Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Good Doctor's Mailbag: A Question about Cathy's GB at CTs in Gary, IN

Doc here, a man who some say lurks in the rafters of the Paris Opera House, his face scarred by the composer who stole his prized opera. Forced to wear a mask, he seeks revenge...and a cannoli.

It's 2016, and time for another round of The Good Doctor's Mailbag. I get lots of questions e-mailed to me every week, and I try my best to answer them.  But many have a wider appeal, and this column will address those of greater and wider interest. 

Today's e-mail comes from "LK" from Fort Lee, NJ (actually, I have no clue where it's from). 

Hi Doctor,

When can we expect the gang bang video and pics to be released which held in August last year at CT's Adult super store Gary IN with Cathy. Please let me know I am eagerly waiting for that video.

Thank you.

Dear LK,

The video (and still images shot by your's truly) at Cathy's huge gang bang at CT's from this past August are slowly but surely being posted to Cathy's great website . You will need to become a member of her site, but you'll then get access to a TON of videos and still pics from this legendary lady, including the gang bang at CT's in Gary.