Sunday, June 25, 2017

Flash Report! Slick Willy Checks Into "Operation 30 for 30 with Khaleesi" at 15th Ave. Adult Theater & Never Checks Out

Doc here, a man who some say once bent a spoon using only the power of his fabulous head of hair, with the first Flash Report from Wednesday 6/21's awesome visit by Khaleesi & Khal to 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

Regular contributor Slick Willy has stepped up to the plate, has taken a few practice swings, and steps into the baby batter's box.  Will he make solid contact? Will he get to third base?

What say you, Slick Willy?



Wow...what an amazing time with Khaleesi on Wednesday. Below is my report...

This was my 3rd visit to watch the beautiful Khalessi do her thing. I was hoping she would reach her goal of 30 loads and boy did she...33 in total.

I arrived pretty early and at first started getting concerned as there were maybe 10 people in the room...clearly not enough loads to break the record. Thankfully within moments the room filled up and the guests of honor walked in.


Something about today felt different...the heat in the room almost primal as the guys turned to watch the action start.. Within moments Khalessi was on her knees sucking Khal with ferocious was clear this day was going to get up to speed fast, and man did it! 

After Khal pumped his load onto Khalessi's face she took a seat at the front to put on a squirt show that would rival Old Faithful. Hearing her wet pussy was almost too much for a few who had to drop their loads right there on the chair she sat on. 

The party then moved to the back and like clockwork all cocks were out and ready to blast away.. I held back for a while admiring her dirty talk as the guys sprayed her face, hair (she loves that, btw) and everywhere. Somewhere around the halfway mark I stepped up to the plate, to which Khal noticed my "Straight Outta Strudel" shirt which kinda made me chuckle but the second Khalessi's hand wrapped around my cock I focused and gave her every drop I had.

I was in true to my shirt - out of strudel lol. I took a few steps back and counted along as the numbers piled up. 

A loud applause at the end of 33 and the afternoon was done, but the dirty memories will last forever....Can't wait for the next time!

Slick Willy


Doc here again... Many thanks to Slick Willy for his solid report from the front lines behind the screen at 15th Ave. Adult Theater with Khaleesi & Khal. Khaleesi was on fire during this mid-day visit, and it went off (like many of the attendees) without a hitch. Well done, sir!

Were you one of the mighty 33 who stepped up to the baby batter's box?  Submit your report to The Good Doctor directly HERE. Khaleesi LOVES to read about her visits, and Khal is right there with her!  

Let's hear from you.