Sunday, September 4, 2016

Couples Flash Report! Khal & Khaleesi (The Mother of All Squirters) Drench 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday 8/27/16 with 14 PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say just keeps repeating "Johnny Winter is coming, Johnny Winter is coming!", with a whopper of a Couples Flash Report from my good friends, Khal & Khaleesi (AKA The Mother of All Squirters).

Last Saturday the alarm sirens rang throughout Chicago's western suburbs, as a #SaturdayTsunami was headed right for 15th Avenue Adult Emporium.  And riding the crest of this tsunami was the gorgeous Khaleesi, along with her squire, the dapper Khal. At when the timing was at it's most critical, The Good Doctor lit The Lizardo Lantern to signal their impending arrival at 15th Ave.  

This one is a good one folks, so pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and settle in for a report for the ages.  Oh, how about 14 brand new wet and sticky pics of Khaleesi for some eye candy (all images Copyright 2016 by MotherofSquirt)?  


Here we go!


Hello again Doc! 

Lucky, Lucky Khal, here. You all know by now this Report means we've been to Melrose Park again to visit 15th Avenue Adult Emporium - the theater where the real show is always in the seats or in the back room or pretty much anywhere other than on the actual screen.

This visit was our FIFTH! Even now, days later, I'm still as surprised as I am happy - and I'm VERY VERY happy - to be writing about a fifth visit. After thinking for so long that we'd never ever go together, then finally going for the first time, and then going back again four more times now, it's starting to feel a little like we're getting to be a "known" couple, rather than just an occasional visitors. And I like that a lot.

Our last visit, about a month ago, was a Thursday afternoon visit and we had originally planned to go back the very next night. Well, we didn't end up going back for that second visit, but it definitely wasn't because the afternoon visit had gone badly.

That visit was AMAZING! Khaleesi squirted everywhere, putting on a fountain show that sprayed off the back of the seat in front of her and up into the air, fanning out so that even her most curious admirers were backing up to keep from being showered. And that was just the beginning!

Khaleesi finished squirting, got up from her seat and went to the back room, laid down on the table, and lived out a fantasy. Twelve men and myself stroked out cum loads all over her beautiful face and big tits, absolutely covering her in a thick mess of semen, giving her the bukkake she'd been masturbating and thinking about for 20 years.

As I explained in our last Report, Khaleesi confessed to me early on in our relationship that often while masturbating she imagined being naked and surrounded by men jerking off and shooting cum onto her. She'd be doing it for years before we'd even met.

(Guys, huddle up with ol' Coach Khal for a moment. Take a moment to imagine a young, horny college student. She's HOT! And she has big tits and a great ass too. She's in her apartment late at night, laying in bed, and she's masturbating. Is she fantasizing about making sweet love to some handsome man while the surf rolls up on the beach? NO! This little fireball is feverishly frigging her clit thinking about a group of men surrounding her and cumming all over her naked body! That's what I happened on to when I met Khaleesi. That's why I call myself Lucky Khal. Now take a moment to jerk off, then come back and finish reading.)

Well, you all know that sometimes you imagine trying or doing something and then when you finally have that experience it's not what you were expecting or maybe you don't even like it at all. Well, when Khaleesi had a real bukkake with thirteen guys, she LOVED it! All the attention... All the hot cum!

Cum of all different thicknesses and consistencies was splattered all over her face and tits, dripping down her neck, stuck in her ears and thick in her hair! It was beautiful and messy and perfect. If you were lucky enough to be there you got to see a beautiful woman writhing and moaning, talking about how this was her fantasy, and how much she loved the feeling of all the hot cum on her skin, urging the guys to give her more.

The guys were respectful, orderly, complimentary, and quick to deliver well-aimed cum shots. Nice guys and not a bad looking lot, either. On the ride home she even smiled slyly while describing one guy as "Really cute."

(Guys, huddle up again. Let's be honest... And I am often one of you at 15th Avenue flying solo, so I count myself amongst you. A lot of us could best hope to be described as Everyman. We look like the guy who comes to fix the copier at the office or the contractor who remodeled the basement. Just regular guys, but rare is it that one of us is described as, "Really cute.")

We were so happy with it all after that visit that we just thought it would be best to stop while still savoring that amazing afternoon visit, rather than spinning the XXX theater wheel again the next night and risking having a bad experience that could have resulted in finishing with an unpleasant memory.

 -- If you missed the Report, you can read about that visit HERE--

All that said, you will understand that I was very eager to go back to see more, to see her glazed and covered in cum again, and the next morning we settled on a date for our next visit. This time we picked a Saturday and planned an early evening arrival.

So, the parking lot was surprisingly empty when we arrived at 15th Avenue. Nat's cats outnumbered the cars.

