the beds to watch, I don't know if the guy in the first couple has gotten used to the swinging lifestyle yet. I went over and sat next to them reminding her that if she needed a my tongue to satisfy her I was still available and all she needed to do was let me know. By this time it was after 1 AM and they decided to call it a night. She said they were getting ready to head to the San Fran area. Not sure how soon but maybe by then he will be more of a willing participant in this thing of ours. I know she is a very willing participant in this thing of ours. (one sexy and beautiful lady for sure)

The crowd started to thin a little bit (it was daylight savings weekend so the clocks were going to leap forward and that meant that the club would be closing 1 hour early with the time change). But then the group of 4 Unicorns arrived and one more couple. The 4 single women who came in were celebrating a 21st birthday party for one of the girls. She was the youngest of the group, after all of them got a drink and were sitting on one of the couches in the lounge area (all were dressed for play) some of the guys started chatting them up and it was not too long that one of the guys asked the birthday girl if she wanted to go to the couples theater. She said yes, and she had one of the other girls come in with her for a security thing. 

Several of us guys followed her into the theater and she had no problem with several guys being there. We all took seats on couches around this now couple and in a matter of a few minutes her head dropped down to the lucky guys lap and she was giving him a fantastic blow job.

The rest of us got closer, and she seemed to enjoy the guys watching and seeing them stroking their cocks. The birthday girl was on the curvy side, but cute. After guy number one shot his load in her mouth, guy number two (John) slid in to take his place on the couch. The Birthday girl started sucking him off and was doing a very good job of it (not her first rodeo).  I was standing next to her so I was going to be her next victim. When John had finished in her mouth she took me in her mouth and since I had been stroking it for a while while watching the show it did not take me long to deposit my load in her warm and soft mouth. I thanked her and backed out to make room for others. Several of the other guys asked her friend if she was interested in playing, she politely declined, but no one was pushy with her.

John then fucked the Birthday girl and also ate her pussy. While this was going on she was sucking some other guy's cock to completion. It was now well after closing so Linda and Richard came in and told everyone the party was over, as they had kept it open for the late arriving birthday girl party as long as they could.

Later as I was talking with Linda, I found out that one of the girls in the Birthday girl group was actually the mother of the birthday girl and had been in the club before, just never with her daughter before. Mom did not come in the couples theater to watch the daughter, but I think this is going to be a regular thing for the Birthday girl. She really seemed to enjoy herself in this thing of ours. If she has a boy friend, then I am sure he is a lucky guy as she really knows how to please a man or three in a night.

During the night there was another black couple who came in about mid way through the night, they were over dressed it seemed, he had a suit on and she had a very nice dress on like they had just come from a nice family function. I found them in theater number two and watched her give him a very nice blow job, Once they were done he zipped up and they went out to the lounge for more drinks.

This was a nice active play night and everyone seemed to be enjoying them selves.
I wish I had gotten the name of the first couple as I would love to keep in contact with them, so if this very good looking couple who was at Kisses last Saturday the 12th read this please get in touch with me. I'm the guy who talked to you and told you I wrote the report that you read about Kisses and made you come in to check it out.
The good Dr. has my e-mail address and he can give it out to you with my permission.

That was abut it Doc, all in all it was a great visit. I had to drive 8 hours each way to get there from my current work site in Marietta, Ohio. My next report will probably be from Past Time Video in Steubenville, Ohio. Thursday night the 17th. I hope some of my luck from my previous Past Time Video follows me there on Thursday night.

I'll be retiring soon so my reports about this thing of ours (from all over the country) will be coming to an end in about a month or so. I will be missing traveling to all of the great theaters and swing clubs and reporting on both the good nights and the not so good nights. It has been a fun hobby for me all these years. I hope they have encouraged a few couples and more singles to get out there and party in this thing of ours.

Oral Reporter signing off for now.


Doc here again... If this is indeed one of the last laps around the adult theater track for The Oral Reporter, it has been a pleasure, sir!  You have been an incredible ambassador for this thing of ours, and it is very much appreciated. 

The Oral Reporter's Past Time Video Report hits Tuesday at The Journal.  It's a good one!