Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! The Secret Room: 2125 Little Black Dress Party on Friday April 28th, 2017 at 15th Ave. Party Room in Chicago

Doc here, a man who some say know the calls of 43 different birds, across all continents. None of the bird calls has ever gotten him close to getting laid. 

What started as an experiment in a Friday party (Secret Room 2125 Party) to augment the huge Saturday parties The Good Doctor hosts at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, is now a big deal.  Our first Secret Room 2125 Party drew 32 couples. The 2nd party in March drew 38 couples.

And the the April 28th Secret Room Party?  54 Couples!  And making their first Secret Room Party were my good friends, the amazing Khaleesi, and her Certified Bukkake Technician, her hubby Khal!

Settle in for a wild, wet adventure...Goggles up!



Once again, it hasn't been very long, has it? Eight days after a 28-man bukkake, we were back at 15th Ave. for our second-ever party. This time, it would be one of Doc's New and very popular The Secret Room 2125 parties, this time titled, The Little Black Dress Party!

As always, Doc and the 15th Ave. team had the party room looking great. If you've been to a party, you know the layout, but if you've not yet been to a Friday party, there's one big exception... The Secret Room. A portion of the floor space adjacent to the bar is divided off with a temporary wall to create a private room. It is approximately the same size as another room at 15th that we're very familiar with and inside is a table Khaleesi knows well.
We started our evening at a high-top table with an excellent view of both the stage and the BYOB bar, where the theater power couple of JP and JP's Slut Toy would be tending to the needs of party goers that night. And I had been told by Doc that JP's Slut Toy makes the bar a stage of her own, so I was glad to be able to see both.
JP's Slut Toy
Early on a gentleman approached us and introduced himself. I'll call him Ernie (ed. note: real name LaLover, and he has a report on the way very soon to The Journal). He's from out of state, but travels to theater hot spots often, and over a year ago he had by chance been at 15th Ave. to observe Khaleesi at one of her earliest visits to the back room for a bukkake. This was way back when we used to arrive unannounced, rather than enlisting Doc to rally as many participants as possible as we do now, so it had been a happy coincidence for him and he's been Following us on Twitter and reading our Journal Reports ever since. (I guess he liked what he saw!)

In getting to know Ernie, we met a man with a knowledge of adult theaters to rival Doc. Ernie has been participating in and observing "This Thing of Ours" for 40 years! You name the theater, in any city in the country, still open today or closed for decades, dirty and decrepit or as clean and comfortable as 15th Ave., and I promise you he'll have at least one story to tell you. On several occasions Doc joined us at the table, and for an adult theater geek like me, listening to the two of them in conversation about theaters and legendary ladies past and present was endlessly fascinating.

As the night progressed, the party room filled. I had been at the bar. And bar trips can take a little while if JP's Slut Toy is blowing JP. When he'd had enough - for the time being - and I had refilled my drink, I went back to our table to find an attractive couple had joined Khaleesi and our historian friend Ernie.

W and L were at their first party. In fact, it was their first ever visit to 15th Ave. Being new, W & L had lots of questions and between Khaleesi and Ernie, I think our table was able to provide them with some solid answers. And believe me, at no point was it lost on me that on this night, we were the ones answering the questions rather than the ones asking them.

Before I go on, because I know you all want the description of L, I'll tell you my first thought is, at first glance, she's cute and you get a sense that she's friendly and fun. And she is cute and friendly and fun, but she's also tall and fit and has crazy long legs that seem very well suited to be wrapped around someone. Cute is for puppies. L is sexy. And I'm not the only one who thought so. In her debut, L won the Sexy Outfit Contest!

(I must proudly note that Doc's "Sexy Scorekeeper" for the contest was Khaleesi. She was definitely sexy and most technically sound and diligent in her duties! (ed. note: Huge shout out to Khaleesi for being the Vanna to my Pat! Great job!)

After the contest finishes, we've learned, is when things get going. Couples pair off or select lucky single men and disappear to private rooms. Sometimes they close the door and sometimes they leave it open for an audience. This night was no different.

We had come to this party with the intention of doing the same as we always do, but this time in a different environment. Unfortunately, Khaleesi wasn't very impressed with the selection of guys in attendance - there a few curious characters in attendance and several guys who hadn't put much effort into Doc's "Dress to Impress" directive - so I was pretty sure that whatever our plans had been, we weren't going into the Secret Room for a bukkake. We were having a really good time and couldn't have wished for better company at our table, so I really didn't mind.
Khaleesi's Active Wear Choice
Then, to my surprise, Khaleesi asked, "Do we have towels with us?"

"Do you want to go back there?" I asked, nodding towards The Secret Room. "I know this isn't your kind of crowd."

Then, Khaleesi gave me the kind of look that never fails to get me.

"I've been thinking about it all week," she said in low voice that made it clear what she really meant was that all week she had been masturbating while thinking about it. Her eyes scanned over the collection of guys lined up along the wall by The Secret Room and she said, "All cummers, right?

