Saturday, May 7, 2016

ICYMI: Flash Report! A Late February Adventure for G.K. Arbee at Fantasyland in Tampa (w/Naughty Alysha and Jenny Jizz Too!)

Doc here, a man who some say is digging through submitted reports, trying to catch up, and with an amazing and star studded Flash Report from senior reporter G.K. Arbee. 

G.K. hit Fantasyland 1 in Tampa for a mini sex vacation, and hit the motherload by running into amateur porn sensation Naughty Alysha and her sister in arms, Jenny Jizz.  Shenanigans ensued.

Take it away G.K. Arbee!


Good Doctor,

Per my last report.. Biloxi is a Bust.. but TAMPA IS TERRIFIC!!

If you have read my last report from Biloxi, you know my story about life "kicking me in the balls"... Let me just say this.... You can't keep a good man down!! If you wanna have fun in this "hobby" you have to work for it and make it happen!

After spending Feb 19 & 20 in Biloxi turned out to be pretty much a waste of my time.. I spend the rest of that week taking care of family business, leaving myself just barely a day to go play at the Fantasyland Adult Theater in Tampa, FL. Better know as FL1. It's a 18 hour drive from Tampa to where I live in Texas.... ugh.. so damn far away.
Fantasyland 1
I was finished with all the legal crap that goes along with death of a relative and basically had enough time to drive to Tampa and visit the single BEST adult theater in the southern half of these United States, that being FL1. Lucky for me, my 16 hours I spent at the theater on Friday Feb 26 provided me with the single most exciting day of sex and pleasure I have ever had in my 54 years on this planet!

OK, here's my story and I'm sticking to it.. LOL

After Biloxi wasted 2 days of my time the weekend prior, I hit the Dr. Lizardo blogspot page and read a wonderful report from the reporter "Viking", and said.. OK. that's it, I'm going to Fantasyland... This also meant a hell of a long drive.. but I'm up for it.....

I arrived at Fantasyland Adult Supercenter on Friday Feb 26th at 11am, paid a total of $29 dollars for access to the theater and arcade area for the next 12 hours. I visited with a cool dude who works behind the counter there for about 15 minutes, and he gave me a nice tour and a rundown of the place. He told me to go to the website for the bookstore and join the "Forum Groups". He said that couples and ladies will often announce that they are coming to the theater. I told him my story, and that I came all the way from Texas to play down here... I also chatted with the rest of the staff (2 guys and 2 girls were working on moving inventory around and such), and they all "wished me good luck".. 

They also said that they LOVE the place and haven't had any trouble with the law in years. I went into the theater area, and I have to say, things did not start out well....

I sat down and watched the movie, there were 3 guys in the theater, doing nothing.. however, all of a sudden I heard the loudest snoring in my life.. A 400+ pound black man was totally nude, sleeping on one of the middle couches... A couple of minutes later there were a couple of maintenance guys moving couches in and out of the back door. They apologized to the patrons and said then needed everyone to clear out for a little bit and they flipped on the lights... Let's just say, that was not a pretty site. 

A rather inauspicious start I must say.... I went back out and chatted with the clerks.. decided to go to my vehicle and log onto the Fantasyland Tampa website and join the forum.

I came back in about 30 minutes later.. place was still slow, furniture still being moved, cleaning taking place... I walked thru the arcade section... not much happening there that interested this straight man.. Decided it was time to go get my hair cut and have lunch. You do have in and out privileges here as long as you keep your ticket.. (they are good for 12 hours). 

Well, I'm sure glad I had a very good and healthy lunch and got hydrated, for the rest of my day would test my stamina and endurance!!

I went back to the theater at about 5pm, things had not picked up too much, there were a few couples there, making out.. not playing with anyone but themselves. I always enjoy watching... One of the things I like best about this place..If a lady or couple feel they are being bothered, they can tell the staff at the counter and they will remove that person.. I got to see that happen a couple of times.. I like that very much!!!

Now, at this point I was just enjoying watching couples, but that urge to bust my nutt was really getting strong. About 10 pm a pretty lady "curvy little thing" came in and took up residence in the first private room to the left when you enter the theater. The door was open.. I was talking to a very helpful black man about "theater adventures" and he saw the girl and her friends come in.. and told me that I could go to Room 1 and it was a definite SURE THING. I asked him if he wanted to go, he said he was waiting to meet another couple there for some private play in about an hour..

Well, not being accustomed to being in a total "couple and single male wide open environment" I decided to make my way up to room 1. She was walking around looking for more people to come into the room and join her and her friends... She walked by me and asked me. "So, do you want to participate in an anal gang bang and shoot your load on my face?" . Dead serious... I kind of stuttered and said... "Really?", she said... "Do you have a cock?, Does it work? Do you want to wear a condom, fuck my ass and blow the load on my face?"... I said sure... She said "are you new here or something.. I told her I was from was my first time here and she informed me that I would have fun! 

There were 7 other guys in the room, the door was locked.... She had "Skyns" condoms for us all as she was allergic to latex. She sat on the ottoman from one of the couches and gave some head to a few guys, then layed on her back and said "Who's first". I wanted to eat her beautiful pussy before the others started hitting it.. So I got on my knees, ate her clean tasty pussy for a bit... Then she got on her knees begging for hard cocks in her ass. I watched as 3 guys pounded her hard in the ass, ripped off the condom as they came and shot their loads in her face... At this point, this reporter got a little bit of "performance anxiety" , I was jacking off as I watched the other guys come on her.. and was ready to shoot my load right after another guy did, told her I was ready to cum, and unloaded a 5 day load ALL over her face.. A couple of the guys cheered me on saying "Way to go big Tex". She did comment that I had a gigantic load!

