Monday, April 24, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Operation April Showers with Khaleesi & Khal at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 4/20/17

Doc here, a man who some say once levitated a spoon 4 feet off the ground, using only the static electricity generated by his full head of hair. 

Some people argue that Thursday may be the least liked day of the week. Sandwiched  between Hump Day and TGIF, there isn't even a good name for it. But that changed this past Thursday, April 20th, 2017.  On this day, it was known as Operation April Showers, and it was glorious.

The reason for all this glory? That awesomeness that is Khaleesi (AKA The Mother of All Squirters), who along with her squire Khal, put on an exhibition of bukkake that will resonate for a very long time. 

Someone asked me what celebrity Khaleesi looked like several weeks back at one of the huge Saturday parties I host at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. I paused, and said "...picture Trinity from The Matrix, but hotter."  

This takes us to this past Thursday. Operation April Showers (the Lizardo-generated code name for what was to be Khaleesi's biggest bukkake yet).  The Good Doctor promoted this visit for many days prior, hoping for a big turnout for Khaleesi... I published a set of marching orders for the afternoon gents in attendance here at The Journal. 

We pick up our tail tale as The Lizardo Lantern had just been illuminated, signalling the start of some special in this thing of ours...
Take it away Khal!



We'd been planning an afternoon return to 15th Ave. for a long time. Afternoon visits have given us our best memories, not late nights like you might think. Khaleesi's first bukkake was an afternoon visit and 13 guys popped for her that afternoon. And back in December of last year, on an afternoon visit we had TWICE that number pop for Khaleesi, setting her personal record.

This Thursday afternoon was no exception. When we arrived the parking lot was FULL. In fact, we were just able to snag the last parking space ahead of another car. (The driver I recognized as one of our Twitter Followers, but somehow I doubt he minded.) When you're hoping for a big crowd, this is a really good sign. And this is also a good sign that, once again, as only he can do, the Good Doctor has spread the word far and wide.

Inside, the theater was as full as I've ever seen it. It's such a rush for both of us to see so many guys. Of course, it's flattering to know so many guys are willing to take the time and make the effort to be there for Khaleesi and, well, its huge fucking turn on to know that with that many guys, there's going to be a lot of cum on Khaleesi's face.

Khaleesi, as always, looked amazing. Black dress, black stockings, and sparkly silver shy high heels. Underneath she was wearing a shiny pink corset and the crotchless black panties I love.
Khaleesi's Black Dress
When we had been in our seats for a little while and were comfortable, Khaleesi was ready to start the show. And she does put on a show when she sucks my dick in the theater. She is loud and she loves having an appreciative audience admiring her effort when she throats my length.

There was another couple in the theater seated directly behind us, one of our favorite Twitter friends and his female friend. He had let us know in advance that he would be bringing her with. He had said she was curious to watch another couple, so I decided to stand up and have Khaleesi suck me so she could see Khaleesi at work. I've since been told the young woman did enjoy the show very much.

Khaleesi's throat is really, really good, but standing up like that had me thinking about fucking her. That's as amazing as you imagine it is, of course, but it's also a certainty that I'm going to cum, and the idea of being the last man to cum on Khaleesi's face, when she's already covered with cum, has always been appealing to me. The problem is that I've never lasted long enough to be the last man. Watching her take load after load with her mouth open, listening to her talk dirty to the guys and seeing her writhe on the table as she gets off, eventually I'm just too turned on and I'm ready to pop.
Khaleesi's Favorite T-Shirt
(Khaleesi is inside that shirt!)
At our last visit I had fucked her in the theater and then been the first of 15 guys to pop on her face that night. Despite not being able to be last - again - I've thought about it since and I've decided I like it a lot. I've noticed that being the first to cum on Khaleesi's face shows everyone there, especially if I really paste her, that she truly loves cum on her face. It's not an act and she's not just enduring it to please me or anyone else. She really, really loves the feeling of ropes of hot cum shooting on her face. There's no need to be hesitant. She won't be upset if you really blast her. She'll thank you for it!

So I had Khaleesi stand up and bend over and I started to fuck her. Admittedly, with a couple watching, I wanted to show off a little, myself. The last time I'd fucked Khaleesi really well and made her cum a few times. This time, however, I looked around at all the guys watching and I had the genius idea to ask her, "Tell these guys what you want after I'm done fucking you."

Khaleesi, as you probably are aware, is known for talking dirty. She did not disappoint.

She looked around at all the guys and said, "I'm going to go in the back room and I want all of you to cum on my face. I want a bukkake."

That was it. I was done.

I pulled out, Khaleesi spun around and dropped down to her knees and I unloaded onto her chin and neck, much to enjoyment of the guys watching. And, as I had hoped, her enthusiastic enjoyment for a big cum facial was most definitely noticed.

Later, at home, she would playfully admonish me, "You missed my face entirely. You shot my chin and all down my neck." (It was playful... I think?)

