Thursday, March 30, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! (Lucky) Khal & Khaleesi (The Mother of all Squirters) Hits 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 3/17/17

Doc here, a man who some say was the daytime bartender at the Chez Bippy, with an amazing Couple's Flash Report from my good friends, Khal and Khaleesi (The Mother of all Squirters). 

A mere 6 days after the big St. Patty's Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, Khal & Khaleesi returned for more.  And they certainly found more...

Take it away, Khal & Khaleesi!


Hi Doc,

Well, this is where I usually begin with, "It's been too long..." But it hasn't been very long, has it?

Well, the story of this visit to 15th Ave. in Chicago really begins at Doc's St. Patty's Party on 3/11/17. We had a great time at our first party that night - and I will again recommend it to all curious couples - but when we made our way into the theater, Amber Foxxx, her friend Katja, and the amazing Stunt Slut Simone had drawn an overflow crowd into the back room, so we had to set up in the theater and Khaleesi had only eight men cum for her.

(You can read the Report here.)

For Khaleesi, eight is not enough. It was about a dozen guys less than we'd hoped for, so when a social obligation scheduled for the following Friday night unexpectedly fell through, we suddenly had the opportunity to make another visit, only six days later. Still, it wasn't a certainty that we'd be able to go.

While I spent the week thinking about making an announcement via the Journal, hoping to get as many of you there as possible, it was Khaleesi who said, "Let's not make an announcement. If we're able to go, let's just show up and it'll be a happy coincidence for whoever's there."

Those of you who've been with us since the beginning know this is how we always used to do it. No notice. No fun, creative flood warning social media campaign from Doc. And most importantly, no bukkake. We used to just show up and Khaleesi would flood the joint and then we'd leave. No bukkake in the back room. Just a little show and a flood and we'd jet.

Obviously, things have changed.

When all the details were taken care of, and we knew we were going, I reached out to Doc and asked him to send out a few "A little birdie told me" Tweets throughout the day to hopefully motivate a few more guys to get out to 15th Ave. for the night, because when bukkake is your thing, more is always better.

Doc put the word out that a "Hot couple" would be visiting 15th Ave. well, I'm not sure I hold up my end for that description, but Khaleesi certainly does.

She looked great, her dress was rather modest compared to her usual XXX theater wear. The thing was, before going to 15th Ave., we had just been at an actual theater to see a movie and her usual attire would've been a bit much for our neighborhood theater.

Trust me, though, Khaleesi looks amazing no matter what she wears. Her dress fit snugly, showed some cleavage and ended well short of her knees, and on the drive to Melrose Park she slid on stockings and switched into super sexy heels. And as you now have come to expect, underneath she wore crotchless panties.

I hadn't watched her dressing that evening - as I often enjoy doing before a trip to the theater - but I know we've all come to expect crotchless, so just to be sure we wouldn't all be disappointed, while we watched the movie, I selflessly took it upon myself to feel in between her legs to check.

I checked several times, actually, and when I felt how wet her pussy was, I knew she was thinking about the night ahead. That movie couldn't end fast enough.

As we pulled into the 15th Ave. parking lot we were pleased to see lots of cars. Couples, single women, and T-girls were free for the week, so we breezed in at the front desk and made our way back to the spa to stow our things in a locker.

As we had hoped, the theater was well populated. And it was our kind of night. There was lots of single guys and no other women in sight. Khaleesi had the room to herself. She was immediately the center of attention, exactly how she likes it for a bukkake visit.

We sat down in our usual spot in the middle of the couples' section. It was obvious we were being watched closely, but this has never bothered us. To be watched is why we started going in the very beginning, long before bukkake fun in the back room.

Typically, we start off getting Khaleesi going. I stroke her G-spot with my fingers, then her favorite purple vibrator finishes the job and the floods hit the floor. This time, though, Khaleesi stopped me as I was trigger pulling her swollen G-spot and said, "Let me show them how I suck your dick."

So, a lot of you, even those of you who've been lucky enough to be part of a bukkake, haven't also been lucky enough to see Khaleesi suck dick. Well, this won't surprise you... She's amazing.

If you're already a fan of noisy, sloppy blowjobs, you would've loved watching and listening to her work me over. Khaleesi is quite possibly the world's noisiest cocksucker. It's dirty and guttural and primal and sooo fucking hot. She moans and hums with her mouth full, and she knows I love it, but she really loves that all the guys watching her love it too.

Yes, she can take my length down without gagging, but it's a thousand times better when she does. It makes her throat vibrate and tighten around my cock, then she comes up for air and spits on my cock, making it super slick for her excellent hand job skills that so many of you guys have enjoyed.

Sure, I admit it's a little bit of a show. I love it when she's moaning and sounding like she's gorging herself on dick and she knows it. And she knows you guys like it too. If she's treating me to a Sunday morning blowjob, she probably isn't quite as loud and voracious, but a lot of the fun in a theater trip is showing off. And when Khaleesi has an audience, she puts on a show.