It was disappointing. With the help of Doc - our Col. Tom Parker - we had engaged in a week-long Twitter campaign giving decreasingly subtle hints at our planned visit. The Saturday part was very obvious - #TsunamiSaturday - that was for sure. Our time of arrival was the only mystery.

For Khaleesi, it was actually a relief. Even after four visits, a small lake's worth of squirt gushes unleashed onto the theater floor, and a full-on bukkake, it is still an intimidating proposition for her to arrive dressed in next to nothing at a XXX theater populated by horny guys. Not having a welcoming committee lingering in the parking lot waiting for her arrival relaxed her.

(ed. note:  Single guys, read this paragraph and tattoo it on your arm, Memento-style.)(Guys. Take a quick knee. When you're at 15th Avenue, stay inside. Even when it's been a long, boring wait. Lingering around outside or watching from your car gives the creeps to new women when they pull into the lot for the first time - and even to some more experienced women too. If you must, at least be discreet. Feeling like you're walking a gauntlet of staring horn dogs isn't a great way to start the night.)

So, I texted Doc from the car with instructions to light the #LizardoLantern. Khaleesi and I decided to wait it out in the parking lot for a little while. Well, I don't know if the guys were just down the street browsing at the cheese store or if they all live really close by, but within minutes the cars began to arrive.

We went inside and Khaleesi made a quick stop to prep in a private room while I checked out the theater. Even with the late arrivals, there was only a small crowd. Another couple was sitting in the very back row, cozy, but not yet involved, and there were eight or nine single guys scattered around. I went back for Khaleesi and we returned to the theater together, taking our usual seats in the middle row of the Couples Only section. 

We didn't rush to start. It was still pretty empty and the couple in the back row had disappeared. The movie was terrible, but it almost always is. Like I said, the action is never on the screen.

After a while, Khaleesi leaned in close and whispered, "I want to do something different this time. Take your cock out."

(Men, take five for water and listen up to Coach Khal. If you've read our previous reports, I have had mixed results with getting wood during theater visits. My primary concern is Khaleesi, making sure she's feeling comfortable and enjoying herself, and this doesn't always jive with keeping a rager going in my pants. Secondarily, I walk around, work, and sleep in a state of semi-hardness for about two full days before every visit, just in anticipation of what might happen, and that can leave a dick dog tired. Finally, I'll admit that getting wood in front of a crowd has never come easily for me. Little Khal has stage fright, it seems.)

That night, her mouth and throat felt so good. Khaleesi was really on her head game. My dick grew bigger and harder until I was finally rock hard and ready. Then Khaleesi started showing off for the guys, taking down my entire length, holding her head down at the bottom and making forced gagging sounds.

After a nice little demo of her deep throat skill, she stood up, pulled her dress up over her head, and motioned for me to slide my hips out so she could ride me. She sat down on me, aimed my cock inside her wet hole, and guided me in. With everyone watching, she began to ride me.

(Huddle! Guys, I have to tell you, she feels amazing inside. When a-holes say stupid stuff like, "Pussy is pussy," or "It's all the same," I'm sorry to say they've just haven't had the good stuff. Khaleesi has been training her cunt for years, doing Kegel exercises and strengthening her pelvic floor muscles. Once you're inside her, she constricts like an inflatable sleeve. Her pussy coils around your cock like a rope and she pulls it tight. One day, during a future visit, maybe some of you - Mr. Really Cute, in particular - might get to find out for yourselves in a private room. You can file a Report with Doc and I promise you'll be telling everyone how true it is.)

So, I was in bliss, until suddenly Khaleesi stopped. Her eyes were aimed to the back row.

"There's a couple here," she whispered, looking perturbed. "She's really freaked out. She has to be new. She's laughing, like she can't believe what she's seeing."

I looked behind us and saw the couple. They were new, not the couple I'd seen before. And, yes, she was giggling uncontrollably and obviously way weirded out by the scene. It is a hell of a big step for a woman to walk into a XXX theater for the first time. I respect them all for trying it, for whatever the reason. And to walk in, sit down, and first-thing see a mostly undressed woman having sex with her man, that was probably quite a lot to take in. Still, it was a little immature. 

Khaleesi was clearly a little annoyed by the silly act. She stood up and leaned over the seat in front of her. "Fuck me hard from behind with your big dick," she said loudly - definitely LOUD enough so as to be heard in the back row. "Fuck my sloppy wet pussy and make me cum in front of all these guys."

I did my best to deliver. I fucked her as hard as I could. Her ass wobbled and her tits shook beneath her. The guys next to her did a great job of talking dirty without getting carried away... "You like his big cock, don't you?" "Oh, yeah. Take that big dick." "You look so good getting fucked from behind like that."

If you've fucked a squirter often, you know that swollen feeling when she's about to go off. Pull out too early and she misses her orgasm, too late and there's no squirt show, but just right and she cums and the squirt shoots out like a pipe burst.

