Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Remembering The Paris Theatre: Part 3 - The Boob Hound Soaks in Gemini & Other Ladies at The Paris

Doc here, your humble sea bass, with Part 3 of "Remembering The Paris Theatre", an ongoing series covering the best of times at the now closed Paris Theatre in Portland, OR.

In this chapter we welcome The Boob Hound, and his report on his first trip to The Paris over the span of a few days. On his last visit at the Paris, he encounters my good friend, the amazing Gemini, and she was holding court cock at The Paris. 

Take it away, The Boob Hound!


Hello Doc,

I read the news about the demise of the Paris Theater on your blog today. It was a special sort of place and I'm sad to hear it's gone.

I live far away, but last summer I was in Portland for a few weeks during a business trip and made several visits to the Paris during that time. I thought I'd pass along what I wrote at the end of my trip. I originally posted this report in Brent's Yahoo group, and at that time he suggested I submit it to your blog, though I never got around to it.

-The Boob Hound


I am too young to have participated in the glory years of the '70s and '80s. I became aware of what goes on in adult theaters about about eight years ago. Prior to that, I naively believed that they were just places to watch porn. 

The Strand in KC, MO
My first experience (and only, until I visited Portland) was in the Strand Theater, in Kansas City, Missouri, sometime in 2008. As soon as I entered that theater, I immediately understood that its patrons are almost exclusively from the gay community, and I left as soon as I entered. This led to the belief that adult theaters are primarily places for gay men to hook up, with women participating so rarely that for straight men it is not worth going. 

A few years later, I read about the places like the Art Cinema online and found Lizardo's blog with reports featuring hetero sex from across the country. It sounded like a blast, but I didn't live close to any of the venues frequently mentioned on that blog. And even then, I still believed the changes of encountering any women in a theater would be almost nonexistent.

When I learned I needed to travel to Portland for a business trip, I vaguely recalled that there was an adult theater there that had been featured in a lot of reports. I dug through the blog and found a number of posts about Ray's Paris Theater (and also the Oregon Theater). But there hadn't been any recent reports about it, and even worse, no visit announcements in months. This surely meant there was no point in visiting, right? 

I did an internet search to see how far it would be from where I was staying, and came across the Paris website. This flag system - How interesting! And so many of them! Judging from the number of flags on a daily basis, it looked like I would have a sure shot of meeting someone interesting. And if I didn't feel like waiting inside, I could hang out downtown and head into the theater once I saw an alert on my phone. I did more digging and found Brent's Yahoo group. Reading the reports posted here convinced me even further, because of all this, a visit to the Paris became an absolute must instead of a distant possibility.

I made my first visit on a Wednesday evening. On the train ride down, I saw an alert for a red flag (a couple) on my phone. I began to feel excited and to anticipate what might be in store. I was also nervous at the remote possibility that one of the people I was doing business with would see me going in - I got off the train at Skidmore, and immediately saw one of them! Fortunately, he was waiting for a train in the opposite direction and didn't want to go for drinks or dinner.

A short walk later, and I finally opened the door to the Paris. I paid the entry fee and went in. The younger attendant (I later met Ray, the older guy) briefly explained what to expect in the theater. While he gave me the lowdown, I began to get a partial erection because I could hear the moans of the screen actress coming from the theater. The red flag that I'd been alerted to on the train had already left, and all of the patrons in the theater were other dudes. But I love porn and was content to watch the movie for a while. 

The attendant from the front approached me again and brought me back out of the theater for some more explanation. In short, he told me that he was in correspondence with one of the regular female customers. She enjoys meeting new guys, and that she might be coming to visit on account of me. My heart rate began to speed up again and I struggled to relax because of the heightened anticipation. I waited for perhaps 45 or 60 minutes, and it turned out that she wasn't going to visit on this particular day. Still, the host told me that the best time to come is on Friday and Saturday nights, from 10:00pm to 2:00am. So, I planned to make my return visit on Friday.

On Friday, around 9:30, I made my way into the Paris again, this time greeted by who I presume to be Ray, the owner. Again, there were no women in the theater, so I enjoyed several scenes of high-definition pornography on the screen. The doors opened and closed and the floor creaked enough times that I more or less stopped thinking about the people coming in.