So I dashed off to the front desk to get some towels. On my way back in to the party, Doc saw me.

"That's always a good sign," he said, noticing the stack of towels under my arm.

I smiled and said. "Here we go."

Khaleesi led the way and Ernie and W and L joined us as we went into The Secret Room and a crowd of eager guys followed. Khaleesi laid one of the towels on the table and began giving The Rules to the guys, only with the music playing, she had to shout to be heard and she did her best with hand gestures to help explain herself.

We kissed, then Khaleesi hoisted her big tits out of her dress and laid down on the table. Immediately, the crowd pressed in around her. Having men surrounding her is part of what gets Khaleesi off, being in the middle of a scrum isn't. The surge of guys jostling for position actually moved the table. Hands from everywhere we're all over her body groping her. I had to swat an offending hand away from her pussy almost immediately and Khaleesi did the same to one that had pinched one of her nipples. It was an intense, crowded, aggressive scene. L had been watching closely, curious to see Khaleesi have her bukkake, but she quickly moved back behind W so he could securely wall her off from the crush of men. At this point, The Secret Room was like a Red Line car filling up after a service delay.

Khaleesi finally sat up straight and shouted, "STOP! EVERYONE STEP BACK! You're moving the table."

The room settled. I could hear the music playing again. Khaleesi looked around at her audience and said, "Now come on, guys. Someone cum on my face for me."

Khaleesi laid back down, I put a squeeze of lube into each of her hands and she found two cocks to stroke. Hands were all over her tits again, grabbing and squeezing. I could see Khaleesi's nipples had swollen and turned darker shade of pink, always a sign that she is intensely aroused. Despite the scene, she was very ready for the cum to start shooting. Her hips raised up as if searching for something to grind her pussy on. If you've been to a bukkake you've seen her do it and you've heard her moaning. I slid two fingers into he pussy and she clamped down on them. As I started to pull, the first guy started to cum for her, layering the hair on the right side of her head with a heavy load of thick, gleaming spurts.

"Oh! Fuck yes!" Khaleesi bellowed and squirt began to leak from her pussy, first in a trickle and then like a rainstorm as her orgasm intensified and peaked. "Cum in my fucking hair. I fucking love it!"

(After rereading my last Report, I'm not sure I did enough to describe how much Khaleesi talks during a bukkake, how dirty it is, and how hot it is to listen to her. She loves cum, she loves it on her face and in her hair, she really loves a lot of it, and she'll tell you all about it.)

The room was so crowded and too many of the guys were so stubborn/rude about keeping their position, so it was difficult for guys to get close to Khaleesi to shoot on her. These were not our "regular guys" that stay back and then step up when they're ready to go. In the cramped space, four more guys popped, but three of them weren't even close to her face.

Fortunately, the sixth guy to cum was positioned right next to her, just to the left of her face. He was an older gentleman, and although his orgasm began with a few drops dribbling out weakly, he then erupted with some serious lasers. A HUGE eruption of cum shot direct into Khaleesi's open mouth, catching her in the back of the throat and she reflexively spit it out and the splatter of hot cum covered her face.

"Oh! Fuck, yes!" Khaleesi exclaimed, still catching her breath, as two more thick, full cum blasts streaked across her face. "That's a good load!"

I later had the opportunity to speak to this gentleman and he said, "That was great. I've been coming here for years and I've never seen a woman that loves cum like she does. She's incredible."

He assured me he'd be at her next bukkake and I assured him that when I'm his age I hope I'm still shooting huge, high velocity loads like he does.

He was the last of the good shooters in the room that night. For as many men were packed in there, a lot weren't involved. Lots of guys didn't even have their dicks out. There's nothing wrong with being an observer, unless you're in the way. And if you're just standing there watching, you're in the way. (You can watch, just step to the back.)

One of the security guys pushed his way in and asked if we were okay. I told him we were, but looking at Khaleesi I knew the crowding and the lack of participation was bothering her.

I looked around the room for guys to cum and get things going again. I said, "Step up if you want to cum, otherwise we're going to go."

A few guys pushed their way to the table and I put two fingers inside Khaleesi again. I worked her spot and she began to moan and writhe.

"Come on, guys," I said. "This is what she loves. She's here for you to cum on her face. Give her what she wants."

"Yes!" Khaleesi called out. "I want your cum!" And then her body wrenched and she went off, squirting everywhere, up my arm, and all over her dress.

Two guys started cumming, not with noteworthy volume or force, but the two combined to give Khaleesi the feeling of hot cum raining on her face that she loves when she's orgasming. "Fuck, yes," she cried out while her body trembled. "I love that. I'm such a cum slut."

Three more guys would take turns cumming for Khalees after that, covering her face nicely. Then, before we threw in the towel, I made her squirt one last time and she had an orgasm so strong it pushed my fingers out of her pussy. I finished the job speed rubbing her clit and the fountain gushed everywhere, even spraying herself in the face - which you will probably not be surprised to know, is something she loves.

