Friday, December 16, 2016

House Call! The Good Doctor Rides Shotgun on Operation Arctic Blast with Khaleesi & Khal at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 12/14/16

Doc here, a man who some say suggested to Kazuhiko Matsumoto that just one is never enough. 

Experts say that a huge meteor struck in what is now the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago, causing a freezing extinction event that killed off the dinosaurs. Dr. Luis Alvarez was the main proponent of this theory, and still to this day stands as the accepted explanation of the extinction of the dinosaurs. 

The Good Doctor has a hypothesis of how this event could have been avoided, and this theory was tested on Wednesday December 14th, 2016 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. 
The Midwest is in the throws of a wave of near zero weather, especially on Wednesday 12/14. However, the presence of one legendary adult theater girl, Khaleesi (aka The Mother of All Squirters), negated the near zero temps and made this small section of the western suburbs hot and wet to the touch.  

What if Khaleesi was on hand at the time of this extinction event 65 million years ago? The little known Lizardo/Hanna-Barbara Theory states that had she been there, humankind today would be living like The Flintstones (dinosaurs for construction equipment, birds for turntables, etc.). That is how much heat she gives off and generates to those near her at an adult theater.  So, when Chicago's weather experts called for near zero temps, I knew that it would have zero impact on "Operation Arctic Blast", Khaleesi's planned bukkake event at 15th Ave. Adult Theater

Plans had been in place for slightly over a week for this visit by Khaleesi & Khal, with assistance from your old friend in the white suit and aviators to tease and promote the visit. Images with Santa popped up online, placing Khaleesi on his "Naughty List" with a date Easter Egg placed inside.  This progressed to Khal & Khaleesi posting the details of the event on their Twitter, and eventually transportation of The Lizardo Lantern to 15th Ave. Adult Theater to signal the start of the event on Wednesday at high noon.
The Good Doctor arrived about 20 minutes early to be their advance man and wrangler, secure their private room, and be there to greet Khaleesi and Khal. And right on time, they stepped through the door, lead by Khaleesi's pretty face and smile, followed closely by her rocking body. She really is the total package (more on this later). 

After giving them the lay of the land, K&K went back to their room and The Good Doctor proceeded to the theater in order to give the troops their marching orders and instructions. 

Inside the theater were assembled about 30 gentlemen mostly on their lunch hours or breaks in their afternoon appointments, well dressed, attentive, and eager.  After speaking to the crowd and reviewing the ground rules of the afternoon, I had the chance to speak to a few gentlemen who came up and introduced themselves. One gentleman recognized me from my avatar (uh oh), and follows The Journal closely. Another came up and told me this was his first time inside an adult theater of any sort, and asked if he was required to perform.  I suggested that since this was his first time to step back, soak the scene in, and go with the flow. For reference later in this report, we will call him "The Freshman".  A very nice guy. 

The door to theater then opened, light streamed in, and in walked the guest of honor, Khaleesi. She was wearing black thigh-highs, really nice black heels, and a sweater that was covering up her special outfit (for the time being). They made their way to the Couples Only Section, and settled in to warm up. 

After a short while, Khaleesi's head disappeared from view (The Good Doctor was standing in the back on the theater), as she took Khal deep into her mouth. The sounds alone were making the assembled troops squirm in their seats. I also knew it wouldn't be long until Khaleesi, Khal, and the Good Doctor would walk up to the front row of the theater for the opening act of "Rudolph Knows a Squirting Dear", an ABC After School Holiday Special. 

The temperature began to move upward.

While this was happening, another couple stepped into the Couples Only section. This very hot blonde and her boyfriend are Wednesday regulars, so I wan't shocked to see them. 

Meanwhile, one of Khaleesi's many talents, as her title of "Mother of All Squirters" notes, is her ability to close her eyes, spread her long legs, block out the outside distractions in order to orgasm (in a very short time), followed by some insane squirting. And today boys and girls, was no exception.  With Khal at her side, she spread her long, sexy legs while Khal finger banged her while she worked her pussy with a small blue vibrator. In short order she breathlessly said she was cumming, and the torrent of lady juice flew feet. Not inches. Feet.  

The temperature was rising... again. 

Khaleesi then leaned into Khal and said, "I want to go behind the screen now."  And off we went...

After laying down some towels (of which we would need many by the end of the visit), Khal reviewed the rules of engagement for behind the screen: touching above the waist was OK, no nipple pinching, cum on her boobs, face, & hair.  Khaleesi slipped out of her sweater to reveal a HOT red lingerie outfit, and it looked FANTASTIC. 

Khal relayed a story of his and Khaleesi's 2nd date where she confessed she had a bukkake fantasy. Scientists from Cal Poly would later declare this to be "Best 2nd Date Ever."  In previous visits, Khaleesi's record for getting guys off and shot on her was 13. This record would be eclipsed quickly this afternoon.  Two by two, the gentlemen stepped up, cocks stroked by Khaleesi, their aerial salutes landing on her boobs, pretty face, and shoulder length dark hair.  A quick wipe would follow, then two more guys.

Khaleesi is a top shelf dirty talker, and she means everything she says. Match her gorgeous face with the dirty talking  of a very bad girl, well you now know my weakness. Hearing her talk about how much she loves cum in her hair...Good Lord. 

Humidity going up now...Lots of moisture in the air.

Gentleman #8 was The Freshman.  So much for hanging back and soaking it all in, as he stepped up and delivered a great cumshot across Khaleesi's face. Impressive debut, sir!

The numbers kept climbing. 13 shots of baby batter went by quick, and then we were off to 20, eventually to the high water mark of 26 cumshots taken by Khaleesi. 

Registered temperature was now 70 degrees higher than outside.

Somewhere around cumshot #21, The Good Doctor stepped up to Khaleesi, and was invited by Khal & herself to exercise some "Executive Privilege". And by "Executive Privilege", I mean to finger bang and make The Mother of Squirters launch her lady juice by my hand. Using a technique called "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" mastered years earlier, just inside of 15 seconds of fingering led Khaleesi to squirt like crazy all over my Dior dress shirt sleeve and hand. 

And it was glorious.  

This was a Tweet that Khal sent out Wednesday evening, hours after the event wrapped:
Gents...I know you'll ask, so let me answer the question for you: Khaleesi's pussy was super wet, incredibly tight, and right before she squirted, I could feel it well up before squirting. In other words, PERFECT. 

After shot #26 was in the books (and in Khaleesi's hair), she had run the table of guys and was ready for a nice hot shower in the spa area. There was cum everywhere: boobs, face, lips, eyes, hair....You name it. And it was soon just to be a warm fuzzy memory for Khaleesi after that hot shower. 

It's like a sauna in here now.

On their way out and back into the real world, we talked about how each visit hits new thresholds for Khaleesi. From their first visits to 15th Ave. Adult Theater a year ago until now, she has taken bold steps in this thing of ours. And new goals are already set for their next visit in the new year: 

30 Cumshots. Shaken, not stirred. 

As Khal & Khaleesi left, The Good Doctor felt a chill in the air. Gone was the source of the afternoon's incredible heat, and back was +4F.  I think Dr. Alvarez was right all along... Cold without heat is dangerous. But this afternoon in Chicago's western burbs, the temps felt like paradise thanks to Khaleesi.