Friday, June 9, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Max & Sarah Visit 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago (and a Special Tour Guide)

Doc here, a man who some say might be the hero Gotham needs, sometime next week around lunchtime, with another tremendous Couple's Flash Report from my good friends, Max & Sarah!

Max & Sarah (who are awesome, BTW) reached out to The Good Doctor prior to their trip to Chicago, and I happily volunteered to escort and act as their tour guide around their destination, 15th Ave. Adult Theater

If you were not there to experience with them their first visit behind the screen, then you are in for a treat!  Sarah (who bears a striking resemblance to actress Debra Messing in my professional opinion) has written a great report, with running commentary from Max, on this trip. 

Pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this 5-Star report from Sarah (& Max)!


Hello Doc & Everyone,

We had quite a time in Chicago, thanks to Dr. Lizardo and the 15th Avenue theater. I had such a good time that I thought it fitting that I write the review. Plus, Max thinks its hot and can’t wait to hear what I have to say.

First things first: It was great meeting the legendary Dr. Lizardo in the flesh. You made us feel so welcome and made me feel so comfortable. I really appreciated that and I hope our paths cross again. (ed. note: The pleasure was all mine Sarah & Max!)

So Dr. Lizardo himself gave Max and I the grand tour of 15th Avenue. What a great place. First, we went into the theater itself. This was the place I was most excited/scared about. We walked in and there were quite a few guys in there already. Dr. Lizardo had told everyone we were coming, and it seemed that there was already a turn out. I was aware that there were many people watching me, but everyone kept a good distance and didn’t breathe down my neck, which I appreciated very much.

Ok. The room behind the screen and the table were pretty much EXACTLY a fantasy that Max and I have talked about for a long, long time. I was still excited but getting very, very nervous. It’s one thing to have a fantasy but to live it is totally different. But I was going to do just that, on that table, in that room.

We left the theater and Doc continued to show us around. He was a great tour guide but I couldn’t stop thinking to myself. “The table is just in the next room. The fantasy about looking up and seeing nothing but a sea of hands and hard dicks is about to be real”. It was distracting to say the least. 

The Real Sarah
Max and I went back to our private room to talk and ‘pre game’. When Max and I walk into a darkened theater together and sit down next to each other-what you are seeing is us acting out the dirty talk that we have fucked about for weeks. 

“Yeah? You want to go to the theater? Lay on that table and be a slut for me”

“Fuck yes, I do.”

“All those hands on you? Touching you. Wanting to fuck you. One guy fucking you and another cock in your mouth and one it your hand. Is that what you want baby?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

Kind of like that (with some slight variations) for weeks. I know that a lot of what happens in theaters ends up going into many guys spank bank for future use. We do it too. And after it’s all done we go home and fuck about what happened for hours. Max and I are a great team.

Max is going to have to fill in some of the details for me. I was distracted about what we were about to do. But I will say that having the private room was amazing. Just a quiet place we could go. One of my rules is to always wear ‘accessible clothing’ to the theater. Due to a packing error I didn’t have a dress, so I had worn jeans. Max and I started to talk about how we would deal with this problem. It was simple to Max. He just told me I couldn’t wear pants. He wanted me to go out in just bra and panties but I talked him into my shirt.

I don’t know what it is like for the other theater patrons but these visits, until they are over, can be very stressful for Max. He is constantly on the look out, making sure that I am ok, that no one is getting too rough etc. [MAX: Being a protector/bodyguard/dom is one of my fetishes, so it’s kinda hot.] Oddly enough Max and I together are very rough by most peoples standards, but my vagina is actually delicate. So he’s there to help me, make sure that no one is trying to finger bang me to death or touch my clit. Too many hands wear me out fast. Dicks are easier. Well some are, anyway. When I do something like this at a theater it can be pretty overwhelming, in a good way, but overwhelming. Its hard to explain.Max might want to fill this part in too. I just kind of check out, but in the best possible way.

[MAX: She can go pretty non-verbal sometimes both before, during, and after a stranger gangbang, but we game it out ahead of time. I know all her hard limits, and we have a few safe words and checkin code words so we can adjust or abort without needing a lot of discussion in front of a bunch of guys. No I will not tell you what our words are. ;)]

Also I LOVE Max watching me do this. I know it gets him off to see me being his slut taking all of you. It is so fucking hot for both of us.

Anyway, we went straight back to the theater. I should note that at this point Max is pretty much running the show. It is in situations like this where I love to relinquish all control to him. I am not in a space to make decisions or take charge. Max is and he does and he's amazing at it.

When we walked in Max guided me to the row and told me to sit. I was almost shaking. As usual he sat on the outside of the row while I was on the inside. We started to kiss and Max whispered in my ear “open my pants and take it out”, which I gladly did because I love sucking Max’s dick and I think he appreciates my efforts. After a few minutes he pulled my head up by my hair and brought my face close to his and said “I want you to stand up, turn your ass towards the guys, bend over and suck my dick. Do you think you can do that?” I nodded yes and stood up. [MAX: Actually, she asked me how many guys there were, and I did a quick count and told her I think maybe 30, plus two couples and a few trans women.] 