I hung out for about 10 more minutes after I came, and watched her get fucked and cummed on by the rest of the guys... What a great time.. "AND" she asked me, a single male, if I wanted to play!!! You gotta be kidding me.. that would never happen in Dallas or Biloxi!!! Went to the counter and bought 2 bottles of water to rehydrate myself, recharge the batteries, check the phone, and forum group. 

When I was Biloxi, I met a dude who, like me was on a mini "Sex vacation". He is also an "educated theater goer" from Louisiana, and also enjoys a good time at the theater, he is "bi", which is great for him..., not for me... lol... . When I was in Biloxi, he told me he was headed down to Tampa to play during the week, and that I might see him down there.. We exchanged email addresses, but I guess my messages hit his spam filter... Well, we ran into each other at the Tampa store, spent a lot of the "down time" in the afternoon" talking about how fantastic this place was during the week in the "slower hours".. Said this place has a great lunchtime crowd. 

Anyway... we both hit "Backdoor Mama" in room 1, said her name was Crysta. She definitely was a trip and a good time. She was sitting on the couch in room 1 resting from "round 1" and I went back into the room, chatted with her, and asked if I could take her pic... She was cold, as the AC was running in the room and it was chilly. She said I could take her pic, if she could take my "dick pic". She took her tits out, I took my cock out.. got a little more head from her. It was too soon and I had not yet recovered yet, I had to tell her I could not cum again so soon. So, I took her pic, she said "thanks for the cum big Tex"...went on my way...

By now, there were a lot more people and couples playing in the theater.. some hot and heavy.. I watched a man masturbate his wife in the couch along the back wall.. I was less than 6 feet away, stroking it.. Then another man brought his "slave girl" in and she was jacking a very well hung black man and making her talk dirty...They ended up leaving and taking it private...

The hour started getting late, I was tired from a 9 hour drive.. I had a satisfying nutt... Thought it couldn't get any better... 

So I drove up to my hotel, got my room key, unloaded my luggage, and had that "feeling in my pants" that I had to go back to the theater.. It was a 15 minute drive back there.. but.. I knew this was a "once in a lifetime shot" that I would be passing up if I didn't go back....

About, I had read on the Fantasyland forum group that an personal favorite porn star and her girl friend were coming to the theater for some fun...

If any of you know about Naughty Alysha and Jenny Jizz, who are regular patrons to FL1 and have many videos posted to her website... Posted that whey would be coming to the theater after they went to dinner. Said their dinner reservations were at 10.. they might make it by midnight... Well DAMN DAMN DAMN.. look at me... I just finished a fantastic gang bang facial, then read that some of my all time favorite "whacking material" is coming to where I'M AT!!! I told my friend there about it.. but he is a few years older than I am and was getting pretty tired 1am and he had to go... 

Then more posts popped up on the forum group, they would be there, but it would be very late.. I tried to send an email to my friend, but he didn't get it... I went to my vehicle for a few minutes and waited and I saw a big Jeep with Alysha and friends arrive. Finally at 3:12 AM.. in walks Naughty Alysha Morgan and her friend Jenny Jizz ( and both of their escorts). 

At this moment, I thought.. I HAVE HIT THE LOTTERY!!!

They walked into the theater, (and things were kinda dead at this point), so they took up residence in one of the 4 Glory Hole booths. About 20 guys were in line, lucky for me, I was number 6 in line. It was so damn hott listening to them suck guys from outside the door.. They talked so nasty... I was getting as hard as I did when I was 18. When it was my turn, I walked into the room, dropped my pants, lasted about 4 minutes as Alysha spit on my cock, sucked me.. and jerked my load all over Jenny's face. As soon as I came, I looked at them thru the hole... DAMN, I was in heaven.. Thought I could come again when I witnessed that sight! 

I walked out.. the line of guys were high fiving me, saying "Way to go big Tex"... The next 2 guys could not bust their nut thru the hole (are they crazy)... and then the hallway we were standing in got really warm, as well as the room the girls were in, they decided to call it a night..... I stood right by the door the girls were at and was not going to let them leave without a pic. As soon at the girls opened the room, I had my camera ready and asked if someone could take my pic... Alysha said she was covered in cum.. I told her some of it was mine, and she looked awesome. I whispered in her ear that this was one of the sexual highlights of my life and gave her a little kiss on the forehead... Little old me got his pic taken with Naughty Alysha and Jenny Jizz... Definite bucket list fantasy come true. 

OK, at this point, I was DONE.. "Little Tex" had zero life left in him... I went to the restroom, washed my hands and face really well.. went to the staff at the Theater, put some good money in the tip jar, and told them all of the great time I had. The guy who I bought my initial tickets from was back and couldn't believe I was there for 15 hours....Told him my story, showed him my pics, he gave me a big "fist bump" and said he was glad i had such a good time! 

I got back to my hotel, took a shower, slept 3 hours, then started my 18 hour drive home...

I have been spoiled and or ruined forever by going to Fantasyland.. NO place will ever be as good after visiting here.

G.K. Arbee reporting from Tampa


Doc here again... Many thanks to G.K. Arbee for a GREAT Flash Report from Fantasyland 1.  What a night, and one to remember as a night for the ages.  Congrats, sir!