It was time to go. I gathered our things and the room emptied. The pushy crowd had forced W & L to retreat to higher ground and they were stepping down from the chairs they'd been standing on.

"What did you think?" I asked.

L was a little wide eyed, but she answered emphatically. "She sure seemed to enjoy herself!"

I then spoke briefly with W and Ernie and assured them I'd speak with them again before we left. Khaleesi was waiting on me and ready to get to the spa for a shower.

In the spa, as she stepped into the shower, a guy was already there. He introduced himself and explained that he was visiting from Texas.

"You look like you had a good night," he said, acknowledging the cum splatter all over her face and in her hair."

"Yeah. That's my thing," Khaleesi said. "I like bukkake."

"I can tell. I saw you in there but I couldn't get to you. Do you want another one?" He asked.

"Sure!" Khaleesi answered cheerfully, sounding exactly like he'd offered a free ice cream cone.

Khaleesi got down on her knees and the guy reached to the soap dispenser for lubrication to stroke his dick with.

"Wait, let me get you some lube," I said, and I stepped out. (As Khaleesi's Certified Bukkake Technican I am embarrassed to have to admit I had left our theater bag on the bench in the locker room. A CBT should always have lube on hand - no pun intended.)

When I went back in, I was surprised - shocked, actually - to see Khaleesi had this guy's cock squeezed between her big tits and he was pumping away. Khaleesi later said, "I didn't think about it. I was down on my knees like I am for you, he had a nice, big dick, and I just did it."

I know how good it feels to fuck Khaleesi's tits. There's a select few other lucky guys out in the world who know how good it feels. If you've even just seen her tits out or if you've had your hands on them you can probably guess how good it is. This guy was absolutely loving it and her amazing tits owned him.

"Are you ready, baby?" He asked, having only pumped about a dozen strokes between them.

Khaleesi released his cock and got down a little lower, he started stroking and then he UNLEASHED!!! Of all the loads I've seen launched on Khaleesi in the last year plus, this was probably the single biggest. His HUGE sperm bursts blasted her face from point blank range and just kept coming. Eventually, all three of us were laughing at the sight, and he was still emptying thick spurts.

I'm not going to say Khaleesi tapped out - my dick is in her mouth way too often for me to make such an accusation - but at the end she took his dick in her hand and it looked to me like she aimed it down at her tits, which were already a mess from catching the runoff of cum dripping from her face. This was an all-time monster load. He was lucky to get to fuck her tits but this guy absolutely earned it. Good for him, because he seemed as astonished by the unbelievable volume of his load as we were.

Khaleesi stood back up and started showering off. As she did, he paused to look her over from behind and lifted up one of her ass cheeks in his hand. He gave it a little squeeze and an admiring jiggle. He looked to me in lustful approval and gave me a "You lucky bastard" smile.

"Jesus Christ," he said, gazing over her wet body. "You're amazing. You really like doing this, huh?"

Khaleesi cocked her head in "no big deal" acknowledgment and answered, "I come here quite a bit. So, yeah."

"Do you always squirt like you did when you were on the table?" He asked.

Khaleesi nodded her head, just once. She looked at him with sincere, "No bullshit" eyes.

He looked at her for a moment, then he looked away, shaking his head. You are amazing," he said with a disbelieving laugh.

If you don't know already, we have nicknames for all of you. There's "Shoes" who wears a ridiculous pair of neon yellow track shoes and there's "Safety Dance" who keeps a condom on his cock while Khaleesi strokes him. And this guy, who we met in the shower, he will forever be known as "The Texas Shower Guy."

If you're out there reading this, we hope we'll see you again. You and Khaleesi should get together again.

And to W & L, we hope we'll see you again too. Doc is the man to talk to. He's been an invaluable resource and guide for us. He can put you in contact with us and we'd love to be there when you make your first theater visit if we're able.

Before we left I saw that our new friend Ernie was going to show W & L around the theater and spa and I've since heard that they were impressed. I'd be ready, gentlemen and be on your best behavior. I think there's about to be a really hot new couple on the scene.

And we're not done, either. We have some big plans for this summer. By popular vote, Ms. Khaleesi will be teaching class in the back room. Please bring your fountain pens.

And there's this thing we're hung up on about breaking into the 30s. Maybe you can help us with that.


K & K


Doc here again... many thanks to Khaleesi and Khal for another great report from their experiences at 15th Ave, and this time from inside The Secret Room 2125!  It was a very busy night, and that coupled with Khaleesi's wants, provided an intense atmosphere.  The sight of Khal walking back into The Secret Room with a pile of towels almost brought a tear to my eye...

I'm sensitive that way.

Keep the reports flowing kids... The Secret Room 2125 has now dropped from 3rd to 4th gear, and is picking up speed.  Will this Friday's "School's Out Party" shift in 5th gear?

The answer lies inside The Secret Room 2125 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Party Room this Friday night. 5/12/17 at 8pm, and running until 1am.