Tuesday, December 13, 2016

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits Refugi-O in Vienna, Austria - August 2016

Doc here, a man who some say can throw a Vienna sausage 70+ yards in a tight spiral, with the 2nd International Flash Report from Journal scribe The Traveler.

In this report, The Traveler hits Refugi-O, an on-premises club in Vienna, Austria, and it  a) is full of hot details, and b) makes me want to book a trip to Vienna right now.  I have also added it to The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Database for your quick reference. 

This is a detail rich report, so sit down, pour yourself a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), enjoy a taco (Hi K!), and hunker down with this goodness.

Take it away, The Traveler!


Dear Doctor,

Vienna is a wonderful city to visit. It has beautiful architecture, great food and best of all a varied assortment of adult entertainment. The city offers a large number of Porno Kino’s (adult theaters) many of them offering gang bang programs weekly and in theater companion services to help with your enjoyment of the movies. It also is home to a dozen or more swinger and sex clubs. 

The lifestyle community is large and active in Vienna and during the summer months the city draws a large number of tourists, some of whom are drawn to the adult venues. I have been fortunate to visit the city several times and have always had some amazing experiences.

In August 2016 I returned to Vienna, but before my arrival I spent time doing internet research to find some adult entertainment clubs that I hoped would provide new and exciting experiences. One of the clubs I was drawn to was Refugi-O (not really but I will explain latter). This is a small club that does not advertise or promote itself like the larger more well-known lifestyle clubs in Vienna. 

From the Refugi-O Website
The first thing that drew my interest was the philosophy of the club, a philosophy based on the “Story of O” a book that was written in the 1970’s. I had read the book a long time ago and found it intriguing, but to refresh my understanding I bought a new copy and read it again. I don’t have time to explain the whole book but basically it is a story of male dominate, female submissive love that has a healthy dose of BDSM. Upon reading the book a second time I knew I had to visit this club.

Refugi-O is only open on Friday and Saturday night. For single males the club requires that you contact them and make a reservation. It was not difficult to get my reservation but I suggest you call rather than use the email contact on the website. I tried that several times without success. The dress code of the club also required that I have a suit and tie, something I don’t usually pack on my travels.

On the night of my visit I put on a freshly pressed suit and tie and took the train to Morizgasse. I was a little nervous not sure what to expect at the club. It was easy enough to find the address but no red door, which was mentioned on the website. I spent a few minutes looking around then called to the club to confirm I was lost. The host for the evening answered and explained that the location was across the street from Morizgasse 9, something that I missed in my German translation. The red door is actually a heavy red drape that covers a small portico where the entrance to the club is found.

I was greeted by a very outgoing and friendly host who directed me down a short flight of stairs into a small lounge area with a bar along the back wall. Here I found three couples and two single men talking and enjoying wine and other assorted beverages. My host introduced me to the hostess, a talk thin attractive brunette who wore a revealing black leather outfit. I ordered a glass of wine and took a seat next to the couples. Since I don’t speak German and only four of the people in the club spoke English, I found myself limited in conversation. Fortunately both the host and hostess spoke English so my lack of language skills did not become an issue.

I was not sure what to expect during the evening, I was somewhat confused to find all of the couples and singles sitting fully clothed in casual conversation as though it was a normal Friday night at the local wine bar. Adding to my confusion was the equipment and paraphernalia located in a larger room not 10 steps away from where I sat. I excused myself and went exploring. I have seen some BDSM videos so the contents of the room were not totally new to me. I found a variety of restraining devises in the ceiling and walls of the room along with a Saint Andrews cross.   There were also several benches and chairs which upon closer inspection I found to be various forms of restraining devices. On shelves and racks about the room I saw an assortment of whips, paddles, crops and a few things I was not sure what they would be called. On one shelf was an assortment of screw clamps with weights of different sizes attached. There was more but I had seen enough, I went back to the lounge with a new sense of excitement of what was to come.

