Monday, August 1, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Khal & Khaleesi (AKA The Mother of All Squirters) Launch #OperationAfternoonWave at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Thursday 7/28/16

Doc here, a man who some say ran a small school in upstate NY for gifted youngsters, with a Couple's Flash Report for the ages from the amazing Khal & Khaleesi (AKA The Mother of all Squirters). 

If you follow The Good Doctor on Twitter (and if you don't, what's the deal?), you were lucky enough to get a head's up of an afternoon appearance at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Thursday 7/28 by Khal & Khaleesi.  If you didn't follow me on Twitter, chances are you missed out. Now you know what to do.

This is a report for the ages, kids. It has it all... Couple's perspective? Check. Inside the female perspective? Check. Bukkake? Discount Double Check. 

You'll need a six-pack of Fresca (Hi Gemini!) for this bad boy, in order to properly digest the action and archive pics of Khaleesi. 

Fasten your seat belts and tighten your lug nuts... Here we go!


Hello to you, Doc, and to all you Lizardettes and Lizardudes too. Khal, here. 

It's been fun keeping in touch with all of you and interacting on Twitter. We appreciate all the compliments and all the interest. And by interest, I mean questions like, "When are you going to be at 15th Avenue?" "Are you going to 15th Avenue this weekend?" And, "Will you be at the Doc's party tonight?"

It's kind of a lot, truthfully, but we know it comes from a good place and it's certainly flattering. We have, thus far, chosen to keep our visits unannounced. We'd rather it be a happy coincidence for us and a lucky day for you if we're there when you are. That and we also believe ANY day is a good day to go to your local XXX theater.

I've seen all manner of dirty fun happening late at night on weekends, otherwise quiet weekday afternoons, and one time, starting only minutes after the doors opened first thing in the morning. So my message to you is to go when you're horny and need a release. 

If you read about an announcement here in the Journal or get the good news from Doc on Twitter... Great! Just please don't miss out on a random day when a single woman walks in for a gangbang because you're sitting at home waiting for us or for other couples to make an announcement.

Maybe in the future we'll make an announcement in advance of a visit so all of you can make plans to be there. For our Followers on Twitter we did leave a few hints this time. Doc, however, turned hinting into an entire operation. We had given him advanced notice of our visit and asked that he tease our arrival without making an official announcement.

He did not disappoint.

We were standing on the back deck, ready to leave, when I showed Khaleesi the first of Doc's #OperationAfternoonWave Tweets. Her eyes widened as she read.

"Oh my God!" She whispered, sounding wary. "There's going to be so many guys there."

"And you don't like that?" I asked her as I pulled her in for a reassuring embrace.

With her head against my chest, she answered in a soft, sexy voice. "My pussy likes it."
So, after waiting and waiting for far too long since our last visit, once again Khaleesi and I were driving to 15th Avenue. She looked amazing in her pink sundress with her big tits out and showing and her long legs shiny with body lotion. And it's notable that she was wearing a sundress because the sun was out. For the first time, we were making an afternoon visit.

I have made most of my solo visits to 15th Avenue during the day. Years ago I read in a Tweet from 15th Avenue superstar, JP's Slut Toy, that she prefers day visits and I absolutely agree. There's just something extra dirty about daytime debauchery while the vanilla world is busy at work. Outside people are shopping for groceries, making sales calls, on a job site, and then you step into the theater and guy is lining up dudes to fuck his wife.

At every red light on the drive, I'd quickly check Twitter on my phone and see that Doc had sent out something new using the #OperationAfternoonWave in every Tweet. It was really good, fun, clever stuff, but the introduction of the #LizardoLantern was GREAT and we feel pretty damn cool to have been it's inspiration and the reason for its inaugural lighting.

When we arrived at 15th Avenue it was clear from the PACKED parking lot that #OperationAfternoonWave was a success. The first thing I did was send a DM to Doc to let him know to send out word to the Twitter community that we had arrived and things were about to get very wet in Melrose Park.

