Sunday, March 5, 2017

Flash Report! Jason T Hits The Adult Shoppe in Phoenix, AZ on 2/26/17

Doc here, a man who some say led a team of Argonauts, only to find The Golden Nugget Casino in Vegas. 

Flash reports from Phoenix traditionally are tough to come by, but this week we have had two: a report on the closing of Just for Fun Theater, and now this Flash Report from first time contributor/long time listener Jason T

For those of you thinking about writing your first Flash or Field Report for your old friend in the white suit and aviators, I suggest following this template to write your's. Jason T did a great job, and this is an excellent read.

Please welcome to The Journal's Rogue's Gallery of Journal Reporters, Jason T!

Take it away, sir!


The Adult Shoppe, Phoenix AZ
Feb 26th, 2017

Hello Good Doctor,

I spent the last weekend in Sun City Arizona, a retirement community west of Phoenix, making several much needed repairs to my grandmothers’ house… the joys of being an only grandson. 

After a rather depressing weekend, I decided to leave for the airport after dinner on Sunday; dinner usually is over by 5pm in this retirement community, giving me a couple of hours to check out “Just for Fun”, a theater that was on my way to the airport. To my surprise Just for Fun was closed, the parking lot fenced off and the sign painted over. Not to be detoured, I pulled up your adult theater database on my phone and found that the “Adult Shoppe #2” theater on Holly St. was only a few blocks away.
Adult Shoppe #2
Phoenix, AZ

The Adult Shoppe has 2 theaters each with 2 screens separated by an adult bookstore. The theater to the south shows straight and gay movies while the north shows straight and TS/fetish movies. Each theater has a few rows of wood and steel benches that are bolted to the floor. The theaters were kind of old and dingy but were relatively clean; the same cannot be said for the single restroom… a total disaster area. There are also 6 private video preview booths, a couple of which, I have been told, are large enough for groups of four or more. Theater admission was 8 dollars for 8 hours with in and out privileges. You must be buzzed into the theaters and preview areas by the cashier. 
I would not really consider this place all that couple’s friendly. I doubt that my FWB back home, who occasionally enjoys going to a club or theater, would talk to me again if I took her to a place like this. How hard or expensive can it be to keep the place clean and provide comfortable seating? Dramatic improvements could be made by spending a few hundred dollars on Craigslist…

I pulled in around 6:30pm; there must have been 20 plus vehicles in the parking lot. As I getting out of the rental car, a couple got out of the car next to me and slowly walked toward the entrance. The woman, probably in her late 20’s, was very short, a little on the BBW side, with huge breasts and a very beautiful face. The gentleman with her was huge man probably in his 30’s. They appeared to be a couple, but as they approached the entrance he stayed back, she entered and I followed her to the counter. She asked for the couple’s rate explaining that her partner was outside and would follow her in later. It was then that I noticed that she was wearing a black baseball cap that had the word “SLUT” written on it. Things were looking up!

I followed her into the south theater; she sat in the front row of the straight theater and watched the movie. She was the only female among a dozen or so men. A few minutes later, her partner entered and sat in the back row across the aisle and immediately pulled out his cock. Over the next 10 to 15 minutes she slowly removed her jacket, began rubbing her breasts, removed her bra without taking her shirt off, a nice move, pulled her shirt up and began massaging those beautiful huge boobs with one hand while having other in her pants. A couple of guys approached her with their cocks out, but were quickly and sternly rebuked, so I sat back content to enjoy the show.

A few minutes later a tall young black man entered the theater, immediately made eye contact with her partner and approached the woman while pulling his down his shorts. Before he could turn around and sit down, she had both hands on his cock and was struggling to get into position to give him a blowjob. This obviously was the person they were both waiting for. As he sat down she got between his legs and expertly worked his huge cock. A few of us gathered around watching, but any attempt to get close or touch was met by a loud “nobody else touches her” form her partner in the back row. After 5 minutes or so she got up, turned around, pulled down her pants and impaled herself on that huge cock. He soon got up, turned her around, leaned her over the bench and pounded her hard from behind, cumming in her after about 10 minutes.

He pulled up his shorts and quickly headed for the exit saying something to her partner as he passed by. She pulled up her pants but left her shirt off announcing to the crowd that anyone who wanted to could cum on her tits. I quickly stepped up and unloaded a weekends worth of frustration on those glorious boobs. To my surprise there were only two maybe three other takers. It seems that the rest of the crowd was more interested in each other. Waiting for more, she stood in front of the screen massaging her cum covered breasts and licking her fingers. When it was clear that no one else wished to contribute, her partner, still with his cock out, joined her up front and handed her paper towels. She scooped up a handful of cum and grabbed her partners cock and stroked it a few times before cleaning up. A few moments later they left together.

I still had a good hour and a half to kill before I needed to go to the airport so I wandered across the bookstore to the north theater to find only men, a few of whom were being serviced by a very large cross dresser and a couple more taking care of each other in a corner. I hung out for an hour and a half and the only other couple I observed purchased a DVD and headed to preview booth. As it got later in the evening, there must have been 3 dozen men distributed between the 2 theaters most of whom were there looking to service each other.

My fight is about to land so I will end this here. I’m first time contributor and long time follower. Thanks for all your work.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Jason T for a great first time report from the Adult Shoppe #2 in Phoenix. Thanks for the kind words, Jason! Keep the reports coming, sir!  A few more just like that will earn you a key to the executive washroom, and instructions on the secret handshake used by Journal reporters.

Since "Just for Fun" closed, it's my guess that this place will pick up the slack, business wise. I'd like to see more reports from Phoenix (hint, hint).