Friday, May 20, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Khal & Khaleesi Ride the Wave @ 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 5/14/16

Doc here, a man who some say once won a blueberry pie eating contest at Casterly Rock, with an amazing Couple's Flash Report by the awesome Khal & Khaleesi.

This Couple's Flash report is tremendous, and for the record, all of the following pics are of the real Khaleesi. 100% real and uncensored.

Khal and Khaleesi returned for their third trip to 15th Ave. Adult Theater, and hot, wet fun ensued. 

Put on your splash guards, as this will be a wet one... Here we go!


Hello, Doc! And hello, Journal readers. It's been a while since our last visit to 15th Ave Adult Theater in Melrose Park. Too long.

Well, we were finally back last Saturday. If you're unfamiliar with us, we're quite new to "This Thing of Ours." This most recent visit was only our third visit together as a couple. For some of you who are reading this, you've been into theaters for a long time and maybe our just getting started and writing about the experience is refreshing. For those of you who haven't taken that first step, maybe it's informative to read about our journey. Either way, if you haven't read about our two previous visits - or even if you have - here's a review.

Visit 1 - After over a decade of waiting I finally visit an adult theater with Khaleesi. She was understandably quite nervous, but put on a squirting show wetter than a Wisconsin Dells water park. I've seen her squirt a lot, but this was truly epic, and the #squirtflood hashtag was born. It was a show, only. We went in, were watched, and went home happy and curious for more.

Visit 2 - On the drive to 15th Avenue, a less nervous Khaleesi confesses to me her pussy is tingling as she anticipated visiting again. We were both much more comfortable, and although she didn't squirt as torrentially as she had on our first visit, she still put on quite a show. Most importantly, she made the BIG step up to go back to the room behind the screen - where the most hardcore action often takes place - and allowed the guys to get much closer to her than she had before. She even asked for men to cum on her tits, but no one stepped up. Still, she had a spine-twisting orgasm laying on the table with all those men watching her and stroking their cocks and we were very happy with the experience.

The takeaway is that each visit, more happened than I expected. On the first, I assumed we'd get to the parking lot and then turn around and go home. On the second, after being clear about not wanting to do anything more than we'd done before, we ended up in the back room asking for load donors. It was always a step forward.

Soon after that February visit we set a date for this third visit for quite some time and were both eagerly looking forward to it as the days and weeks passed. As is our preference, we'd chosen not to announce our visit via our Twitter account or The Journal. However, on the afternoon of our planned date, I did send out a little hint. After Khaleesi had enjoyed a long bath and given her pussy a fresh shave to maintain her perfect, bald smoothness, I took a few pictures and put it out on Twitter. Not much, I know, but keep it in mind that 1) you should be Following us on Twitter and 2) the next time you see similar pics Tweeted out, you might want to change your plans for the evening and get to 15th Avenue.

Khaleesi, as always, had shopped for some amazing lingerie to wear and we'd picked out a new dress to wear the day before. She looked AMAZING! Black lingerie and stockings, sexy black dress, killer heels, and - of course, you Twitter people know me - black crotchless panties. After seeing her pose for pictures for me I determined that if we were in the back room again and no one responded to another request to cum on her tits this time, something was really wrong.

The drive to Melrose Park was an easy one. Oddly, in May it was actually a few degrees cooler than it had been on the night of our last visit back in February. (Chicago, right?) There was maybe a dozen cars in the parking lot when we arrived and a few guys were standing around smoking. Before I got out of the car, I DM'd Doc and asked him to send out a "couple in the house" message, but to not be explicit about it being us.

As we walked to the front door, Khaleesi stopped abruptly.

Earlier in the afternoon she had confessed that she was feeling a little case of the nerves coming on. You may recall from our first Journal Report that on the night of our first visit I was reasonably sure we'd arrive at 15th Avenue only to have Khaleesi ask that we leave. Suddenly, at that moment outside the front door, I had the disappointing thought that maybe we were going to be going back home.

As I held my breath, unsure of what to say, Khaleesi pointed to the lettering on the door and said, "Well, I guess I never knew it was an Emporium." And then she pulled the door open and stepped inside.