Suddenly, though, I heard the voice of a woman speaking from the back of the room. I turned to look, and saw that most of the other men had already gathered by the fence at the couples area. Many had their cocks out and were stroking. I walked up too, and peered over. A woman in her 40s or 50s was seated next to her husband or boyfriend, and was looking at all of us horny guys, surveying which ones she might want to get acquainted with. "Do you see anything you like, Baby Doll?", her man asked. She said she saw a lot of things she liked. 

She gestured toward one particular fellow and he was brought into the couples area. They opened with some small talk, and before long, she laid on her back on a couch or table with the chosen guy's face buried between her legs. She looked out and surveyed all of us watching and stroking while this happened, and she seemed to enjoy the audience. Soon, she sat at the edge of the couch/table while the man stood straight up as she reciprocated his favor. When she paused at sucking him, she would glance back out at us and made eye contact with me several times. Then, it came time for them to do the main event. However, they had different preferences regarding condom use and it was not to be.

Around this time, *two more* couples came into the theater and sat on the couches behind Baby Doll and her man, watching the action. She called up another guy from the gallery, but this proved to be a false start as well. He got stage fright and couldn't get hard enough to get inside her. This didn't dissuade her, though, and at this point she decided to heat things up by heading down to the arena table. Most of the hopefuls that had been watching followed her, while a few stayed in case the other couples wanted attention.

It was crowded around the table. Baby Doll was on her back, with a man on top of her and the husband/boyfriend close by, ensuring that the pace of the action was to her liking. The table was surrounded by men standing shoulder to shoulder with their cocks out and stroking, a few receiving an occasional helping hand or even a blowjob from Baby Doll. After the first man reached his climax, another climbed up and began thrusting away into her.

At this point, a second couple descended into the arena. Since the table was occupied, the woman put her hands on the side of the stage and bent over while being fucked from behind. It was really getting orbit now, as each woman had a crowd of men around her. It was crazy to hear the all the moaning and flesh slapping together from the two, as well as the sound of the movie. Baby Doll worked out a couple more guys and gave her husband/boyfriend a go as well. After that, a younger man assertively announced "I want to cum in your pussy" and climbed onto the table.

The third couple had come down into the arena as well, though they were just watching. And, now there was a fourth woman in the theater, a sexy latina who was also just watching. She stood next to me as I watched the table, and encouraged me to stroke myself and play with Baby Doll's breasts. The young man on the table reached a shuddering orgasm and slowly pulled out his cock. True to his word, there was a large glob of cum dripping out of Baby Doll's pussy. Her husband/boyfriend seemed very turned on by this. This was the end of the show for Baby Doll, though, and they ceded the table to the other couple.

The wife in the second couple was a sexy red-haired cougar who preferred to take the guys on in doggy-style. Man, she got loud sometimes, too. I loved it. By now it seemed enough of the guys had been satisfied for the crowd to thin out, and I was able to get in close. I unzipped and soon became hard from watching her fuck and suck on the table. Occasionally, her hand found its way to my shaft and gave a few strokes. The Latina stood next to me and encouraged me to fondle the woman on the table, sometimes even taking my hand and placing it on to the breasts of the other woman. Some guys nearby tried to get the Latina to play with them, but she declined. The red-haired cougar worked through a few guys, and another got up on the table. He had performance problems though, and couldn't seem to get in. He got off the table, and suddenly there seemed to be no one ready. That sweet pussy was in position and ready for more, but nobody was stepping up.

Well, my cock was hard and I figured it was time to get in on the action. I put on a condom and climbed up behind her. Unfortunately, my performance was really pathetic! I was super exited for my first theater romp and my nerves were going crazy. I started to cum immediately after I slipped inside her. I tried to make the most of it by thrusting as I came, but I was probably on the table for 30 seconds, max! After that, I rather sheepishly exited the theater to get some food, planning to return for a second shot if I could get it.

I bought some food truck rollup and returned probably 20 or 30 minutes later. The other couples had all left, but the red haired cougar was still on the table giving all she had, with the solo Latina sitting on the stage watching. There wasn't as much of a crowd anymore and so I stood next to the table watching a guy just pounding away on her. Really awesome. 

The Latina came over to me and encouraged me to fondle the cougar and to get my cock out. I did, and received some strokes from the cougar as she continued to get a very vigorous fucking. When that guy finished, I thought I might have a second go with her, but when it turned out she was out of water, she and her husband decided to end the night.

