Friday, April 28, 2017

Box Score! The Secret Room 2125: Leather & Lace Party on 3/24/17 in Chicago

Doc here, a man who some say can hypnotize goats with a twitch of his powerful mustache, with a long overdue Box Score Report from March's Secret Room 2125: Leather & Lace Party at the Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. 

The 2nd Secret Room 2125 Party was another big success for the Good Doctor and his staff at The Party Room at 15th Ave. Even with some wacky weather, we welcomed an even bigger crowd than our launch party in February.

The first 20 M/F couples received a Secret Room 2125 swag bag with their paid admission. 

The lovely T was our guest BYOB bartender for this party, and she did an amazing job! On top of looking great, she did a fantastic job for our guests! Thank you T!

Before I get into some of the party details, here is your Box Score:

Secret Room 2125: Leather & Lace Party

M/F Couples:    38
Single Females:  4
Trans-Girls:     8
Single Guys: Dozens & Dozens

For this specific party, my good friends LongTermDom and his partner in crime HisBabyBaby set up a mini dungeon in one corner of the party room, opposite The Secret Room.  LTD was kind enough to bring in 3 piece of equipment for the BDSM demo area: a St. Andrews Cross, an elaborate tie-down chair, and a third chair for passive toy use. The mini dungeon had a lot of use this evening, starting with another good friend of The Good Doctor, "SM". From that point on, LongTermDom got quite the work out (as did some the volunteers). 

Many, many thanks to LongTermDom and HisBabyBaby for bringing their gear, and adding a special flavor for this specific party!  They will be back for more at a future Secret Room 2125 party down the road!

Now, onto the Sexy Outfit Contest!  We had 6 sexy contestants:

  • Amateur porn star Amber Foxxx, looking amazing as always. Do not let her innocent looks fool you...She is a very bad girl!
  • 2nd Time entrant, the lovely O'Shannon! She worked on her routine, and was back to seduce the crowd! Nudity is her friend, and I like her friends!
  • First time entrant, the awesome LA!
  • Another first timer, this lady exuded sexy...This was Que!
  • A Hall of Famer in the Sexy Outfit Contest, a dramatically under-dressed Elizabeth!
  • Contestant 6 was the incredibly hot blonde in a smokin' leather outfit, Blondie!
Our winners, chosen by applause, were:
  1. Elizabeth
  2. LA
  3. Que
The winners each received a $40 sex toy, courtesy of The Good Doctor! 

As always, all the girls were winners in my book!  Thank you for participating!!!

During the evening, The Secret Room was hopping! If you do not know about The Secret Room, I suggest you attend a Secret Room Party and find out!  The next one is TONIGHT, 4/28/17!

Speaking of tonight's Secret Room 2125: Little Black Dress Party, here are a few details about it... We will have more tables set up for you as compared to the Leather & Lace Party, since the mini-dungeon will not be taking up the corner of the Party Room. However, The Secret Room is back and in place!

For full details on Friday 4/28's Secret Room 2125: Little Black Dress Party, check out this series of updates:

We are looking for our biggest crowd yet for tonight's Little Black Dress Party inside The Secret Room!  Be part of the fun, which starts at 8pm!