Her tone and delivery were so matter-of-fact, I had to stifle a chuckle into only a grin. It had just occurred to me that she'd been so nervous walking in both times before that she hadn't ever been calm enough to read anything on the door. This was a good sign.

We're starting to develop some routine in our visits. At the front counter we pay for our admission and spa membership and then also pay for the use of a private room in the spa. We then go back to that room in the spa and Khaleesi makes her final touch-ups while I double check our theater bag.

(The theater bag is a brilliant idea I copped from the great Jean and Scott. Our drawstring bag has travel size packages of tissues and wipes, Chapstick, Purell, mouthwash, a couple of extra soft hand towels, lube, condoms - just in case - and of course, her trusted purple travel vibrator.)

We were ready and we made our way to the theater. We took our favorite seats and made ourselves comfortable. Two guys were apparently unfamiliar with the 'Couples Only' area and upon seeing us quickly moved in close. It was no bother, and not threatening, but a 15th Avenue staffer was quick to usher them away.

Everything was good. Well, everything was good, except for the movie. The movie as awful. Actually, it was probably worse than that. It was what we now call...


We arrived mid-scene, so I'm not sure why, nor can I imagine a reason, but porn vet "Dirty" Dave Hardman was wearing a giant, furry mascot lobster head while fucking a poor, disinterested blonde. I don't get it. People are into all kinds of stuff. But, porn, right?

Khaleesi turned to me and said, "This is so stupid it hurts. Ask them if they can change it, please."

I did, and the same man who'd moved the couples-only violatera away said, "She's not into lobster porn? Yeah, I saw that. I'll put something else on. What's she into?"

"Women," I answered. "Nothing crazy. No mermaids. Just women getting women off."

He nodded and I went back to the theater.

Khaleesi has long had an interest in women. She's been masturbating about licking a woman and being licked in return for a very long time, but has never acted on it. We've discussed the possibility of something happening at 15th Avenue, but she's always said she'd imagined it in a hotel room or somewhere more private. Still, I thought if there was something on the screen similar to what she gets off on with a vibrator and her iPad, it could only help.

So the first scene of the new movie starts and Khaleesi says loudly enough for the entire theater to hear, "I just watched this the other night!"

"You did?" I asked in a much quieter voice.

"Yes. You were downstairs watching boxing!"

(Now, before you get too confused about why I would be watching boxing while this amazing woman masturbated alone in bed with her iPad glowing and vibrator buzzing, understand that this isn't a neglect or disinterest thing. Khaleesi loves to masturbate and thinks of it as being entirely independent of the sex we share. It's why we have so many sex toys. She can do exactly as she wants. She can be totally self-serving. She can be unapologetically selfish. She gets herself off three or four times and sometimes it leads to her wanting some dick. When she does, I come upstairs and reap the benefits of the masturbation and on-screen woman-to-woman loving. When she doesn't, I get it in the morning.)

The scene featured three women being very adventurous with their tongues and seemingly genuine in their shared enthusiasm for eating pussy. Khaleesi was quickly busy fingering herself and when she started to moan the crowd gathered around us. She asked me for her vibrator and you know what comes next.

Khaleesi eased back in her seat and spread her legs wide at the knees. With her purple friend buzzing her clit, her eyes closed and her tilted back. It was all starting very much as it had both times before. It is a comfortable position for her. She is easily viewable by the guys around us - which is the idea - but sitting low in her seat and with me on one side, she's not necessarily out in the wide open either.

Then, in an impulsive move I wouldn't have ever expected, she stood up and took the straps of her dress off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground, exposing her fantastic lingerie and her amazing figure. Standing in front of me, she leaned against the back of the seat in front of her - the same as you might against the edge of the seat of a barstool. I had an excellent view of her pink pussy and so did everyone else. She had stood up in a dark theater full of horny men and totally exposed herself! It was glorious, and she was moaning loudly and clearly going to cum very hard, and...


It was awesome! In the dark room, with the bright of the screen behind her, we could all see her squirt bursting out of her hole. And because she was standing the sound of it pouring down and splattering onto the floor beneath was even louder and more impressive.