Doc lit the #LizardoLantern.

As we stepped out, cars and trucks were still pulling in to park. Guys emptied out of their vehicles as we walked to the front door and we could feel their eyes fixed on her. Carnal desire and anticipation were thick like the humidity in the air and it was clear she was who they were there to see.

Inside, I immediately noticed the line of guys going into the theater, one after the other after the other. The swinging door wasn't even closing! This was a really busy day and I knew it had to be Doc's #OperationAfternoonWave Tweets and the guiding light of the #LizardoLantern that had led them there.

At the front desk we were told the spa was closed for the day. No big deal, we thought. Having a locker for our coats is nice in the winter, but we didn't really need one that day. I had our "theater bag" - wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, lotion, lip balm, lube, condoms, and Khaleesi's two favorite travel vibrators - and Khaleesi had a small bag with a change of clothes.

(And it seems we always need a change of clothes. After our very, very wet first visit, Khaleesi had to go home wearing nothing but her lingerie underneath her coat. You can read about the famous #squirtflood visit here.  Since then we've learned to bring extra clothes, for both of us.)

Access to the private rooms in the spa is also nice for when we need a little privacy to take a breather, but we could manage without one for this visit. And because part of the reason for the spa being closed was that some grout work was being done in the showers, I remember specifically thinking, 'Well, it's not like we ever use the showers.'

Right. We'd never need the showers...

We were turning to go to the theater when I remembered something important. "Could we still have a few towels?" I asked.

The woman at the counter smiled and handed me a small stack. I noticed an older gentlemen watching and he was smiling too. I suspect he knew this was Khaleesi, the #motherofallsquirters.

So, rather than first heading back to a private room in the spa - as was usual for us - we went straight into the theater, where adjusting to the darkness always takes a moment or two. When you've just come in from the broad daylight on a particularly sunny afternoon, adjusting takes even a few moments longer. And when we could see clearly, we had our first look at how full the theater was. I'm sure there was at least twenty guys there.

We took our usual seats in the couples section and the guys quickly filled the seats closest to us. I think because they knew it was Khaleesi - and also of course because she's just so damn hot - many guys already had their hard dicks out in their hands, but they were respectful and kept a comfortable distance. The lust for Khaleesi and anticipation for her performance filled the room. She could feel it, and as she had said, her pussy likes it. As has happened each time we've been in the theater, Khaleesi's nerves melted away under the intense heat in her gorgeous, bald pussy.

Khaleesi sunk back into her seat with her legs up in the air and feet resting on the seat in front of her, I had my fingers inside her wet hole, stroking her swollen and bulging g-spot with the classic, "trigger pull" motion. Khaleesi was rubbing her turgid clit with one hand and twisting and tugging at her pebble-hard nipples with the other. Because her bra and sundress were so overmatched her big beautiful tits had pretty much just burst out all on their own.

All the guys were standing now and we were surrounded. Their cocks were out of their pants and hard. Khaleesi looked around us to see them all stroking for her and she asked me for her favorite little vibrator. By now, you all know what happened next.


And it was relentless. Gushes and gushes burst from inside Khaleesi and splashed down onto the floor as she strained through her first orgasm, moaning loudly. Each burst sounded like someone dumping out a bucketful of water onto that concrete floor and a lake began to grow beneath her. 

Then, as she continued directly into her second orgasm, her squirting became more intense and power sprayed the back of the seat in front of her, sending deflected surges of her squirt high up into the air in a spray that backed up her closest admirers.

When she was finally finished, she was given much praise from her audience. "I've never seen anything like that," and, "That was amazing," and "So hot, baby!"

The lake of squirt on the floor beneath us had spread out all around. I laid out two towels and much of the expanse was still uncovered. It was another massive #squirtflood that those who have seen Khaleesi at 15th Avenue before and her many Followers on Twitter all know and love.

Having come down from the intensity of her massive squirting orgasms, Khaleesi asked me, "Are you ready for me to go the the back room?"