With my load shot, we relocated to the room behind the screen and Khaleesi began to give our rules... You can cum anywhere but on her pussy... You can touch her anywhere but her pussy... You can...

"Can we fuck you?" One guy interrupted to ask.

Khaleesi was quick as a whip to respond. "No, you can't fuck me. I'm not that kind of girl."

I knew she was a little pissed because the Khaleesi I know "in real life" would never refer to herself as a girl. That and her voice had an incredulous tone that suggested she just wanted to shake the guy and say, 'I'm sorry. I just said I want everyone here to cum on my face. Is that not enough for you???'

"That's not what I do," she continued. "I didn't come here to get fucked. Different women do different things. I like bukkake. I like to have guys cum on my face. That's why I'm here."

And that's our deal. As you likely know by now, bukkake has been a fantasy for Khaleesi since she was in her early 20s. It's what she thinks about when she masturbates and it's what we talk about when we fuck.

Some couples go to a theater to be watched and some go to meet other couples. Some go to find a single guy to fuck in private and some go to get together groups of guys to fuck in a gang bang. I presume those are fantasies they have. They go to live out their fantasies, we go to live out ours, and bukkake is the fantasy for us.

And no judgements on the women who don't do the things Khaleesi does and definitely not for the amazing women who do the things Khaleesi doesn't do. We think you're incredible. (We're winking at you, Stunt Slut Simone.)

Well, fortunately, every other guy there seemed to know Khaleesi and was there specifically to see her and help give her the bukkake she wanted. (Thanks again, Doc!) When Khaleesi asked, "Has anyone here cum on my face before?" There were several guys who said they had and one guy said he was there to cum on Khaleesi's face for a third time!

And, as always, the gentlemen of 15th Ave. delivered. I lubed up her hands and Khaleesi went to work stroking. It's hard to describe every cumshot - and probably not that interesting to most of you who aren't bukkake geeks - but I'll tell you that guys were popping steadily for Khaleesi, one after the other after the other.

About five or six pops in, I could see Khaleesi's hips churning on the table the way she does when she's really turned on and wants to get off. The accumulating cum was getting her really hot, so I slid two fingers into the opening in her crotchless panties and into her pussy. It was very hot and very wet and she was really, really swollen. It was then I realized she had not given her usual squirting demonstration in the theater. I only slightly moved my fingers and I could feel her respond, so I went hard and fast and the show was on!

Squirt sprayed everywhere! I was standing over her and the spray was going up so high that it was going up over my head and landing down on my back! And Khaleesi was cumming so hard on the table. I'm sure she was close to popping the purple heads off of the dicks she was squeezing in her hands.

As always, Khaleesi cumming sets off a chain reaction. Guys started stepping up to pop on her face two at a time. As was the case in a previous visit, I'm not sure if there was ever a time when three guys were cumming all at once, but there was definitely several times when there was a consistent sequence of three or four guys cumming in overlapping succession.

Even after Khaleesi's orgasm ended, guys kept stepping up to the table to cum, either by their own hand or with the skillful assistance of hers. Ten came and went quickly and the tally rose steadily into the teens before things started to slow again. Khaleesi's face was already pretty thoroughly plastered at this point. Most of the pics of cum-covered faces you see on Twitter are stills from porn videos that have eight or ten guys. Khaleesi already was in the neighborhood of twice that many. Cum was thick in her hair - her favorite - thick globs were caught up in her long eyelashes - my favorite - and her face was masked with a thick coating of the clear glaze that forms as cum loads destabilize.

Again, I slid two fingers into Khaleesi's pussy and I easily made her cum a second time. She gushed and gushed as I continued finger pulling inside her and the sloshing sounds echoed off the cinder block walls in the back room and you could hear splashes falling on the concrete floor.

As sure as Pavlov's dogs responding to a bell, guys started cumming again. They cum, she gets excited and cums, then more of them start cumming. It's my favorite part of a bukkake experience.

We've done this a lot now and there's usually one guy at every bukkake who really unloads like he hasn't cum in two weeks. At this one, as Khaleesi said on the ride home, "There was a lot of really big loads today!"

There were at least eight guys who really popped big, backed-up loads for Khaleesi. The kind of loads that get all the other guys in the room talking... "Oh yeah! There it is! Give her that big load."

"The count" rose into the twenties and Khaleesi was at this point a beautiful cum-covered mess. Most of her hair was thoroughly wet with soaked-in cum. You know how badass she is, and when I tell you that she would not open her eyes, you can imagine how much cum was covering her eyelids. Unfortunately it appeared we had stalled out.

Another one of our Twitter Followers had been helping me keep the count for most of the afternoon. In fact, at least once he had to correct me.

"I'm not a certified public accountant," I told the room. "I'm a Certified Bukkake Technician," and I stood up tall with my chest puffed out so they could all see my t-shirt.

