Thursday, December 15, 2016

Flash Report! Operation Arctic Blast / Part 2: Khaleesi at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 12/14/16 by Mack Stud

Doc here, a man who some say once hosted the game show "Card Sharks 2000", with report #2 on Operation Arctic Blast with Khaleesi that took place on 12/14/16 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. This time, we have first time reporter Mack Stud jumping into this discussion, and adding his POV on this incredible afternoon in Chicago's western burbs.

Take it away, Mack Stud...


Hello Doc,

Long time lurker, first time reporter here. For your consideration is a report of Wednesday's Arctic Blast Bukkake. Khaleesi may or may not be known to others. I had heard you mention her before but had not seen any reports. Given that she likes us to think about her later on, I thought the least I could do is offer this report in her honor. You can call me Mack Stud, and here goes:

Hearing the tweet of the little bird, I and maybe 30 (ed. note: I counted 42 total in the theater incl. 2 additional couples) other followers of the Lizardo Bat Signal ventured out on a frigid Wednesday afternoon in search of the fabled Khaleesi, the "Mother of all Squirters". 

Khal and Khaleesi apparently arrived exactly on the minute they said they would be there, but I was 15 minutes behind them. I was just in time to see her and Khal finishing up a warm up session in the theater and then head to the famous room behind-the-screen. 

Things could not have been any more clear as how to behave. Doc had sent out instructions before hand, and then Khal and Khaleesi each went over some rules about what they were OK with (touching her body except for her privates, cumming on her boobs and neck) and what was verbotten (coming on/in her eyes). It was a well behaved crowd and everyone knew not to ruin a good thing. 

I had never seen Khalessi before, which is a shame, as she is really beautiful. Perhaps in her 30s, with a rocking body and boobs that were perfect, all that was terrific but I was more taken with her energy, and her pretty face. Her eyes are really notable. 

Anyways, Khal mentioned that on their second date she had mentioned her bukkake fantasy and asked us to get to it. She leaned up and oiled her hands from a bottle that Khal had brought, and proceeded to reach out and grab the guys closest to her. I was lucky enough to be one of the early risers, and really enjoyed the scene as she rubbed me nearly to the point. She moved on to the guy next to her, and I finished on her, all with a lot of dirty talk between her and the guys in the room. Respectful but dirty. 

Khaleesi, I was the guy with glasses, white hair and the black sweater, and yes, I will be rubbing out a few more in coming days thinking about you. I stepped out to clean up a bit and came back a little while later to see she was being attended to by Doc who was demonstrating her squirting skills (ed. note: More on that scene in my report coming soon). All in all, I can't remember a better lunch break ever, and hope to see another Lizardo Bat Signal before too long announcing a return visit!

Mack Stud


Doc here again... Many thanks goes out to first-timer Mack Stud for a terrific freshman report! Great stuff sir, and spot on with some of the subtle things going on during the bukkake. 

It may have been frigid outside, but inside...Well, that's another story.   More reports to come on the amazing Khaleesi at her holiday luncheon bukkake.