A guy seated in the row in front of us was complimenting Khaleesi on her deep throat skill. She likes it when guys talk, so with her mouth already at the base of my cock, Khaleesi looked up at the guy, winked at him, then opened her mouth a little wider and lifted up my balls in her hand and stuffed them into her mouth, then resumed sucking.

Let me be clear, SHE SWALLOWED MY COCK AND BOTH OF MY BALLS ALL TOGETHER. And then she repeated the trick several times over just to show off.

Satisfied that she had thoroughly impressed our audience, Khaleesi asked me to get out her purple vibrator. After spending the entire day thinking about having another bukkake, she was ready to get off, and when Khaleesi got off, she got off HUGE. This was a serious gusher, the kind that when I think it should be stopping, the torrents just keep coming. It was a really big one, one of her biggest in a while, and the guys all loved it.

Still trembling after her orgasm, Khaleesi asked me, "Will you fuck me now?"

I didn't answer, I just stood up with my still raging cock waving in front of me and dropped my pants to my ankles. Khaleesi turned around and bent over her chair. I had to push hard to get inside her because her pussy was swollen from having just squirted, and it felt amazing, so tight and incredibly wet.

The last time I fucked her in the theater I'd been so excited I popped inside her rather quickly. This time I had it together and I fucked her hard. She talked dirty for the guys and came hard and loud. When she finished, she asked me, "Do you want to keep fucking me or save it for the back room?"

"I want to keep fucking you right here," I answered quickly and started thrusting again.

Then Khaleesi really started talking filthy.

"You love fucking me while all these guys watch, don't you? You like knowing when you're done they're all going to cum on my face. You love that I'm a cum slut."

That was it. I was done...

I squeezed my eyes shut and just barely held on. I wanted to save my load for the bukkake, but Khaleesi pounced.

"Keep going," she demanded and started pushing her ass back into me. "Tonight you can be the first one to cum on my face."

I pumped once and pulled out. Khaleesi spun around and dropped to her knees. I uncorked on her chin and into her open mouth. There wasn't a guy there not jerking off.

Khaleesi stood up and looked around at her crowd of admirers, myself included. "That was a good start," she said to me. Then she turned to the guys. "Would the rest of you like to cum on my face?"

One guy's smile was soooo big. "Oh my God. This is my first time ever coming here. This is great!"

My load running down her neck and Khaleesi wearing the mess proudly, like it was a diamond necklace. She led us all to the front row and she sat in the middle chair. We had been relegated to the theater at the party, but after talking about it later, we agreed we both liked the different set up.

I gave the guys the rules. I say it pretty much the same thing every time and more and more I'm getting to sound like a referee before a prize fight.

(Imagine an arena in Las Vegas. The house lights are down and all the spotlights are on the ring. I'm in the center holding a microphone. To my left is the bukkake champion of the world, and to my right, a bunch of dudes stroking their dicks.)

"Gentlemen, you may touch her tits and play with her nipples, GENTLY, but do not pinch her nipples. They're extremely sensitive. You may touch her anywhere else EXCEPT her pussy. You can cum anywhere you want. She loves it on her face and in her hair, but you can cum on her tits too. Just please try not to get cum in her eyes. She'll help you out with her hands. I have lube if you need it. Okay?"

(For any new couples reading this, my single best piece of advice to you is to be vocal and specific about what you want guys to do and not do. The more details the better. Even if you're there just to be watched, tell the guys that you're just there to be watched. If you want them to step back, tell them to step back. If you are firm and loud enough to be heard, the guys will do exactly as you ask. Firm and loud, but never aggressive. I always refer to the guys as gentlemen. They will act as gentlemen if you treat them as such.)

Khaleesi pulled her tits out of her dress for the guys to enjoy and their hands were quickly all over her. She then held out her hands to me, I gave each a squirt of lube and she found two dicks to stroke.

The first guy to pop was standing behind Khaleesi. She was rubbing his balls, and as he stroked out his load he aimed his cock at the top of her head, and his thick, white spunk dripped down into her dark hair.

"Ohhhh, I love it when men cum in my hair," she moaned, gently turning her head to spread his load around in her soft hair.

In the next minute, things almost went sideways. A guy walked in from the back and moved behind Khaleesi. He reached around, held both her tits, and immediately pinched both her nipples. Khaleesi yelped and almost jumped out of her seat.

An African American man I recognized from the party night bukkake immediately spoke up and he was pissed. "No pinching! You're gonna fuck it up."

"He said no pinching when he was giving the rules," another guy added.

"I didn't know. I just got here," the guilty pincher sputtered.

Like I said, I had seen him come in late, so I came to his defense. "It's cool, guys. No one is going to fuck anything up. I saw him come in late. He didn't hear the rules."

