Saturday, April 2, 2016

Flash Report! Khal (from Khal & Khaleesi) Takes in a Red Headed Matinee Performance at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 3/29/16

Doc here, a man who some say once played a piano blindfolded, in a great hall, surrounded by masked strangers.  Some were having sex. Others were watching. All enjoyed cannoli. 

Khal (the taller half of my freiends, the amazing Khal and Khaleesi) , ventured solo to 15th Ave. Adult Theater this past Tuesday, and what an afternoon it turned out to be.

This is an outstanding report folks... But don't take The Good Doctor's word for it.  Take this for a test drive...

I now direct you to the starting grid. Wait for the lights to go off, and then drop into 1st... 

Please welcome back to The Journal, Khal.



Khal, here. Good to be back writing for The Journal again! This report will be from a different perspective. No Khaleesi. No squirting. No flooded theater floor. No Melrose Park Water Dept. on site to drain the parking lot of the #motherofallsquirters liquid passion. This time I'm just a single guy hoping to see some action.

So, it was through a series of fortunate events that I found myself with no place I needed to be and nothing important to do on a recent Tuesday. Of course, my first thought was, "Time for a third visit to 15th Avenue Adult Theater with Khaleesi!" Unfortunately, her schedule would not allow for it.

Yes, a trip to 15th Avenue with Khaleesi would be incredibly better than one without, but I decided to carry on solo. Why not? I love the sexual energy of the theater and I'm most definitely a voyeur. Maybe a couple shows up and something happens.

I arrived around 10:30AM. It sounds early, I know, but when I think back through all I've seen on solo visits to 15th Avenue, some of the most hardcore, depraved activity has taken place in the late morning or early afternoon. Thinking about, it's probably stands to reason that a couple arriving early at a XXX theater is probably a motivated couple. (Woke up ready to get freaky and didn't want to wait!)

On this particular morning it was quiet. There were maybe a dozen guys milling around or pacing between the spa and the theater. I sat in the theater for a while - the video playing featured a collection of MMF threesome scenes and it held my interest - and I spent some time watching TV in the spa. Occasionally I went outside to stand in the glorious sun that Chicagoland was enjoying that day.

For the single guys reading who haven't been to a XXX theater... This is part of the game. Like anything else in life, you don't just show up and succeed. It's not a brothel. You won't pay for your day membership and then immediately be presented with a beautiful woman to pleasure you. Waiting and patience is part of the game.

Eventually I decided to take a lunch break and drove to a nearby spot. My thought was that it was 3:30 and couples with the day off would've likely already been there and it was a little early for after-work couples. I was back at 4:00 and saw a few guys waiting in their cars the parking lot. That's a sure sign there are no women to be observed inside. I went inside anyhow and took a seat in the theater again.

After maybe 20 minutes I got up again and was ready to sit in the spa area for a while, but just as I was leaving the theater, that's when I saw a woman walking in from the front door to the counter. Right away, I knew she wasn't there to ask directions. She had long, red hair and a nice figure propped up on long legs. She wore a red dress that would be appropriate pretty much nowhere other than a XXX theater, black stockings and - in her words - "Fuck me" boots.

Her first move was back to the spa. I let her go without following. She had a bag and I knew she was going to get situated. She seemed quite confident in what she was doing - and now, looking back, I'm quite certain this wasn't her first visit - but a hoard of guys following her to stare at her while she put some things in a locker could only turn things in the wrong direction if it creeped her out. She'd come to the theater soon enough and I'd see her there.

Sure enough, after only a few minutes, I heard the door creak open and the glorious sound of heels clicking on the floor. Confident in her sex appeal, she walked along the far wall and took a seat in the couples section. Almost immediately she opened her legs and began to play with herself. The guys in the theater moved closer to watch, but kept a courteous distance. It was the right thing to do, but not at all necessary. This woman was clearly enjoying their attention.

It was already pretty obvious what she wanted. Then, with all of us gathered close around her, she made it clear how she was going to want it. She took the time to look each of us in the eyes, slowly turning to one and to the next. Her face showed an expression of, 'I know something you don't.' Then, slowly, she lifted her hand from her crotch, held it away from her body, paused, and then slapped her pussy.


Really, really hard.

After that she pulled one of her big, heavy hanging tits out of the top of her dress. She played with her nipple a bit, then slapped it too. And then she slapped it again, even harder.

It was both jarring and also incredibly erotic. Whatever was about to happen was going to be intense.

She stood and walked to the room behind the screen. The six or seven guys in the theater - most of whom had been waiting the entire day with me - all hurried to join her. She had positioned the table in the far corner and sat on the edge.

One guy said, "My name is (redacted). What should we call you?"

