Monday, March 20, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Khal & Khaleesi Hit Doc's St. Patty's Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on March 11th, 2017

Doc here, a man who some say was once a regular customer at One-Eyes Jacks in the Pacific Northwest...

It was a long time cumming coming kids, but the legendary Mother of All Squirters, Khaleesi, along with her partner in crime Khal, finally hit one of my huge Saturday parties at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. It was the St. Patty's event, and it featured an appearance of some amazing ladies: My good friends Stunt Slut Simone, Slut Diane, Amber Foxxx, and of course Khaleesi (among dozens of others). The timing was perfect, but how did the evening play out for this tall, sensuous brunette?

This is a detail-packed report, so pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), get comfortable, and enjoy the sound stylings of Khal & Khaleesi in this awesome Couple's Flash Report!

Take it away, kids!


Doc, here we go...

Hello again, everyone! Khal here! It's been too long. After our last AMAZING trip to 15th Ave., two fine Journal field agents submitted Reports AND Doc himself wrote up a magnificent House Call describing Khaleesi's INCREDIBLE bukkake. That afternoon, a crowded theater watched Khaleesi put on one of her wettest squirting displays, then went into the back room where Doc, myself, and 24 other gentlemen coated her face with cum! (26 LOADS!)

Both reports were complimentary and well written, but Doc's House Call Report was a prize winner. That piece of journalism should require a warning to be in private before reading and have lube on hand - literally. And after that, I didn't think there was much need to write a Report of my own. That afternoon was as thoroughly covered as Khaleesi's face.

After that visit, for weeks we just couldn't find time to get back. And in that time we talked a lot about if we were ready to try something new. As we considered what we might try and who we would do it with, our commitment to the idea wavered - which is to say, it swung really, really wildly. Some nights it was white hot talk about group sex and other nights it was only lukewarm "Maybe we'll just watch."

It was during this time that we talked about that we hadn't been to one of Doc's parties at 15th Ave. yet. Whatever it would be that we might decide to try, we knew from reading Journal Reports that there would be a good likelihood it'd be available there for us to jump in and try or to just stand back and watch. So we agreed that our next step would be to go to one of Doc's parties.

Well, that's the set up for the night. From here, I'm calling this, "A Party in Three Acts." Yes, it's a little dramatic, but we had three unique experiences all in the same night and together they tell the story.

Act I: An Hour Alone With A Gang Bang Queen and All We Did Was Talk

We were in good spirits on the drive to Melrose Park. Khaleesi looked amazing in her new dress and we were generally feeling relaxed, but for all our experience in the theater, a party was new and we were a little intimidated.

For couples who have never been to a party before, let me tell you, DON'T be intimidated. Yes, it's everything and more than you'll expect, your eyes will open wider than ever before, and you'll see all sorts of crazy things happening all around you. You'll be taken aback, maybe, but you won't feel unwelcome.

Doc and Bob run a great operation. Courteous staff, security everywhere, friendly people and a welcoming environment. Be ready, though. It's a party for exhibitionists, swingers, and a whole spectrum of open minded, sexually liberated people. We had no more than sat down and Khaleesi, eyes wide, grabbed me by my chin and aimed my face at the door.

"She's not wearing any panties!" Khaleesi alarmed, her surprise barely contained in a whisper.

And, in fact, the woman at the door wasn't wearing panties. However, it seemed to me that since her dress was really just the leftovers of a dress - it had more slits than a zebra has stripes - it's not so important to be wearing panties, right Doc?

Miss No Panities wasn't the only woman missing an undergarment. There was a woman wearing a cardigan, like a woman might wear over a blouse at work when there's a chill in the air, except she hadnt worn a blouse, or a bra, just tits out (ed. note: This was my good friend Red from Racine). And another woman wasn't wearing anything at all except for a belt - except I think it was just St. Patrick's Day beads.

After about 20 minutes of people watching, Stunt Slut Simone and Mr. S arrived. This was a meeting a long time in the making. We had been sporadically communicating via Twitter for the past year and Khaleesi and I both savored Simone's pics that occasionally appeared in the Journal. In fact, in the weeks of talk leading up to the party, when we were white hot on the idea of group action and talking dirty while having sex, we were talking about Simone.

And before I go on and tell you about the pleasure of meeting Simone, let me tell you about the pleasure of seeing Simone. Cleavage... Hips... Booty... She's ALL CURVES. Women aren't made like this very often, and in the opinion of this red blooded Midwesterner, no where else but here. Oh, and if you can pry your eyes off of her body, her eyes are mesmerizing.

Stunt Slut Simone
So, The Gang Bang Queen of the Midwest and The Back Room Bukkake Queen are sitting next to each other at a table. This should reach nuclear meltdown levels of sexuality, right?

Well. Not really.