By now, it was about 2:00am, and the solo Latina as the only woman left in the theater. She stayed down in the main theater area. I thought she was sexy, and we made sustained eye contact a number of times. She shifted her position and went in and out of the theater a few times. For a while, she sat right in front of me. Then she stood up in front of me and put her hand on my shoulder, and we made a bit of small talk. My gut instinct was strongly saying that she was being coy and wanted me to come on to her. 

In my preparation for the visit, I had read many times that the number one spoiler of the adult-theater game for women is overly aggressive guys, especially younger men (like me) who are clueless about backing off when a woman isn't interested. I had seen several other guys approach her, and she turned them all down and said she just liked to watch. So, when I spoke to her, I was acted very neutral and didn't make any moves, even though I strongly wanted to get down with her. She exited the theater after our short conversation, and about 10 minutes after that I decided it was time for me to go, too. 

As I left, I saw the solo Latina going back in! But I was feeling sleepy at this point and just went back to my hotel. I feel sad for fumbling a obvious opportunity, but I already experienced one girl that night, so I have no right to complain.

My last experience was four days later on a Sunday, during a 'Kinky Karaoke' event. They don't have theaters like this where I live, so I wanted to get the most out of my stay in Portland. This time, things had already gotten going by the time I entered. There was a guy singing on the stage with a porn movie in the background, and a woman getting fucked on the arena table. It was another cougar, this time blonde. I believe she the name she used was Lisa. 

There were men seated around the table, but none were up close to her except the lucky fellow who was inside her. I decided to follow my peers and just sat down at a distance and watched. I made sustained eye contact with Lisa several times as I watched her bounce against the guy's cock. After a while, he ran out of steam and couldn't stay up. He apologized to her and took a seat somewhere in the middle rows. She looked over to me and invited me to join her. How could I say no?

She gave a nice, slurpy blowjob for a bit to get me to maximum hardness, then put a condom on me and laid back. It felt surreal as I climbed on top of her while listening to some guy singing Pink Floyd on a karaoke microphone. Thankfully, I had become accustomed to the environment and wasn't nervous at all, and didn't repeat Friday's awful performance. 

Lisa and I found a nice rhythm, and I kind of zoned out and didn't hear the music anymore. I'm not sure how long I was up there. My cock slipped out a couple of times, and I was really surprised at how it was practically dripping wet with pussy juice. I was the last man of the night for Lisa and I thanked her for for the fun time.

After Lisa left, I noticed that there was a decent crowd over on the right side of the theater. I walked over and saw a brunette with sexy big boobs getting some finger stimulation from one guy as she sucked on another. Her name was Gemini, if I recall correctly. She got really loud and her voice filled the theater. It was a good show. She squirted enough that they needed to bring in a towel for her to sit on, although I couldn't see the squirting from where I stood. 

Next, the man she had been sucking suited up and gave her a terrific fucking in all sorts of ways - Hard, fast, slow and deep. Both participants seemed to greatly enjoy it, as well as the hopefuls watching from the rail. This was followed by some more fingering, then a she got on her knees to give a blowjob to one of the onlookers. It was actually the same guy who had been fucking the red-haired cougar so well on Friday

Gemini had her back to the gallery while she was sucking him. She brought him up to a big climax and he tensed up and groaned a little. When she stood up and faced toward us, she had a super sexy half smile on her face. I noticed a glistening streak of something going from her mouth to her chin, which she soon wiped off. I think she took his cum in her mouth and swallowed it! It was a very sexy event to watch. 

That was all for Gemini, and she left the theater soon after. I did as well, since there were no women left and it was getting late.

As an epilogue: I stopped in Las Vegas after leaving Portland, and visited the Erotic Heritage Museum there. On one of the walls, they have a giant sheet of paper where museum visitors write their sexual experiences. Someone had written "I fucked 3 guys at the Paris Theater in Portland, OR!" on the sheet. Then, in an even bigger coincidence, upstairs in the museum are some replicas of peepshow booths, glory holes, adult arcade machines and such. There was a mini adult theater, which for whatever reason, is modeled after the Paris! It even says 'Paris Theater' above the doorway, and has a poster for Ray's Paris Theater on the wall.


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Boob Hound for a great, action packed report!  I hope work takes you back to PDX, or Chicago, or Hartford, or Tampa!