(Team, listen up! This is the danger zone. When her pussy starts to swell inside and she gets close to geyser time, it gets a whole lot tighter in there and the squeeze will take you right over your own edge and end your night early if you're not careful.)

Well, I pulled out, and Khaleesi didn't squirt, but I did. I held on for dear life and squeezed as tight as a could, but a few spurts of seed escaped from the tip of my dick and fell to the floor, useless and wasted.

"I'm sorry," Khaleesi said. "I didn't mean to make you cum yet." 

"Don't ever be sorry for that," I insisted - as I often have to do, I'm afraid to say - "I'm good. I'm still hard."

And I was. After some disappointing efforts in the past, my dick was in to win the damn game that day. (He came to play that night, boys!)

Khaleesi sat back down in her seat and asked for her favorite purple travel-size vibrator (ed. note: AAA Approved). You know how the rest goes...

#squirtflood - or better - #SaturdayTsunami

I still think our first visit was the most epic of all the dam breaks Khaleesi has had at 15th Avenue. Our fourth visit was pretty damned amazing too. This one, judging only by total liquid volume, was definitely one of the best ever. There was A LOT of squirt. Big, wet surges splashed onto the floor beneath her, making the bucket-emptying-onto-the-concrete-floor sound that I've come to just absolutely love.

Khaleesi came two or three times, gushing again and again. The guys had all gathered around close  and she loved it!

When she was finished, I didn't want to rush her or push her, but I desperately wanted to ask... And before I could she asked me, "Are you still hard enough to fuck me?"

I was. And her voice became intense. "Good. Let's go to the back. I want you to fuck me while they cum on me."

I looked to the guys. "She wants a bukkake while I fuck her. She'll help you guys some, but no touching her. You guys good with that?"

The answers were enthusiastic yeses all around. We were ready to go and then Khaleesi stopped me.

"I hate leaving this mess on the floor."

This, loyal Journal readers will know, is a thing for Khaleesi. She somehow feels bad for squirting our a small lake onto the floor.

Before I could say anything to try to convince her no one cared, a large man said, "Don't you two worry about this. I'll come back and clean this up myself." (Way to step, big man!)

Khaleesi nodded to me, reluctantly agreeing, and everyone followed us to the back room.

It turns out the table back there is a bit low for a man of my stature to be able to fuck her while she's on her back. Lesson learned for next time. Doggie will be better.

No matter. We moved Khaleesi up towards the middle of the table and the guys surrounded her.

"Where do you want us to cum?" One guy asked.

"Anywhere but in my eyes. I want cum all over my face and tits. Just try not to get any in my eyes."

I passed out lube to the guys and everyone started stroking... Including Khaleesi! She had dicks going two at a time. And the first guy to shoot did so while she stroked him!

It was a smaller crowd this time, only seven guys, but they were great. They talked to her - "You're so hot!" - but they didn't talk nasty or stupid. Nobody was unruly and everybody followed instructions. One by one they popped on her, taking aim at her cheeks or her chin or across her tits, then letting their loads launch. I stayed between her legs and kept her vibrator aimed on her clit. She churned in near-orgasm for four or five minutes and then exploded - not coincidentally, exactly as another guy began to cum in her lubed grip.

The cum coated her face in drippy layers, one man's spurts covering another's. As the build-up of sperm accumulated on her face, big, thick, chalky drips of mixed seed trailed down her neck in globs. Her tits were splatter coated, and although I did really like the look of cum drops on her pink dress the last time, it looked even better on her black lingerie.

All seven guys nutted for her. Three popped in her fists. They talked back and forth. She told them she liked their cocks and how much she loved all their cum. I had been watching and stroking and I was ready to have my turn. I was going to be the last one, number eight. I stepped up, and as I started to cum over her gluey face - because I'm lucky enough to be me - she opened her mouth and let me shoot several ropes of what was an ENORMOUS load onto her tongue.

The room had emptied and we were alone. She was laying there totally covered in cum. Not as much as last time, but she was still a paste-glazed sight to see. I was still recovering from orgasm, we held hands and we shared a moment. It was wonderful. And then...

"I think I've got one more for you, baby."

An African American gentlemen many of you regulars are probably familiar with was stroking his still-hard cock as he made his way back from the door to the table. Khaleesi took his cock in one hand and held his balls with the other. She stroked furiously and pulled him close so that his cock was directly over the side of her face, his balls by her chin. (Veteran players coming up big, boys!)

"Oh fuck, yes. Cum again for me," she implored. "Give me another big load."

He did, and like mine, I think his second load was actually bigger than the first, streaking the hair on the side of her head with thick, pearly-white spurts.

Khaleesi loves when a man can cum twice for her. It was the perfect finish.