As soon as I stood Max pulled the back of my dress up so that everyone could see my panties, and my ass was right in the air. I could feel that there were lots of people in the room, but it was totally quiet. I sucked Max’s dick for a bit more and he tapped my shoulder. I looked up at him and he said “Baby it’s time. Are you ready?” I nodded yes and he stood up, buttoned up his pants and took my hand and walked me towards the room behind the screen. I was shaking and careful not to look around me. I thought that if I saw how many people there were that I would lose my nerve.

As we got close to the screen it felt like every man in the room stood up in unison. I whispered to Max, “Its like church let out!”. This was just the laugh and break in tension I needed. Max and I walked into the room first [MAX: Actually a few eager beavers ran in there ahead of us but this is the kind of thing she can’t see right before things start] and it felt like a sea of people were coming. I sat a the end of the table, careful not to look up so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

I have no Idea how many men stood behind Max but they filled the doorway and were totally quiet and watching us. [MAX: The crowd was two or three deep around the table at some times, with more toward the door.]

Max told me to stand up and pulled me by the ring on my collar.

“Take off your panties and hand them to me.”

God I fucking love it when he does that.

“Take off your shirt.”

“Take off your bra.”

I kissed Max and buried my head in his chest. He very quietly said “It’s time. Lay back baby.” And I did. And I was in the middle of my fantasy.

Like I said, when I do things like this things get a little mixed up. I can’t tell who touched me first. Did I suck someone’s dick first? Did someone just start fucking me? I have no idea but I was loving it. I remember one guy who was on top of me, fucking me missionary. (BTW say what you will about missionary but I contend if you don’t like missionary, you are probably doing it wrong). Now it was my turn to be in charge. He was upright and I pulled his shirt to pull him close to me. This is when I took charge a bit. I started talking to him.

[MAX: When she comes out of her non-verbal state and starts making eye contact with the guys and dirty-talking them, I know it’s totally on.]

“Do you like fucking me? You gonna fuck me good baby? You gonna come? Where do you want to come?”

He wanted to come on my face and I was so excited. He pulled out and took the condom off and started jacking off over my open mouth. My tongue would lick him in between strokes. He came in my mouth and some on my lips. It was fucking awesome. I let the come on my lips and mouth roll down my chin as I looked up at him and then at Max. I will always look for Max at some point. He loves watching me do this and I love the show I am putting on for him and for you theater goers.

[MAX: Sometimes if I feel like things are under control I will back away into the crowd a little bit so that when she looks around she doesn’t see me. Just to fuck with her.]

I did the same thing again a few times. Once to a guy in a red shirt, pulled him close and dirty talked the fuck out him. And he came really hard. I remember one guy who fucked me from behind, and he rammed me hard, which I usually don’t like, but he had a grip on my hip and upper thigh that felt amazing. Max leaned into my ear and said “Take it. Take it.”

At one point I needed lube. I usually don’t need lube. I am usually incredibly wet. Right now, writing this I am so wet. Dear reader, if you were here I would do it all again in a second. Crazy seriously wet.

[MAX: OK so I’m an idiot. After the wardrobe improv in the private room, I had a pocket full of Crowns on the left, Magnums on the right, and I left the damn lube in the room.]

So ‘lube guy’ came to the rescue. Thank you kind sir. The evenings festivities would have stopped without you. And speaking of stopping, I don’t have any idea how we stopped. I know I was tired but Max knows me so well. He can take one look at me and know if it’s time to call it. And he did.

[MAX: The way I remember it we called half time and she rested on the table for a bit, and then she got going again for a few more guys, until we called it for the last time. She curled up in a ball and went back into herself, and I held onto her. Some guys hung around for a little while until I told them she’s OK, she just gets quiet like this, but she is done for the night. And then everyone gave us some space.]

We went back to our room and I got dressed. I am usually tired and quiet after these but this time I was a little more talkative. We got dressed and called Lyft. A couple of guys said thanks and bye as we stood around the shop waiting for the car.

Like I said, I kind of check out when I do these things. So there was a big question I had for Max. When we got back to our hotel I was finally ready to ask.

I took a shower and wrapped myself up in a bathrobe and sat on the edge of the bed. I looked up at Max.

“How many?” I said.

Max looked down at me and put his hand firmly on the back of my head.

“12. You took 12 baby.” [MAX: More accurately, 12 dicks in pussy, and one guy went twice. I didn’t count blowjobs and handjobs.]

I smiled at him and he kissed me, and pulled my robe open and pushed me back on the bed. And we fucked about all of you all over again, till 4:00am.

Sarah (& Max)


Doc here again... I'll give you a moment to compose yourselves.

Wow. First of all, many thanks to Max and Sarah for making the trip to 15th Ave. in Chicago for this adventure (that they also visited the next night as well).   Your kind words about your narrator were appreciated greatly!

Sarah was amazing during her trip behind the screen, as slowly and surely she fulfilled a fantasy of having all the guys she wanted, who were (btw) well behaved and did as instructed. Well done, gents.

Sarah took some of the heavy hitters at 15th Ave, and took them like a champ. The first pop shot on her gorgeous face set the tone, and things went very well for all concerned. A dozen entered, and a dozen completed.

If you are on Fetlife, you can check out their profile: MaxAndSarah .

Couples... If you are interested in visiting 15th Ave. Adult Theater and would like the white glove treatment that Sarah & Max received, please let me know at . If my travel schedule allows, I would be honored to show you the ropes.