From the Refugi-O Website
For the next 30 minutes, conversation continued and I slowly sipped my wine. A fourth couple had arrived and joined out little group. I started to take a closer look at the couples seated around me. On my right was a very attractive 30ish blond and her somewhat older husband. She had a very curvy figure with nice firm breasts and long attractive legs. She seemed shy and was dressed in a conservative manner. 

Across the coffee table from me was a very attractive brunette with large breasts and a full figure. She had a few extra pounds but that did not detract from her appeal. She and her husband were very outgoing but only spoke German so our conversation was limited. The other two couples were older and for my tastes were not my targets for this evening.

At about 10:30 the blond excused herself and went to the bathroom. Ten minutes later she return and a transformation had occurred. She was warring a leather corset which held her breast high on her chest and leaving her pussy and tits exposed. Her husband joined her and they walked into the large BDSM room. Intrigued, I followed.

It seemed like what followed all happened in slow motion. The husband was very methodical in his actions and allowed time for his wife to enjoy the anticipation as well as the pain/pleasure of each blow. He started by bending the blond over a bench exposing her shapely butt. With a crop he began to deliver measured blows to each of the cheeks, occasionally letting the blows fall lower onto the back of her thighs. Her skin was developing a red hue where the blows were falling. He pushed her legs apart and began to deliver blows to her inner thighs. As he moved to more sensitive areas, the pain must have been increasing a lot because she moaned and her body flinched as each blow landed. I was mesmerized and lost track of time. While this was going on one of the other couples had come into the room and I could hear soft moans coming from the woman as she received blows from her husband. Since they were not a target couple for me I continued to focus on the blond.

The husband moved her to the Saint Andrews cross and securely fastened her. He made sure her legs were spread wide. His blows started to fall on her breasts and the front of her thighs coming very close to her shaved pussy. Things were starting to heat up so I removed my jacket and tie and moved as close as I could get without being in the path of the blows. After several more minutes, the husband took a step back and said something in German. Although I didn’t understand, the single man standing on the other side of his wife started to massage one of her breast with one hand and with the other began to rub her pussy. I joined in and began to suck a nipple from a very beautiful breast. We were being encourage to take any liberties with the blond that we wanted to. Since her pussy already had several fingers penetrating it I moved to her ass and pushed my finger through the tight opening. It caused a low moan to escape her throat.

After several minutes of exploring the blonde’s lovely body her husband asked us to stand back. He began to unfasten her from the cross so I took the opportunity to remove the rest of my cloths in the hope that more was to come. When he was done he directed her to lie down on a table on her back. Her husband took a position at the end of the table where he could spread her legs and begin to work several fingers into her cunt. I moved to her side and began to suck her breast and nipples.

By now my cock was screaming for attention. I stood, took her hand in mine and moved it to my cock. She immediately closed her fingers around it and began to stroke. Her hand was soft and she knew how to pleasure a man but after a few minutes of stroking I had to have more.

I removed her hand from my cock and took a sideways step so I was standing next to the table opposite her head. I took her head in my hand and brought it to the edge of the table where my cock was waiting. She didn’t resist and her mouth was open to receive my cock before I could even get her into position. Her hot wet mouth felt wonderful as it closes on my cock for the first time. I let her take charge and she moved her mouth back and forth over the head making sure her tongue found the most sensitive spots. She gradually pushed more of my cock into her throat. I placed my hand behind her head and put mild pressure to force even more down her throat, she didn’t resist.

I was starting to get close to Cumming in her mouth when her husband indicated to me he wanted to change places. He was now fucking her pussy. How could I say no? I quickly applied a condom and positioned myself to enter her beautiful shaved pussy. She was surprisingly tight and I had to apply pressure to get full penetration. Once I was fully in, the feeling was amazing. I could feel her cunt contract around me as I stroked her. I grabbed her legs and pushed them further apart to make access easier. I fucked her hard until my cock filled the condom buried deep in her cunt.

