Thursday, August 25, 2016

Couple's Flash Report! Twistingly's 2nd Adult Theater Visit - Back to School Party @ 15th Ave. in Chicago on 8/20/16 (w/Exxxclusive Pics!)

Doc here, a man who some say wants to go to Planet 10 (right now), with Part 2 of the amazing Twistingly and her 2nd adult theater visit. This time, it happened just 5 days ago at 15th Ave.'s Back to School Party in Chicago ( and hosted by your old friend in the white suit and aviators).

Twistingly's outfit was right on point: The Naughty English Teacher.  She was hard to miss in a night swarming with great looking couples and singles. And yes, her look was one that is one of my favorites (and I am a picky Lizardo) and executed note perfect.

To underscore this, Twistingly was kind enough to share several exxxclusive pics of her with you, the good readers of The Journal.  I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I did. (ed. note: Please remember to click the thumbnails to ENLARGE the images).

So after her first report where Twistingly and Mr. Twistingly soaked in the scene and took notes, what would be their next steps?

Theater play? More booth play? Public play? Let's find out, shall we?

Here we go...Please welcome back to The Journal the lovely Twistingly...


Hello Dear Doctor,

We arrived at Back to School and the lot was full. Knowing only couples and women get to park there, I figured there must be a lot of both. Several cars were directed to an alternate lot where we parked and exited our cars (ladies readjusting their short skirts). A security guard escorted the group down a questionable gravel path littered with rocks and broken glass and through a chain link fence which led to the primary parking lot at the back of the theater. My husband looked a bit concerned, but for me it just added to the excitement. I'm weird like that. ;)

We approached and several men were outside, I assumed to watch who was coming in and ogle since none were smoking. We walked past the gauntlet of guys and into the building, making it to the counter. There was friendly banter from the staff and small excited chit chat between the couples while we lined up to pay, get our hand stamped, and a paper wristband (with bees and flowers on it) put on our wrist. :)

The first 50 couples received a "swag bag" and I was excited because he handed one to me. Yay!! It contained a pass for another visit, a DVD of porn (Harem themed), condoms, lube, glow bracelets (chicks dig glow bracelets! Guys, if ever want to make friends at a bar, bring a box of them and we'll swarm), glittery pencil, ruler (smack) and a pencil cup filled with candy (pop rocks! This will be fun!). Very cute and appropriate for the theme, but I wondered how we're of the first 50 to arrive. 

It's 10pm and the lot was full.
 The place is busy and we made our way to the party room to scope out the crowd and get a feel. There are a some couples, but also a LOT of solo men. I have nothing against that, so I stopped a guy wearing taped glasses and a pocket protector to tell him that I LOVED that he came in costume too.

I was dressed as an "English Teacher" with a pencil pushed through my chignon, glasses, Oxford heels, and a pearl necklace wink My husband dressed as a "Principal" and while there were some men/trans in school girl skirts, I think he and "nerd" were the only guys to come as male characters.

Doc made his rounds and invited me to to compete in the Sexy Outfit Contest. While very flattered, I declined. I enjoy watching, but really don't like to be watched and judged (recall this later).

After a few minutes of me dancing a little (Oh man they need better music) (ed. note: We are working on it) and some conversation, we made our way to the theater (possibly my favorite spot). We sat and let our eyes adjust and while sitting in the dark, I remembered the glow sticks in my bag and asked J to help me put them on.

The theater seats were pretty empty, because everyone was down in the gang bang room. We made a few attempts to see what was going on in there but it was just too crowded, so we walked around a bit and returned to the theater and seats.

Now there were probably 8-10 couples "sitting" in seats and I think the majority primarily played with the person they came with. Unlike our last visit, the couples weren't as friendly to the solos. Sometimes even hostile, as evidenced by a man yelling at a solo when he asked to eat the woman's pussy "without introducing" himself first (I thought he asked politely enough). (ed. note: Guys, never lead with cunnilingus. A little small talk first never hurts.)


After people watching and getting our perv on, J reached over and started playing with my breasts and I returned the favor and played with his cock. After a bit of this I pulled him from his pants and was surprised to discover that my glowing bracelets showed anyone interested in looking, what I was doing and what a lucky girl I am *wink*. Now that I had exposed him, he returned the favor and pulled my breasts free from my bra and blouse and we continued to play. All very tame to most I'm sure.

Like I said before I'm not a fan of exhibition, but I was enjoying this quite a bit. I LOVE the way he plays with my tits and I loved watching my hand stoke him in the green phosphorescent glow. Then he upped the ante by sucking my breasts and while I was sooo enjoying it, in the back of my head I was thinking; "ohhh...gotta make a choice here, do I fold or raise?". I chose to raise and went down on him, sucking him till he came WITH an audience I must add! *beaming*

Baby steps right?

After that our evening at the theater ended and I can now say I didn't just go and watch.


Twistingly's BONUS Pics!


Doc here again... A huge thank you goes out to Twistingly for sharing her and Mr. Twistingly's 2nd adult theater adventure with us, as well as the great pics! The Good Doctor for one cannot wait to see where and how visit #3 sets up for them, and what envelopes may be pushed. 

To new couples entering this thing of ours, take note of the patience being practiced by The Twistingly's. Over and over again I preach that the slow and steady approach is the most fulfilling in the adult theater scene, and there are no better students of this strategy than Twistingly and The Mr.