It's been a long time since Khaleesi and I either one have had a conversation at a club or party with people we might possibly have sex with. We were rusty, to say the least. Despite our awkwardness, conversation with Simone and Mr. S came easily. It happens we have quite a lot in common with them beyond our mutual interest in adult theater fun, but talking with them did, for the first time, give us an outlet to talk about adult theaters, something we absolutely could not do with our square friends - Talk about This Thing of Ours. We were sitting with a couple that had tried it all, lived through it, and were flourishing. So we asked for advice - lots of it.

It wasn't our plan to talk about the lifestyle so much. It just happened. As you guys well know, there are only precious few women in the world who have experience like Simone has. Khaleesi can't sit down with a coworker at the table in the break room and say, "Sometimes it's really weird to be at work and think that only the day before my hair was crunchy with dried cum."

It meant so much for Khaleesi to have someone to talk to and ask, "Do you ever feel that way?" For as much time as she'd spent fantasizing about being with Simone, having the opportunity to talk with her meant more. She was with another woman, a friend, who not only wouldn't judge her, but would truly understand and be able to answer speaking from aexperience.

Simone and Mr. S were great. They not only answered our questions and gave us insight and advice, they were patient - tolerant is probably more appropriate - and reassuring. I can't thank them enough.

That said, I look back at us and I have roll my eyes. Here we were with a woman we'd been fantasizing about for a month and we were talking, taking, talking. I can't help remembering how I used to tease a shy friend when we were in college together. I'd say, "If you had an hour with a porn star, all you'd do is talk with her."

I guess we did pretty much the same thing, but we don't regret any of it. We could have gone on all night, but around 10:00PM, Doc took the stage and the Sexy Outfit Contest was about to begin. Mr. S leaned in so I could hear him over the dance music and said, "It usually starts getting crazy after the contest."

Act II: Smoldering and "Simone is gonna Simone"

The Sexy Outfit Contest was awesome. 12 Badass women conquered their nerves, took to the stage and swung from the polls like strippers. And if you don't already know, Doc is probably the greatest MC ever. Stealing kisses like Richard Dawson and delivering one liners like Henny Youngman, counting off, "One penis-ssippi... Two penis-ssippi... Three penis-ssippi..."

BRILLIANT! I can't stop doing it now.

And when Mr. S told me things start "getting crazy" after the contest... Whoa. He wasn't exaggerating.

One woman was on stage on her knees eating out another woman. A woman behind me was on the floor in the middle of a dick huddle. And the table next to us with the cardigan lady and the Irish beads belt lady? It was a Roman fucking orgy! And all of this happened in, like, seconds.

With all of this is going on around us, Khaleesi and Simone went back to casual chatting and Mr. S and I were discussing bourbon, I think. Then, we both looked over to see Simone and Khaleesi sharing a long, amazing kiss.

Smoldering is the only and best word I can think of to describe it, ready to ignite. Thinking back on it.

Wow. Just... Fucking, wow.

In the next few minutes a plan was made for Khaleesi and Simone to be together in a room, alone, with only Mr. S and I there to observe. Khaleesi wanted that moment to be private. After they had been together, we would then all go to the theater and give the back room crowd a show never seen before, with Khaleesi acting as assistant to Simone. But first, Simone wanted to go change into another outfit.

Khaleesi whispered in my ear, "She has really soft lips and she has really nice skin and her hair is soooo soft. I want her so much."

I reached underneath her dress and felt her pussy and she was soaking wet. In our years together, I have rarely seen her so excited.

Well, in that time, word came that there was a gang bang going on in the back room. I wouldn't claim to know her well after only one conversation, but it was clear that when there's a gang bang happening, Simone is going to be there.

The phrase I used speaking to Khaleesi and Mr. S was, "Simone is gonna Simone." He nodded in knowing agreement, so I assume I had it right.

And we all love her for it, right? Show us the woman that hears there's a gang bang and can't wait to get there and we'll all follow her. So we were on our way to the theater and time alone would have to wait for another party.

Act III: Let's Go Do What We Always Do

The back room was a snake ball of humanity. We've been back there with lots of guys, but nothing ever like that. Amber Foxxx and her friend Katja were already on the table and Simone made her way through the crowd to join them. Khaleesi wasn't ready in that moment to be the fourth, so we hung back with Mr. S. After a while, though, without speaking we could each sense the other was feeling out of place and ready to go seek out our own action.

"What do you want to do?" Khaleesi asked.

I looked out into the theater. There were four or five couples putting on shows in the couples half of the theater, but none were playing with the ten or fifteen guys that were watching them all.

"Well," I said. "Let's go do what we always do. Go sit down in the singles side and see if those guys would like to give you a bukkake."

Khaleesi found a spot she liked in the second row and I asked spoke in the direction of the guys watching the couples, "Do you guys want to cum on her face?" And a group of guys quickly gathered around us. I handed Khaleesi her purple vibrator - which is getting to be as famous in the theater as she is - and she was quickly at work. I pulled her big tits out of her dress and gave the guys the usual instructions.