I asked Khaleesi if she was all right and she said she was. She truly does have extremely sensitive nipples. It's great that even a soft touch is pleasurable for her, and it's very enjoyable for her when they are kissed nicely or sucked very - very - gently, but it really does hurt her to be pinched.

"My nipples are really sensitive. I like having them touched, just don't pinch, she told the offender."

"See," I said calmly. "She's fine. Everything is cool."

I then repeated the instructions, and just like that, it was back to business. Everyone was cool.

The second guy to cum had a monster load. That guy painted her face with a lot of thick ropes of cum, and then suddenly, there was a pause. Everyone stopped stroking and there was a palpable feeling of apprehension among them. Then I realized the other guys expected her to be freaked out because she had been doused with that big load of cum.

They don't know Khaleesi.

"Wow!" She exclaimed, looking around the group with big, bright eyes and huge streaks of cum decorating her smiling face. "That was a big one! Are all you guys gonna cum big loads for me like that?"

And after that, everyone got back to business. The guys all did a great job cumming for her. No one kept her waiting too long. No more rules were broken.

The guy who had pinched her had clearly paid close attention to my retelling of the rules, because right after he popped, aiming carefully at Khaleesi's jawline and neck, he said, "I really wanted to cum in your mouth."

"You could have," she said to him kindly. "I had my mouth open and my tongue out."

"I know," he said nervously. "But I didn't want to risk getting any in your eyes."

Another couple had arrived in the theater shortly after we had moved to the front. They watched throughout. He was clearly really into it, but she didn't seem to be quite so much. They had been up close, watching from directly behind Khaleesi, and I had hoped she might get involved as had happened at our last visit. I thought maybe even she'd watch while her husband popped on Khaleesi's face. (And if there's any interested couples out there, Khaleesi would LOVE that.) Then a guy started cumming and launched thin, runny spurts with some serious muzzle velocity, and as the bursts splashed on Khaleesi's face, there was some pretty serious splatter in all directions and the couple moved a few rows back (ed. note: This is called the "Seaworld Effect".)

Eventually they left. It wouldn't have mattered if they stayed. Every guy who could get it up would pop for Khaleesi.

(Yes, in fortunately, there were a few guys with stage fright. It happens. Too bad, but I understand. I've been there too.)

I hope we didn't freak them out. Bukkake isn't for most women and certainly not for an understandably nervous first timer. I hope they recognized how respectful the guys were and I hope they'll come back.

After 15 loads, Khaleesi's face was shiny and sticky. Because she had been sitting upright, rather than laying on her back on the table in the back room, most of the cum had dripped down on her tits. The neckline of her dress was wet with the accumulation of cum and those big, beautiful tits were glazed and glorious. Two guys had popped in her hair for her and I could see dry, crunchy patches where the jizz had dried.

We left the theater and Khaleesi walked to the spa with cum still on her face. I had towels for this time, but we had talked a lot about how much I loved seeing her do it last time. So, I think the "cum walk" is now officially part of the routine.

In the locker room, one of Khaleesi's load donors was changing clothes. We chatted and I appreciated that as we spoke he didn't hide the fact that he was watching Khaleesi shower, washing all the dried cum off oh her face and out of her hair. He asked how it came to be that we made these visits to 15th Ave. and I gave the short story answer of the story you Journal readers already know - I had fantasies about XXX theater adventures, I met Khaleesi, and on our second date she confessed a fantasy of having groups of men cum on her. I was just lucky enough to be the right guy in the right place at the right time.

"Well, congratulations on finding each other," he said. "That doesn't always happen."

Believe me, I am 100% aware of and grateful for my good fortune. In a Twitter conversation with Scott - of Jean and Scott fame - and he said it best, "Guys like you and I would be unbearable if we weren't aware of how lucky we are!"

I know EXACTLY how lucky I am. In six days Khaleesi and I made two visits to the theater and the fine gentlemen of 15th Ave. gave Khaleesi 23 loads.

It won't be too long and we'll be back. Doc will have an announcement for a bukkake in April. We're hoping to have 30 or more guys cum for Khaleesi. Her record still stands at 26 and we'd REALLY like to best that number.

We're also planning to be back for another party soon after that. And we have big plans for this summer, including more daytime bukkake visits, more parties, and a special visit to celebrate my birthday.

In other words, if you haven't cum on Khaleesi's face by the end of this summer, it's your own damn fault.



Doc here once again... Many thanks to the awesome Khal & Khaleesi for the 1-2 punch they enjoyed at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.  Great stuff! Sitting in the front row, enjoying their journey has been a great experience for your old friend in the white suit and aviators. And the best part kids... They are just getting started!

And standing by, at the ready to fire up The Lizardo Lantern for their next visit?  A hirsute gentleman wearing meatball scented cologne.