Sunday, August 7, 2016

Flash Report! Dave Scajaquada Sees The Lizardo Lantern and Reports on Silk & Tony's Visit to Video Liquidators in Buffalo, NY on 8/6/16

Doc here, a man who some say spends his mornings dreaming of Anderson's beef on weck, a dog from Ted's, and a bowl of spaghetti parm from Chef's, with a great Flash Report from my old stomping grounds of Western NY. 

Regular Journal scribe Dave Scajaquada (his nickname in high school was "198") has filed a timely, well-written, and detail-packed Flash Report on the Saturday visit to Video Liquidators in Buffalo by my good friends Silk & Tony last night (8/6). 

If you had been paying attention to my Twitter feed and updates at The Journal, you would have known that The Good Doctor had flatbedded The Lizardo Lantern to VL to signal the arrival of Silk & Tony. At precisely 9pm ET, The Good Doctor fired up The LL and the image of a hirsute white suited gentleman was projected into the north Buffalo sky.  

This a a great report, kids! Pop open the Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and settle in for a good one.

Here we go...


Hey Doc!

Dave Scajaquada here; long time, no write. I know. Unfortunately, for the past many, many moons, Video Liquidators on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo was a bit dry for me. Sure, I would have the occasional discussion with the Librarian (she's still an excellent linguist), but nothing to write the proverbial home about since my last missive to you. I had a feeling things would change tonight (8/6), though. 

Video Liquidators
Buffalo, NY

I had seen some persistent chatter on Craigslist regarding an Italian knockout brunette looking for big black cocks coming to the Buffalo/Niagara region, with the postings saying they would be visiting an adult theater in the area. Given the paucity of adult theaters in the area, this meant I had a 50/50 shot of seeing them at Video Liquidators.

I got up there much later than I wanted to after putting in 18 holes (and nearly as many "pops") earlier in the day. After doing what I needed to do, I headed up to VL around 9:30 pm to see if there indeed was any action going on.

Now, as many reporters have reminded your readers on countless occasions, sometimes, seeing a great show at an adult theater requires patience. You may have to sit in the theater for an hour or two before a female or couple shows up, and then wait longer for the female to warm up to the situation.

This was not one of those times.

I walked into the main theater to see around 20 guys huddled around a couple (at least I found out later it was a couple - I couldn't see them for the mass of humanity at the time). They were obviously going hot and heavy, and I heard the usual mantras that indicate playtime is going well:

"Wow, she sucks good"

"Can I touch her?"

"Holy sh!t that's hot!"

Unfortunately, I was seeing as much of the action as Peter Dinklage in the dugout at a Cubs game, so I cast my eyes elsewhere.

Up in the front row, lit by the big screen TV (is it me or did the TV get larger and brighter? It doesn't seem as dark as it used to be in there), were four guys stroking their cocks around an older couple, a grey-haired gentleman and a full-figured blond. The gentleman was sitting next to the blond, and she was controlling the situation. She gave two guys blowjobs, but neither one of them completed, to her annoyance. She certainly had put in the requisite effort. 

One of the men sought to eat her out to make up for it, and while she was enjoying that, I stepped up for an expert handjob. Within minutes, I was reading to come, and let her know so, with my cock pointing at her large tits. She quickly said "Not on me!", just in time for me to point my load away from her and on a broken chair (ed. note: This is known in the scene as a "broken arrow"). Apologies to the staff and management at the VL, but you've got to replace it anyway, right?

By this time, the Italian knockout and her paramour, who I now know to be your friends Silk and Tony, had made their way to the front of the theater to shift the show into second gear, followed by all 20 guys. Silk was dressed only in a hot pink garter and light pink stockings by this point. Tony had also made himself comfortable as well, and Silk was alternating between sucking Tony and working the baseball bat of a young black man who could have passed for a young Bo Jackson - this guy was built. And when I say she was working his baseball bat, that's a good approximation of the size of his equipment. This young man was ready to go nine innings.

Silk bent over and the young black man started fucking her. It didn't take long for her to get used to his size, allowing him to pound her hard, increasing the volume, frequency, and intensity of her moans. The crowd around them did try to get the occasional touch of Silk's perky breasts, but for the most part this was one of the most well-behaved crowds I've seen at VL, and they were more than happy to enjoy the show these two were putting on; cocks out, of course.

As Silk's legs got fatigued, they switched positions several times, from missionary with Silk sitting spread-eagled in the front row, to cowgirl with Silk straddling the young stud. Cowgirl was definitely the best show for me, as Silk really went for it, impaling herself on the huge black tool and letting out moans that drowned out the porno flick playing in the background. 

Meanwhile, on the auxillary stage, if you will, a middle-aged black man had the blond woman bent over and was pounding her good. For a few seconds, it seemed to me like the women were competing to see who could moan louder. 

Silk won, by the way.

Finally, Silk got off the young black lover, laid back in the chair, and masturbated herself while she sucked off Tony and several men (myself included), stroked themselves in her vicinity, ready to deposit loads onto her. I saw the first load from an older white gentleman standing off to the side land on her leg. I badly wanted to be the second, but alas, I wasn't able to go two rounds tonight. I silently cursed myself for going two rounds in Canada last night (another story for another time in another blog, perhaps), and left the group to a night of bawdy lewd revelry.

Yours as always,

Dave Scajaquada


Doc here again... Many thanks to Dave Scajaquada for another great Flash Report!  I am glad that one of The Journal's best reporters saw The Lizardo Lantern, was in attendance, and captured the tone and details of a truly great adult theater night on Buffalo's north side.  Well done, sir.

Another win for The Lizardo Lantern.

And as for Silk & Tony, a little birdie told me that Silk is working on a report herself.  And when that reports hits The Good Doctor's in-box, you'll see it first here at The Journal. 

I have known Tony for many years, and over many adult theaters. He is a true brother in arms.  And Silk... She is a rock star of the highest order.  She is as nice as she is naughty, with a high motor and insatiable sexual appetite.   

Who has it better than Tony?  No one.

Trust me.  I'm a Doctor.