Of course I was.

Khaleesi had let three lucky guys cum on her tits in the back room the last time we visited. It was unexpected and amazing! (And if it hadn't been for what happened in the spa after, that would've been the highlight of our last visit. Want to know what Khaleesi did in the spa? Read about it here ).

Since that night we've talked about more men and more cum. She had promised me she would be game to try again and she was true to her word. She wanted guys to cum on her tits and I could finish by cumming on her face. Of course she was nervous, but you should know that she was eager to try again too.

You see, years and years ago, after our first date - a hook-up, all-night fuck fest, really - a few nights later, we were on the phone late at night and I asked Khaleesi to tell me what her dirtiest fantasy was. She said, "I imagine being surrounded by guys, and while I masturbate, they cum all over me. All over my body. All over my face. All over me."

She didn't even know there was a word for it. I had to tell her about bukkake. I didn't know or hadn't even imagined there were single women who would masturbate while fantasizing about a bukkake.

Doc as my witness, I told him about this in the first face-to-face conversation I ever had with him. (ed. note: It was a hard conversation to forget.) Khaleesi has always wanted a bukkake and here we were at 15th Avenue where it could happen.

So we went to the back room behind the screen ready to fulfill another fantasy. She laid down on the table and fingered her pussy. The entirety of the crowd followed and they all had their cocks out. For a moment, they just stood there stroking, then I said, "Alright, guys, cum for her."

And that was it.

In the dim, it's hard to see everything clearly. I was standing down at the end of the table by her feet and I couldn't understand why the four or five guys closest to her head had stopped stroking and just stepped away. She asked me for a fresh towel, and it was then, when I moved to her right side by her thigh, I realized they'd all cum on her face and tits.

Khaleesi wiped her lips and tossed the towel back to me. "This is my fantasy guys," she said. "Give me more cum," and the guy beside me leaned in and launched his load over her tits. And as he did the guy next to him started shooting too! Two guys were cumming at the same time!!

At the head of the table a guy was stroking his dick directly over her forehead and soon after they'd finished he started spurting. Then some guys on her left side started going off. It was all happening so fast, but I'm pretty sure there was then three guys shooting all at once!!!

Khaleesi said it felt like being out in the rain. Cum was splattered all over her and everywhere around her. On her dress. On her tits. On her neck. And especially on the left side of her face, covering up her ear and thick in her hair.

Guys stroked out their loads, then stepped away and another stroker replaced them. As all of this was going on, I was trying to keep her soaking-wet pussy busy with my fingers. She wasn't having full orgasms, but she was still feeling a prolonged sex-bliss and occasionally squirting hot little bursts. I watched in awe as I would see cum splatter her face or splash onto her heaving tits and then in immediate response to that sensation her abdomen would tighten and her pussy would clinch and then squirt a little. Each cumshot got her off more.

I'll admit I was way too into watching my beautiful Khaleesi being covered to be able to accurately recall what all happened. It was a little like being drunk. Guys just kept stepping forward out of the crowd with dick in hand and a few strokes later hot cum was shooting. I had intended to fuck her, but watching it all happen, and specifically at the moment when I watched a guy next to me unleash an incredible load of thick, roping cum volleys that left gooey streaks from her chin back down over her chest, I could feel my own load readying.

I moved next to her, just to the right of her face, and for the first time I could clearly see how much cum was on her. There was thick, creamy cum. There was clear, runny cum. Big streaks of jizz crisscrossing over one another and scattershot splatter everywhere. Loads on top of loads on top of loads on top of loads covered her. You could see the streaks and shots that were from the same guys if it was a fresh load, but the older cum seemed to destabilize and mixed together into a sticky, drippy, clear/chalky swirl.

And then when she turned to look at me I got my first good look at the left side of her face. Honestly, the best way I can describe it is to say it looked less like she'd been jizzed on and more like she'd bent over and dipped the side of her head into a bucket of cum. It was thick in her hair, her ear was completely covered, and whereas her tits were well sprayed and splattered, the left side of her face was actually 100% coated with a thick, gooey cum glaze.