"She loves bukkake, gentleman. She wants all of you to cum on her face, but you can cum on her tits or in her hair if you want to. You can touch her tits, but don't pinch her nipples. You can touch them or brush them, but no pinching."

Khaleesi, as always, was squirting and splashing the floor in minutes. The guys were very pleased.

"We got a squirter out here," one guy called out to the overflow crowd in the back room, but there was clearly quite a lot still to be seen in there.

At Khaleesi's urging, guys started cumming for her. The first two guys delivered pretty quickly. After that, there was nothing but a lot of guys standing around stroking not very hard dicks. Khaleesi was unhappy - to say the least - and from the look she was giving me then I knew she was getting ready to get up and leave.

Then an angel arrived. (Well, likely not an angel.) An attractive woman who we had seen in the Sexy Outfit Contest appeared and without even so much as an introduction filled Khaleesi's pussy with her fingers and said, "Oh, honey. Let me make your pussy cum."

And she damn sure did. Twice, in fact. She was clearly well practiced in manipulating the inner mechanisms of a squirter and Khaleesi squirted for her twice. The guys loved it, their dicks grew noticeably harder watching one woman pleasuring another, and they all started crowding in closer around her face, which is always a sign they're about to pop.

Without a word, the woman disappeared. Her work was done, I guess. Either that or she knew the cum was about to start flying.

We have had two guys cumming on Khaleesi's face at the same time a few times before, but never three. We didn't get three that night either, but guy #3 was still going when guy #4 started, and then he was still going when guy #5 started, which was very, very cool, and they left lot of thick spurts in her hair too - which I LOVE. Number six was a Twitter Follower of ours who I like quite a bit and, more importantly, Khaleesi is definitely hoping she'll see again. He gave her a very nice nice load.

And then came number seven.

I've seen lots of loads launched onto Khaleesi in the last year and not all are equal. Not even close. This guy, number seven, standing directly behind her with his cock over her forehead, unloaded what is maybe the biggest single spunk flow I've seen. He totally glued over her right eye with the first shot, then did the same to her left eye with the second, and it just kept coming! Spurt after spurt after thick spurt pulsed from the top of his cock, pouring over face and dripping down to her neck.

When he was done, Khaleesi, a fucking trooper, opened her gooey eyes, blinked twice with heavy, cum-thick eyelashes, smiled and cheered, "Wow! That was a lot!"

Then, as if enthusiasm for an eye-blinding, face-covering cum facial isn't enough to make you fall in love with her, she immediately asked the remaining guys, "Who has more cum for me?"

Guys, she is hot. She has big tits. She squirts bucketfuls. She loves cum. And she is a total badass.

Unfortunately, only one more guy would pop for her. When he finished, I asked if anyone else had a load for her and the remaining guys backed away. Then Khaleesi asked for a towel.

Oops. All the lockers were taken when we arrived at the party, so the towels were out in the car.

With cum dripping from her chin, hanging in her eyelashes, and streaked in her hair, Khaleesi walked back to the spa. Seeing the looks on the faces of guys and couples was awesome. Everyone could tell this wasn't just my load or mine and another guy's. It was obviously a group effort to splatter her face and hair like that.

When we got her to the showers, I ran out to get the towels and her change of clothes. Sometime while she was showering and changing the gang bang must have ended - or at least slowed. When I went back to the BYOB bar to get our bottles, I met Doc and Simone and Mr. S. I told Doc about our impromptu bukkake and did my best to convey our most sincere thanks to Simone and Mr. S.

It really was like three different nights. It was sexy, but being so comfortable speaking with Simone and Mr. S - who I'm quite sure we'd have hit it off with even if we met at a square party - was great for us. Then there was the heat between Khaleesi and Simone, which we hope can be revisited sometime very soon. And finally a bukkake, Khaleesi's calling card, but this time in a new spot, with a helping hand from a lovely lady, participation from a Twitter Follower Khaleesi likes very much, and one really, really big load.

If we didn't meet you last Saturday, we will definitely be back for another party soon, likely the Secret Room 2125 party in April. We hope we'll see you there too!

Also, stay tuned to @LizardoJournal for a bukkake announcement in April. We're hoping for 30 or more guys this time.

Thanks again, Doc!

Khaleesi & Khal


Doc here again, on his 4th can of Fresca (Hi Gemini!)... A great job by Khal (writing), and Khaleesi (receiving) on this report of how the St. Patty's Party went down on March 11th.  

You'd be hard pressed to find nicer people than Khal and Khaleesi. Open-minded, totally get it. And they know how to control a group of guys, which is no easy feat. Consider yourself very lucky if you have met them in the past, or meet them in the future during a 15th Ave. visit. My gut feeling is that the Friday Secret Room 2125 parties I host are right up their alley, for a variety of reason not to be discussed here is this forum. 

Thanks again for the report K&K!  Until next time...