Khaleesi asked for towels and a volunteer emerged to run to the front desk. (Good hustle, son!) Several men came back in to say thank you. She graciously thanked them in return for cumming for her, but they all kindly deflected any thanks or praise. Thanks was for her, alone, they all insisted. The big guy let us know that he and the others had gone back to clean up the lake of squirt from the theater floor, as he had promised he would, then they went on their way.

As Khaleesi sat up on the table and  I saw that like last time, there again was a clearly recognizable silhouette of her head and shoulders showing on the black vinyl, surrounded by an outline of dozens and dozens of cum-splatter drops (ed. note: This is called "The Shroud of Khaleesi" for art history buffs). It wasn't quite as big a mess as last time, but the nine loads from this bukkake measured up respectably against the 13 from the first time. (Fine work, gentlemen!)

Khaleesi was just about to stand up from the table, and I had a towel in hand for her to wipe off her face, which was still thick with a clear slick of the remains of all that semen, and then the first couple I'd seen in the back row showed up. They looked bewildered.

"Weren't there more people here before?" The guy asked, sounding like they'd been somewhere else since I'd last seen them and had just come back.

Just then Khaleesi stood up. When she turned around to face the couple, I just happened to have my eyes on them as they took in the sight of Khaleesi in the dim light with chalky dried spatter all over her black lingerie and her face and tits glistening and sticky with old cum. Taken aback is probably the best description for the look on their faces... Especially hers.

"Yeah," I answered. "They all left."

Khaleesi smiled. "I think they're all done now."

The couple made some small talk with us while Khaleesi toweled off and I wiped up the cum covered end of the table. She was new. He'd been before, but not with her. They were checking it out together.

"Patience," I told him. "Take it slow." (Words to live by, men. Lombardi said it... Or was it Lizardo?) (ed. note: It was Lizardo.)

We left and returned to the spa. This time Khaleesi could take a shower! And she did, still wearing her lingerie. "I need to get all this cum off it before it's totally dry," she said.

She also had an audience. There were three or four guys watching from the locker room. I didn't know if it would bother her or not, so I stood in front of the door.

When she noticed me, she motioned for me to open the door and when I did, she said, "You don't have to stand there. It's okay. I like them watching. I know it's kind of lame, but it's making me wet to have them watching me."

When she'd finished we went into our room. She sat down and started looking through our theater bag so I asked her what she was looking for. I loved her answer.

"I want my vibrator again. That really turned me on to have those guys watching me." Khaleesi got off one last time, then dressed. From our room, we could hear the other couple in another room across the hall. She was definitely enjoying herself.

We left and headed home. Other than the need to stop for eye drops due to some errant ejaculate finding its way into her right eye, leaving it red and puffy, it had been another great evening with another amazing bukkake experience.

The next morning, we were in bed talking through all that had happened. Khaleesi said, "I definitely liked the first one better."

I asked her why. I wondered if something had happened they I hadn't noticed or if something had upset her that she hadn't told me about.

"There was more cum in the first one. I liked having more guys cum on me."

Just then I realized she was mastubating underneath the bedding. I was awestruck and in love.

(Coach Khal is one damn lucky s.o.b.)

In our last two visits Khaleesi has had a total of 22 loads of cum stroked onto her face and tits. She masturbates thinking about it. She wants to know what it feels like to have even more.

(Last words before the shower, boys... If you're going to a XXX theater, be cool. Be a gentlemen. Always ask first. If you're going with a woman, do all of those things too, but more so, and be patient. Go slow. Reach out to Doc if you have any questions. Now get off my field before I have you running sprints again!)

~Khal & Khaleesi~
@motherofsquirt on Twitter


Doc here again... I will give you all a moment to gather yourselves.  

OK, good. 

Mon Dieu, who doesn't love a hot girl covered in man goo?  Ladies and gentlemen, a tsunami can come in from different directions: Outgoing and in-cumming. And The National Weather Service declared this weather event a Category: Awesome.

@motherofsquirt  is becoming a legendary lady of this thing of ours in the short time they have been on the scene.  Make sure you follow her on Twitter to get the latest from this incredible force of nature. 

A big shout out to Lucky Khal, who hit the jackpot with Khaleesi.  We all bow to you, sir. A huge thank you to both of you for being,! 

Lastly, if you had paid attention to the Good Doctor's Twitter @LizardoJournal  ( , you would have known about this visit by Khal and Khaleesi days in advance. If you didn't follow The Good Doctor, well I'm sorry.  You can correct this mistake by following The Good Doctor immediately, and looking skyword for The Lizardo Lantern, and taking the Lizardo Lantern oath.

For example,  if you are in Tampa tonight and anywhere near Fantasyland I... You might get a head's up on a visit by a great couple. 

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