The husband took another turn fucking her and then finished by delivering several dozen blows from his crop. While this was happening I put my slacks and shirt back on and took a seat at the bar to have a second glass of wine. This was the first time that I realized the attractive brunette had changed into a latex outfit that exposed her large beautiful tits and manicured pussy perfectly. She and her husband were waiting for the action in the BDSM room to end so they could begin. This was turning out to be a great evening.

I decided to use the restroom to refresh myself and take a quick shower, by the time I finished and returned to the lounge the brunette and her husband had moved to the BDSM room. I took a seat where I could watch as he proceeded to work thru a variety of restraints and crops, paddles and short whips. He was very good at inflicting pain but his wife seemed to be encouraging him to go further. By now most of the exposed parts of her body were a red hue.

What came next surprised me being the novice in BDSM that I am. He directed his wife to set in a very unusual chair. It was made of heavy wood with a high back, wide seat and heavy arm rests. The unusual feature was that almost the entire seat area had been removed. A person who sat in the chair would have just enough seating surface around the perimeter of the seat to support their weight. Once the brunette was seated in the chair her pussy and most of her butt and thighs were exposed. To make her even more exposed her husband spread her legs and bound each one to a side arm of the chair. He finished by securing her wrists above her head to the back of the chair.

Her pussy lips were clearly visible and extended from her cunt about an inch. He picked up the box of screw clips that I had seen earlier. He selected several and started placing them on her exposed body. He began with her breasts, placing clips first by pinching skin together and tightening clips on the fold. Then he moved to her nipples and selected several clips that had noticeably heavier weights attached. This caused the brunette to gasp as he tightened them to the sensitive nipples.

He moved on to the soft skin of her inner thighs and her moans grew more frequent. What happen next caused me to let a low moan. The husband selected several clips with the heaviest weights attached and began to methodically attach them to his wife’s pussy lips. She moaned as each one was attached. As he proceeded her moans turned to load groans and she would gasp for breath as the full weight drew down the tender flesh. The couple exchanged whispered words, I was certain the husband was getting permission to go further.

I moved closer, I wasn’t sure I could believe what my eyes were seeing. The last clip was applied directly to the brunette’s clit. As the weight pulled it down, she cried out in pain. Her body writhed and she gasped. Her husband stroked her head and gently caressed her cheek. He had finished. He did not offer his wife to the men in the room for their sexual pleasure which is the norm for followers of “O” but he did offer her body to be gently touched and explored.

The evening came to a close and I left with experiences that had taken me beyond anything I had tried or seen before. What more can you ask for?

Note: Refugi-O is a very small club that typically offers two programs during the month. The novice program, which I attended, is offered most Friday and Saturday evenings. At the novice program I was told mostly beginner couples and couples who are not comfortable with the full commitment to “O” normally attend. I think this is a good first step for a novice to experience this environment unless you have had some heavy exposure to BDSM and a full commitment to wife sharing. One Saturday a month the club holds an “Only O” party for couples and singles fully committed to the philosophy of “O”. You can read more about these programs on the club’s website at www.refugi-o.com 

Tip: When I was doing research on my trip to Vienna, I found a website that was helpful. The website is focused on the lifestyle community but has a lot of good information about the programs at most of the Vienna clubs as well some private lifestyle parties. The website also provides a way to contact other couples and singles who are in the lifestyle. You will have to become a member but there is no fee and I found that the website did not become a source of annoying emails or strange popups. However the website is in German and did not seem to translate well. The link is http://www.joyclub.de.

 ~The Traveler~


Doc here again... Many thanks to The Traveler for another terrific look inside Europe's lifestyle scene, and in this case Refugi-O.  In the coming week, look for a third report from The Traveler, as it's another hot report piping with details (just the way you want them). 

Keep the hits coming, The Traveler!