Friday, April 14, 2017

Flash Report! Dry Clean Only Waltzes Into The Art Cinema During the Fall of 2016

Doc here, a man who some say held the title of "3rd Best Ballroom Dancer" for 5 consecutive years at his local Arthur Murray Dance Studio in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college. 

The adult theater dance is one familiar with regular patrons of an adult entertainment emporium. In the case of the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT, it's a large theater with multiple venues to see and be seen. The couples only balcony hovers above the main floor, and sight lines are a challenge.  But two-step to the left or right, you might get an eyeful. 

If a couple tangos onto the main floor, well, the audience can become more engaged (and appreciative). Senior reporter Dry Clean Only mambo'd into the Art Cinema and has filed the following report from a recent Friday evening. It is here where we pick up our report...



Friday evening 10/14/16 at The Art was one to share. I had a rare opportunity to spend a Friday evening away from home at the conclusion of a business trip, and, as longtime readers may remember, my visits to the theaters in this thing of ours are limited to the typically less-trafficked weekday evenings. You can imagine the anticipation building within at the prospect of a visit to *The* (Mighty) Art on a weekend evening (cue singing angels!). 

However, my Friday workday veered off the rails and I found myself pounding out emails and spreadsheets after hours, chewing up precious early evening hours that could be much more pleasurably spent at The Art. With a two hour drive ahead, and my arrival approaching 8:30pm on Franklin Ave, I actually began doubting my mission. But it was deja vu all over again, as a certain strange green light in my periphery reminded me of the very first sighting of The Lizardo Lantern
The Lizardo Lantern
It was my visit to Berlin News Agency in October 2015 that involved a long drive at the end of an extra long workday when I began to doubt myself, and had it not been for The Lantern, I would have forfeited that glorious scene which to this day remains seared in my memory. With hardened resolve (and cannoli!), I dialed in 255 Franklin Avenue at blasted off. 

The two hour drive felt like six I was filled with such anticipation. I walked in, slapped the entirely modest admission fee on the counter, and exchanged an enthusiastic greeting with the Prince of Hartford (Hi, Ernie!), who knew that there would later be time for conversation, gave me a wink and a nod, and said "something was going on down in the front."

Indeed there was. I made my way toward the front of the back section, to the left, where a few of the guys were gathered around a 28 year old blonde. Shoulder length hair, white collared blouse, and red plaid miniskirt. Lots of kissing and touching, and grabbing between her and a number of guys in the group, and she'd alternate between that and simply bending over and sucking dick, or getting right down on her knees as the guys circled around. I knew that was only the first act, and went for a stroll, taking a peek at the couples' balcony, where a couple of couples were upstairs watching the show... and perhaps more. The blonde seemed to dart out of the theater for a bit, and then come back, leaving the guys to wander a bit.

Having arrived at about 8:30pm, I think it must not have been much past 9pm, when, as I was sitting a few rows back from the middle on the left hand side, near the center aisle, a confident and comfortable couple came walking down the main aisle, small tote bag in hand. Doc, I've learned that this particular style of entrance (not to mention the tote) is a sign that Act One was complete, and that the curtain was about to open on the long awaited Act Two. Most of the guys did too, and fairly quickly converged upon this couple, who took up seats under the "disco lights".
The Art Cinema
Hartford, CT
Doc, I'm not sure if you or The Prince gets credit for this innovation, but, I cannot let this story go by without saying how much this particular configuration is appreciated by us single guys: The front row of the back section has an aisle way in front of it, and it also is completely visible from the brass railing of the couples-only balcony above, and, a few particular seats in this section and the adjoining aisle way are highlighted by the soft glow of the disco lights. What a show! (ed. note: Yes, Ernie is the father of this lighting innovation. And it is glorious!)
Art Cinema Main Floor Lights
This couple was 5'10"-ish, 33-ish, in shape. She had long, silky black hair, and came in and left with trendy, black glasses. She had wonderful d-cup breasts and a very shapely, sexy body with many tattoos. Her nipples had multiple barbell piercings in the form of an asterisk. And, she was soft, smiling, friendly, and downright sexy. Later, Ernie and I would remark in conversation what a great couple they are, and how she was truly a delightful person in conversation (and appearance). Apparently, Doc, you may have met them as their are Art "party" regulars. (ed. note: Oh, I know them alright!)
Art Cinema security quickly moved in to verify that the couple was not being encroached upon too boldly by the men, and, without missing a beat as they unpacked and disrobed, the man raised his arm, waved, and shouted back "we're all set" before the bouncers even arrived.

The action unfolded quickly. One of the guys got down and buried his face between her legs, and her BF (husband for all I know) pulled out his endowment and sat in the seat next to her, stroking as she was being pleasured by a complete stranger. In fact, the BF got a spontaneous handjob from the guy between her legs. The row behind was closed to single men, otherwise i would have sat right behind this scene; for now, I was standing at the end of the aisle with a great view, jaw agape at how comfortable and beautiful this whole scene was, and at my own luck!

This scene didn't last long; soon, she was down on her hands and knees as she was being fingered from behind, and was sucking cock. There were probably a dozen of us gathered around. Some on our knees, some on our feet. The BF asked who wanted to fuck her, and began to hand out condoms. Several guys performed their tasks well, and she very happily moved on with a smile from one cock in her mouth to the next.

I stepped out of the scene for a bit, and noticed that three couples were leaning over the brass railing, watching the scene. Two were clearly pumping their women from behind as we guys were stroking our cocks and the couple on the main floor was engaging with the crowd. It was a scene from a movie... nope... dream.

This went on for 90 minutes. At one point, she was in the chair, or bent over a chair, taking one of the big dicks from the crowd. But, of course, all good things come to an end. As they cleaned up and dressed, I made a point of approaching them on their way out, and gave her my thanks for sharing herself at The Art and telling her how beautiful she was. She gave me brief embrace and the warmest smile and thanks.

Our blonde was floating in an out during this whole event, too. She was never able to steal the guys from our first floor couple, but she did get the guys who were on the sidelines. And she enjoyed pulling them into a dark corner to play.

We kept an eye on the couples upstairs. There was lots of interaction between the couples, but it was hard to really see what was going on. At one point two couples were facing each other about 20' apart on the balcony center, looking down at us guys stroking for them... breasts hanging and bouncing over the railing, moaning and in some cases very loud orgasms, all of us wishing with all we had they they would be enticed to come say hello down below. One couple did this late in the evening, and played with the crowd in the back corner.

And, another well dressed couple came in, about 50. They specifically sat in the singles/anything goes section on the right of the first floor, and a BBC moved in quickly to sandwich the 50yo blonde milf between himself and her husband. Conversation unfolded and eventually, petting, kissing and a few bj's as we moved in to watch or get in line. She only sucked dick, slightly exposing her breasts, and declined any touching from the rest of the (unlucky/nonBBC) crowd. She and her husband then spent the rest of the night in the balcony.

The Lizardo Lantern is no myth, friends. Watch for it. Trust it. It is the sign of good things to come. And, when you do visit The Art, always be sure to say hello to Ernie... he's a fantastic host!



Doc here again... Many thanks to Dry Clean Only for a terrific report from the main floor of the mighty Art Cinema. With nights like this at The Art Cinema, the dance card will remain to be full in the balcony & main floor.