Sunday, September 11, 2016

Field Report! The Strand Theater in Kansas City, MO by Bucky Duckman

Doc here, a man who some say developed a cannoli flavored hot BBQ Sauce called "Razo a Caldo", with a Field Report on the little reported on Strand Theater in Kansas City, MO.

Bucky Duckman (who has published some great stuff himself, like this excellent one over at Literotica) has submitted this update on what is going on at The Strand.

Please welcome to The Journal Mr. Bucky Duckman.  Take it away, sir. 



Great job with your blog! I can help with an update for the Strand Theater in Kansas City, Mo.

I've never seen a couple or woman during any of my visits. Downstairs they do have a couple video booths without doors. However, the booths have a walk-around, so action in the booth isn't visible from the hallway. As I remember, there are only four video booths. I've never seen any action in the booths. Additionally, there are no gloryholes.

Strand Theatre
Kansas City, MO

The big draw would be the large, old school movie theater with a large stage and runway. There is a large seating area in the center that's maybe twenty seats wide. Two aisles on either side with additional seating along each wall. Those extra seating areas are probably five or six seats wide. A bit of caution, some of the seats are in a state of disrepair, so you might want to make sure the seat works before setting your ass down!

Most of my visits have been during the day. You're parking along the street, but there is plenty of parking available. Most of the visitors I've seen have been middle aged business types. Mixed crowd. 

I'm sure women are welcome here and I think it would be a great place for some couple play. In fact, I would encourage any adventurous couples to visit and give it a try.

Upstairs is a second, much smaller theater that shows 100% gay movies. It's seedy, with only six rows of seats, but a lot of man-on-man action upstairs. 



Doc here again... Many thanks to Bucky Duckman and this update on The Strand. The Starnd is one of the very few old school adult theater I have never been to, as business has never taken me to KC. Mr. Duckman, this update is appreciated.  On your next trip there, please take an exterior photo or two of the place, as my archive image is OLD. 

Thanks Bucky!