I popped. Right then. It's the most intense orgasm I can ever remember having with only my own hand. I blew a huge load from cummy pink nipple to cummy pink nipple across her tits. We had talked about letting guys cum on her tits and I would be the one to get to cum on her face. Well, that ship had sailed away on a sea of spunk. I just popped and it didn't matter where it landed. Cum was everywhere.

So, I'm a lucky man, right? Well, the squirting and her bald pussy and her big tits and deep throat and her enthusiastic rimming are all great, but the best part about Khaleesi is that she loves to make me cum. When I'm inside her, just feeling me creampie her always makes her cum. If I cum while she blowing me, she'll masturbate to an orgasm before her lips leave my cock. And seeing me pop like that, she knew I'd just been absolutely overcome and caught by surprise.

"Oh, God. Baby, you came for me! Put your fingers inside me," she insisted. "Come on, guys! Keep cumming for me. THIS IS MY FANTASY. Cum for me!"

I quickly pushed my fingers into her pussy and - maybe not by accident *wink wink* - I slid two fingers into her asshole as well.

"Oh, my God! Your fingers are in my ass," Khakeesi called out. "I'm going to cum!"

I'm smiling now as I think back to the guy who was standing at the end of the table admiring her pussy. When he heard her call out her impending orgasm, he quickly - and wisely - stepped to the side.

Good thing. Khaleesi unleashed. I pulled my fingers out of the tight squeeze of her wet cunt and slick asshole and she shot the back wall with a quick jet spray.

There were only a few guys left in the room at this point. One guy had just arrived. We gave them the opportunity to finish the day, but they had nothing to add.

When I helped her up, we could see cum drops on the black table in an array that formed of a vague silhouette of her head and shoulders (ed. note: "The Shroud of Melrose Park"?). The other end of the table was dripping with beads of her squirt.

So, on the first occasion we had need for it, there was no shower. Khaleesi used the bathroom in the arcade and emptied a bag of wipes to mop herself up. She had changed, but she showed me her sundress. There was at least three loads worth of wet, soaked-in cum in a ring around the neckline.

We've done our best to count the cumshots. Since then we've talked about it while fucking and talked about it after fucking. We've tried to remember the details... "That guy in the shorts," or "That guy with the fat cock." And as best as we can recount, twelve guys pumped out some really big loads onto Khaleesi. Really, these guys were heavy cummers.

I was number thirteen. And I'm the luckiest guy I know.

Khaleesi lived a fantasy and she loved it. She said she didn't want anyone to cum on her face and pretty much everyone did and she loved it. She 
was literally covered with cum on one whole side of her face and she loved it. She went home with cum in her ear, dried-up crunchy cum in her hair, and a red streak on her neck because someone's cum didn't agree with her skin and she loved it. She was a bukkake Queen for a group of total strangers in the dark back room of a XXX theater, and she loved it.

She wants to do it again. She's ready to do it again. We'll be back again.

Come early to see the #squirtflood. Cum for the bukkake.

Be on Twitter. Start an account if you don't have one. We're not on any other social sites. Follow us, @motherofsquirt. Follow me, @LuckyKhal. Follow @LizardoJournal. Follow @15thAveAdult. Pay attention for hints and keep an eye to the sky for the #LizardoLantern!

~Khal & Khaleesi~


Doc here again...I will let you compose yourselves.  Let me know when you are ready...

OK then. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ, that was an incredible Couple's Flash Report.  I told you it had it all, and as always, Khal & Khaleesi deliver a knock out every time. These two are rock stars folks, in every sense of the word.  And if you were lucky enough to follow me on Twitter, you had a head's up on what was a true #OperationAfternoonWave . 

A huge thank you to Khal & Khaleesi for a sure Hall of Fame Report. And I can't wait until I light The Lizardo Lantern once again for Khal & Khaleesi!