Khal's Certified T-Shirt
"Come on, guys," he said. "We're at 25. We gotta break the record for her."

Laying there on the table with here eyes closed, her big tits pulled roughly out from her corset and dress, with globs and splatters and streaks of cum all over her, but calm as an assassin, Khaleesi said, "It's okay. I'm fine laying here for a little bit. I can still stroke your dicks, I just can't see them, so you'll have to put them in my hands for me."

Like I said. She's a total badass.

"One to tie and two to win," I said.

One last time I put my fingers into Khaleesi's pussy. Even after losing about a gallon of squirt, her pussy was just as swollen and full of squirt as it had been the first time. And it shouldn't surprise you to know that as I fingered her and her body shook, jiggling the pooled-up cum in the corners of her eyes, she had her biggest orgasm of the afternoon and squirt bursted out around my hand in all directions.

"There it is!" I heard someone cheer and I looked up to see a guy standing directly over Khaleesi's forehead shooting bursts of cum directly into her eyes - she didn't care at this point - with such velocity that it was blasting out the cum that had been accumulating there.

Before he was finished another guy started cumming and I couldn't help shouting out, "That's it! 27! That's a new record, gentlemen."

One last guy stepped to the table and as his cum load landed on the side of her face, a volley of thick jizz dislodged a quarter-sized glob of someone else's cum that had been stuck at the end of her eyebrow and the whole gooey mess slipped down the side of her face and drained into her ear.

"Ohhhh, in my ear," Khaleesi laughed. "That's the worst."

(Actually, cum up the nose is the worst, she says.)

"I'm sorry," the guy apologized.

"There was nowhere else for it to go," I said, laughing as well. "Everything else is covered."

Khaleesi offered yet again to blindly stroke dicks if there was more guys who wanted it. She had no idea who was in the room, but it was pretty empty by that point, and although there was a few guys still trying to tug out a second load for her, I had a sense it was done.

I thanked everyone and helped Khaleesi sit up. As I did, the fresh cum literally poured off of her face and rivers of goo coursed down her neck and into her cleavage. Older, thicker splurts of cum clung to her skin and in her crispy hair.

Over our many visits, we have noticed a phenomenon of a cum splatter silhouette left on the black table after she sits up. Khaleesi calls it a "cum halo" and Doc calls it "The Shroud of Khaleesi." Either works for me as a description. On this afternoon, there was at least seven healthy loads worth of missed cum in puddles roughly formed around where her head and shoulders had been. It was awesome.

I wiped up the table with the least soaked of our towels and gathered up our things. On the way out I shared elbow bumps with the guys that had been able to stay until the end. (The "bukkake handshake" is a practical way to celebrate, greet, or thank others when all parties have sticky hands.) We thanked them all and Khaleesi began her victory "cum walk" to the spa for a well deserved and much needed shower.

On the way there, an idea struck me. Still today, I can't believe I hadn't ever thought of it before.

"You have to see yourself," I said. "Lets go to the bathroom so you can see what a mess you are."

We went into the bathroom and I turned the lights on. Khaleesi looked carefully in the mirror, turning her chin left and right, studying the mass of clear, sticky cum dried on her face and the few gluey blobs here and there. She didn't say anything.

A long time seemed to pass.

And then finally she spoke.

"That's pretty fucking hot, isn't it?"

A very sincere thank you to all the gentlemen of 15th Ave. Once again, you were polite and you did everything as you were asked to. We continue to enjoy doing this because of you.

Special thanks to all our Twitter guys who were there. We truly enjoy the interaction with you in between visits.

Extra special thanks to the guy who drove down from Milwaukee to be there for Khaleesi. That's very cool, and normally you'd win the long distance prize, but... Extra, EXTRA thanks to the hero who flew in from DENVER to be a part of Khaleesi's record-setting afternoon.

Finally, thank you again to Doc for being our Col. Tom Parker. We wouldn't have been able to break the record without you.

Now, we're thinking 30 sounds like a nice, round number....


Doc here again... Wow, where to start?

Many, many thanks to Khaleesi & Khal, for both taking this next step in their adult theater journey, and for the terrific report you just read.  The Good Doctor was in the midst of an afternoon of conference calls that Thursday, and as I was sitting in my office chair, all I could think of was the 27 gun salutes Khaleesi was taking all over her pretty face. 

Also, a big shout out to the gents who attended the event, who got word either through The Journal or thorugh Khal & Khaleesi's Twitter feed.  You followed the rules of the road, and it was greatly appreciated by all concerns. 

So, are you hungry for more Khaleesi & Khal? I may just the answer for you...  This Friday, 4/28 at 8pm, Khaleesi and Khal will be attending the Secret Room 2125: Little Black Dress Party that I host in the Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater.  I can't speak to what their agenda may be that evening, but they will be inside The Secret Room 2125.