Her voice was certain. Her face was serious. She said,

"Call me bitch and treat me like a slut."

And then it was on. One guy got up on the table and pulled his cock out while she laid back. Another spread her legs open and filled her pussy with his fingers.

She was a noisy cocksucker. And sloppy too. She was talking more than she sucked, but the guy wasn't complaining.

"Use my whore mouth. Fuck my slutty mouth until you're ready to blow your wad. Cum on my face. I want it all over my face and in my hair."

This was, without a doubt, the filthiest mouth I've ever heard. 'Wow,' is all I can think to say as I thick about her again.

Again, it clearly didn't bother this guy, and she must've done enough sucking in between telling us what a whore she was that he was able to get to where he could give her what she was asking for. He groaned, and he said, "Here you go!"

"That's it," she commanded. "Shoot your cum all over my face. Fucking cover me!"

And he pretty much did. And she pretty much loved it.

At this point she suddenly became aware that while at least three different guys had been fingering her, no one was fucking her. She didn't like that.

"Someone fuck me, now! Fill my dirty cunt with dick."

The guy closest to her had been stroking his dick furiously and was ready to go. He pushed inside her and then shifted right up to fourth gear. He had reasonably and correctly presumed that she would like it hard and fast. Another guy had climbed up onto the table and now she had even more to talk about.

"Fuck, yes! Pound my fucking pussy while I take this cock in my whore mouth."

When guy on the table started to cum, she was ecstatic.

"Oh, fuck yes. That's it. Your fucking cum is in my hair! I'm such a slut. I fucking love it."

The guy fucking her pounded her to his own orgasm and filled the condom. "Someone else fuck this whore cunt!" she demanded and the slapped her pussy twice.

Another guy quickly jacketed up and replaced him. A third guy climbed on the table so she could suck him in between fits of profanity.

As I watched it all, I couldn't stop thinking, 'This woman just showed up on a random Tuesday afternoon for a rough sex gangbang.' I wondered if she had planning this for a while or did she just wake up that morning and decide to do it? Was she single and there for sexual fulfillment or was she in a relationship? If that was the case, was she not getting what she wanted at home or was her boyfriend or husband into it and would she be going home to tell him about everything she had done that afternoon?

I stepped out of the room and went outside to text Khaleesi.

"Gang band in progress. Serious stuff."

I have Khaleesi's blessing to do as I wish at 15th Avenue. The text was me reaching out to be sure I still had a green light.

She texted back, "I'm at home. You can stay or you can come here and tell me all about it."

I'd have happily given that redhead more of what she wanted, but what I wanted was at home. And so that was where I was going to go.

I went back inside just as two more guys were finishing. The guy on the table popped in her mouth and in between gargling swallowing noises she said, "I'm such a fucking dirty whore. I love to swallow cum."

A third guy was ready to go, condom on. He took the initiative to turn her over and pounded her from behind, shaking the table loudly. He didn't last long, but all she wanted was to have it hard and fast anyhow.

There was one guy left, the seventh to have turn, and he wanted to go between her tits. She obliged and kept on talking.

"I love being a cum-covered whore serving all these cocks. I'm such a dirty bitch."

It was then that I decided to head home to Khaleesi. I don't know what happened after. I'm betting she stayed to wait for more dick to arrive.

At home I was rewarded generously for me decision. We had sex twice that night and twice again the next morning. By the time I went down for breakfast I was actually weak and a little trembly I was so physically drained.

Single guys, I hear from a lot of you on Twitter. Many of you have asked me, "When is a good time to go to 15th?"

I'm telling you, now more than ever before, I am convinced anytime is a good time. On a random Tuesday afternoon a single woman just showed up and fucked or sucked off seven guys. She wanted it rough, she wanted to be called a bitch, whore, and slut, and she wanted to be covered in cum. I see your Twitter chatter and I know that's all you could want and more.

Sure, Friday and Saturday nights are probably better, and any night Doc's hosting a party would be best, but just about anything can go down just about anytime. You just have to be there and be patient enough to wait it out to get in on it.

Hell! Think about this...

If that redhead is actually single, then that means there's a filthy-talking, cum-craving, gangbang-loving woman out there and available on the market. You could hope she's the one your buying drinks for all night at a bar.

Or you could spend a day at 15th Avenue.




Doc here again... Great job Khal with this report. Amazing theater sex can happen at any time, and this report shows how that happens. And if you were of the lucky gents at 15th Ave. last Tuesday and you didn't buy a lottery ticket afterwards, don't blame me. You would have hit pay dirt twice.

And a note to the sexy red-headed star of the afternoon... If you would like to write up your report on the afternoon from your naughty point of view, please e-mail me at . There are tens of thousands of readers of The Journal who would love to read and experience your take.