Maybe it was the standing up and being so open. Maybe it was that she was more relaxed than she'd ever been before. Whatever the case, a second, big, gushing orgasm followed and a second wave of flooding poured out almost immediately after the the first had slowed to only dripping.

Khaleesi had every eye in the theater and dicks were out and being stroked in admiration and appreciation of her amazing display of squirting. It was awesome. The only issue was just that because she was standing in front of me, she sprayed all over my lap. This happens all the time at home. It's just that I still had clothes on and she seriously soaked the crotch of my jeans... Hell, all of the front of my jeans, from my waist to my knees.

Also, for the second time in three trips, Khaleesi had soaked her dress. When she had stripped out of it, she left it on the floor at her feet and it was now a wet mess in the middle of the 4-seat-wide puddle.

(After Khaleesi soaked her dress on our first visit and had to go to a local Target wearing nothing but her dripping-wet lingerie underwear her coat, we've since learned to bring a change of clothes for her. Next time we'll be bringing a change of clothes for me too.)

As always, Khaleesi was somehow concerned someone might be upset by the lake of squirt that was spreading across the floor. "I'm sorry I made a mess," she panted.

An older gentlemen leaned in close and said, "Nobody in here minds the mess, gorgeous."

He and a few other guys gave me their spa towels and I mopped up as best I could. The front counter attendant gave me a plastic bag and I wrapped up her dress. When I came back to Khaleesi, her fingers were deep in her cunt and she asked, "Do you want to take me behind the screen?"

Of course I did.

Khaleesi laid down on her back on the table and the room quickly filled. I'm pretty sure there was 20 guys in there. It hadn't seemed as if there had been that many guys when we arrived - unless they had carpooled, which is a pretty economical and eco-friendly way to enjoy porn theaters, if not also awkward - and I knew the Lizardo signal had paid off. Most everyone had their dick out and there was so many swords aimed at Khaleesi it was like a scene from our beloved Game of Thrones - minus the hand-crushed skulls, spears through the face, and swordplay disembowelings, of course.

To my surprise, Khaleesi had quickly taken a dick in each hand and was stroking each rhythmically. We had talked about her doing it, but I had never expected she would begin so quickly and eagerly.

I stepped up and put my fingers inside her wet pussy. Her g-spot was swollen up huge and she squirted a little every time I pulled my fingers back. She had another amazing orgasm there on the table and unleashed another torrent of squirt that spilled over the edges and down to he floor.

The guy on her left took his cock into his own hand and jerked himself onto her right breast. For me, it was amazing. For the first time since before we were together, another man's hot cum was on her skin. I don't have a picture, but I'll never forget what it looked like to see that load dripping across her chest.

It was then that I noticed there was another woman in the room. She was standing against the wall closest to the door and appeared to be with the man next to her. She was tall, leggy, attractive, and looked great in a classic "little black dress" - proving the LBD is so versatile it even works at a XXX theater. I made eye contact with her from across the room and she walked to the table.

"Hi," she said to Khaleesi as she reached down and touched Khaleesi's right breast.

I stood silent as Khaleesi raised her hand underneath the woman's skirt. I couldn't see for myself, but I could tell by the reactions of both women, that Khaleesi had slid a finger into the woman's pussy. She then leaned forward and Khaleesi sucked on her nipple.

The woman stepped back and said, "Have fun, sweetie," and the crowd of guys gathered around again.

Khaleesi had her hands busy working on two new cocks. Then she started working two other cocks, switching between the four closest to her.

"You have a really nice dick," she said to the guy closest to her left cheek. (And I mean REALLY close.)

It seemed the compliment pleased him and almost immediately the guy started to cum. He shot ropes of jizz onto her, this time over her left breast.

Khaleesi and I made eye contact just then and it was if we were suddenly all alone in that room. "Do you want to fuck me now?" She asked.

Khaleesi stood up and left the room. I lagged behind to towel up the squirt that still coated the table. One of the guys in the room started in with his towel and said, "Go with her, man. I got this."

I met Khaleesi and her cum-splattered tits at the door to the spa. She said, "Now you're finally going to get to fuck me with cum on my tits."

