Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Flash Report! ORichard Drops Into the Oregon Theater on 12/2/16 & Drops Us Some Knowledge

Doc here, a man who some say was once a promising 3rd baseman for the Bucks County Smooth Beavers, until a bad hop to the taint changed his mind (and career). 

One of The Journal's longest tenured reporters is intrepid senior scribe ORichard. Located in the Pacific Northwest, he has long been a voice of reason in a turbulent Portland, Oregon adult theater scene.  As a matter of fact, ORichard authored one of the most popular reports in the history of The Journal, a profile of the former Edgewater West lifestyle hotel in Oakland, CA. You can read this great report here: 

Fast forward to present day... ORichard popped into Portland's last classic adult theater, The Oregon Theater this past Friday, December 2nd, 2016 and authored this report on what he saw at the venerable OT. 

Take it away, ORichard!


Dr. L,

Friday at The OT... 
7:00 couple was middle -aged and she did not come dressed to play (jeans and button-down shirt). Obvious newbies, they sat demurely in the middle of the couples section until after 9:30, watching the movies. Nearly all the guys were respectful with only a couple waving their cocks to try to invite interest. 

When a second couple arrived and started playing immediately behind them (a blonde, she had a banging body) and started inviting guys in to suck and fuck, the first couple was more amused than ready to go at it. After the third woman arrived with her older buddy begging for lots of cum in her hole (no rubbers please), the second couple started to leave, but after putting her dress back on she decided to go down on her knees to enjoy a nude guy who'd been hard and watching from the rail all night. The no condom lady went down on her as the second lady finished with the guy at the rail. 

The Oregon Theater, c. 2014
The second arrival woman then went over and went down on the hubby from couple number one who had previously had his schlong in his pants, untouched for nearly 3 hours. And the wife from couple number one finally sucked the hubby from couple number two while still fully clothed. He asked her if she wanted to fuck and no.1 lady declined- but she did continue to suck him. 

Bottom line, couple number one was likely looking to see what the OT was all about without touching each other and were careful to engage (finally) with another couple who I guess they figured were "safe". It looked like they enjoyed their first outing and it was great that they were able to enjoy the OT at their pace, and that she got to enjoy some friendly cock, and he got sucked off after almost 3 hours of simply watching porn without touching each other. After she had sampled the partner from couple no.2, they got up and left.

One aside, the no-condom lady with a lovely hairy muff likes to suck the biggest cocks at the rail and then invite each guy she likes in to screw her bare-back. She asked the first guy she briefly sucked if he liked pussy, and he replied, "Doesn't everyone?" She waited for him to come around the where the chain was open at the opposite side of the section, but he disappeared into the crowd passing the opportunity up. 

Guess he really didn't prefer pussy or was just being safe.



Doc here again... Many thanks to ORichard for another terrific report from Rip City . Keep the reports coming sir! While the adult theater scene in Portland is still unsettled in the wake of the demise of The Paris Theatre, The OT still has it's moments.  And it looks like this night was one of them!