The door buzzed and we went to our private room, but we weren't alone. Across the room from our room there was a crowd gathered around an open door. We went into our room. Khaleesi wanted a moment to use some products from our theater bag, so I stepped out to get a bottle of water.

I walked as far as the soda machine in the spa, but the sound of the moaning from the open door in the hall stopped me. I decided to go have a look first.

I'm glad I did. As I returned, I was surprised to see Khaleesi, now stripped down to only her crotchless panties, walking across the hall. The guys parted to make room for her, but closed ranks once she passed. I was left on the outside. Good thing I'm tall.

Inside the room, an attractive woman was just finishing sucking one of the guys. It wasn't a finisher, though. It was a starter. He was putting a condom on and she was positioning herself on her knees. I'm still in the back of the crowd, but I can see everything. He pushed his hard cock into the woman and Khaleesi slid underneath so she could suck on the woman's nipple.

Of course, I wanted to see more, so I started forward. The guy in front of me was a little bothered, and I don't blame him for being upset with my icebreaker ship technique, but just as he was about to complain, a guy at the front said, "Let him through. That's his lady."

I took my place in front and was just in time to see the guy finish and step back with a cum-heavy condom hanging off his dick. The woman turned over onto her back and Khaleesi positioned herself between her legs.

"Would you like me to eat your pussy?" Khaleesi asked.

The woman strangely asked back, "Do you want to?"

Khaleesi said, "I just asked."

It was a curious exchange, but it soon made sense. I couldn't see well being behind them, but I could see that Khaleesi had leaned in and was now licking a woman's clit for the first time in her life. The woman looked to a man near to her, clearly the guy she was with, and he nodded. She looked nervous. Someone asked the guy something and he said, "It's our anniversary tonight."

I'm pretty sure Khaleesi's first time eating a woman's pussy was also this woman's first time having her pussy eaten by a woman. I think Khaleesi's ambush might have taken her aback initially.

Well, happy anniversary! Khaleesi did something that hit the mark and the woman moaned, "I love having my clit sucked."

And that's exactly what Khaleesi did. She sucked her clit and trigger-fingered her g-spot and in less than 90 seconds the woman had a STRONG orgasm.

Khaleesi stood up. The woman said, "Thank you." She was breathless. And we went to our room.

I fucked Khaleesi hard. I didn't last long. I think you can understand why.

As I lay breathless on the bench, spent from a hard fuck, I asked Khaleesi, "What made you do that?"

She knew what I meant. "I heard her moaning and I wanted to see her. And when I did I wanted to go down on her."

"You made her cum fast. And she got off hard. You've never done that before?" I added with a smile.

"I don't know. I felt like I knew what to do. I felt like it was something I'd been doing my whole life. It just came naturally... And I liked doing it."
The couple across the hall had closed the door, to be by themselves I presume. I like to think they were fucking while hot with the recent memory of Khaleesi showing up in their room unannounced and making her cum in less than two minutes. Before we left I checked the back room and Khaleesi's friend in the LBD was on her back on the table taking on all cummers. 

I DM'd Doc again to let him know we were done. I gave him a quick update and he congratulated Khaleesi on taking another big step forward and fulfilling a fantasy. We left and we went to nearby Gene and Jude's to gorge ourselves.

We had amazing sex at home that night. We had amazing sex twice again in the morning. We've had a lot more in the last few days and we're still getting off thinking about all of it.

This won't be the last time we have these experiences at 15th Avenue. I'm ready to see more cum on Khaleesi. She's ready to be with a woman again... And to have a woman lick her pussy.

We're even making plans for visiting other theaters too.

Be ready, America. Khaleesi is coming.


Doc here again... Many thanks goes out to Khal & Khaleesi for yet another amazing report as they continue Khaleesi's journey in this thing of ours.  In The Good Doctor's opinion, they are doing it picture perfect: slow and steady.  Each trip raises the bar, but leaves Khaleesi just wanting a bit more before they put a bow on the evening.

Bravo guys!

And America, it may be time to waterproof your theater wear... Khaleesi is coming (and cumming) to a theater near you.