Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Khalessi & Khal's 30 for 30 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 6/21/17 (w/PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say passed 6 straight Voight-Kampff tests as a junior in high school, with the long awaited Couple's Flash Report on Khaleesi & Khal's Operation 30 for 30 on June 21st, '17 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.

It's good to have goals, and Khaleesi had a record setting one in mind for her bukkake event: 30+ shots across her gorgeous bow. So after promoting this visit and crossing our genitals fingers that we would finally get across the 30 salutes, the big day arrived.

Khaleesi had a GREAT outfit on (pics which you will see below), and Khal was ready to coach the gentlemen.

(Click the PLAY BUTTON below and in your best ESPN voice over guy tone, narrate the intro of this report...)
What if I told you a pretty girl had a dream. This dream was made of the hammers of men and baby batter by the cc.  And that this dream had a number, and that number was 30. This is the story of Khaleesi.  This is the story of Operation 30 for 30. 


Hello, Doc, Journal readers and patrons of the performing in adult theater arts! I'm sorry it's taken this long for me to get this Report written. As I begin to write this I cannot help reflecting on the TEN times we've visited the venerable 15th Avenue Adult Emporium for a bukkake to fulfill Khaleesi's long time fantasy of having as many men as possible cum on her beautiful face.

Our first visits were unannounced and at the first visit there were "only" 13 guys lucky enough to happen to be there to paste her face. We enjoyed the surprise element of going unannounced, but as Khaleesi became more comfortable at 15th Ave., she wanted more guys and more cum. We eventually decided to ask Doc to announce our visits to get more guys to attend and did he ever deliver! At our fourth visit an incredible 26 guys (!) delivered loads and turned Khaleesi into an amazing mess. That record stood until back in April when 28 fine gentlemen whitewashed Khaleesi's face, and then at our ninth visit in May, 28 was the number again.

So, as we made plans for our tenth bukkake, we hoped not just for a record breaking 29, but to get into the 30s. Doc made the announcement on The Journal and he and I both went to work on Twitter to entice a crowd that could break the record and give Khaleesi 30-plus facials.

Arriving at 15th Ave. that day, indications of a big crowd were obvious. The parking lot was absolutely full. Not one spot was left and we were only able to park in the lot because the car that had pulled in just ahead of us, and for the moment taken the last spot, suddenly backed out and moved on. I can't be sure, but I saw the driver look in his rear view mirror and I'm pretty certain he saw it was us and was polite enough to give us the spot so Khaleesi wouldn't have to walk down the street in her theater attire. (Hat tip to you, kind sir.)

We stepped out of our car and into the beautiful day. Khaleesi looked amazing in her black dress. It's a perfect dress - one of my favorites - that's appropriate to wear only one place, the theater, with a deep "V" in front to show off her amazing tits and just a hint of the red lingerie she wore underneath.

Khaleesi's Outfit for
"Operation 30 for 30"
Khaleesi has always looked great, but she's been hitting the gym for the past few months and the results are showing. For those of you were there to see her, this version, Khaleesi 10.0, was the hottest yet.

Inside we were met at the front desk by Scott, friendly and welcoming as always. Also waiting for us was our good friend and trusted advisor, Doc, who was smiling like his Sicilian fairy godmother had left a basket of cannoli and vintage Kay Parker 8x10s on his doorstep. (ed. note: Both are delicious)

"Wow!" He said. "The theater is really full."

And yes it was! We spoke with Doc for a few minutes and then after we'd been to the spa to put our things in a locker, we went into the theater and were very pleased to see a full house.

Fast forward ten minutes and I'm standing and Khaleesi is on her knees, showing the guys her throat skills. My hands were on the back of her head and I was pumping my dick from all the way down her throat to still even a little bit further down her throat. When she needed to, she tapped out on my thigh and she'd come up for air, then spit on my cock, just the way I like it.

As she's done in previous visits, Khaleesi even showed the guys how she can take in my cock AND somehow also fit both of my balls in her mouth, then still manage to swallow down maybe two-thirds of my length and let me fuck her mouth! She does the whole thing with my balls bulging in her cheeks and dick head poking her tonsils. It's an incredible sight to see and I assure you it's amazing to experience. And you should know she loves doing it all, deep throttling and gagging and spitting, while an audience is watching.

I would've popped if she'd kept going, and I would've been very, very satisfied if I had, but I really wanted to fuck her. Back in May I'd been so excited listening to her talking dirty to the guys while I fucked her that I popped after about ten strokes. Thinking back, I hadn't lasted very long in April, either. Listening to her tell guys how much she wants them to cum on her face is too much, but this afternoon I was feeling strong. I felt like, no matter how dirty she talked, I could last at least long enough to make her cum once so all the guys there could hear what she sounds like when she cums while being fucked.

Khaleesi bent over and I fit my cock into her wet pussy. Just to get her started, I asked her, "What do you want all these guys to do today?"

"I want all of them to cum on my face," she moaned. "I want another bukkake."
Khaleesi's Outfit for
Operation 30 for 30
And just like that, it was on. Her pussy constricted around my cock and I fucked her hard as she kept talking dirty about loving cum, being covered with cum, feeling hot cumshots land on her face, and loving her seeing herself in the mirror when it's over. It kept getting filthier and filthier - and all absolutely true - until her orgasm was close enough that she was mostly just moaning.

Some guy in the front yelled out, "Fuck her Khal!" And I'm not gonna lie, I felt pretty cool, like I was Paul Konerko stepping to the plate.

As I thrusted harder, Khaleesi actually started hopping up on her toes a little, jumping back on my dick. All that filthy talk has the same affect on her as it does me. She got off hard on my dick, orgasming loudly.

And that was all I could stand. Khaleesi spun around and dropped to her knees and I unloaded on her chin, neck, and tits. This is by design. I'd rather blast her face and shut both her eyes like I do at home, but at the theater, since I'm first, I don't want to blind her and stop the fun before it starts. And it's a good thing my aim was true because I just kept unloading. I'd been edging for a few days and after the first three or four big spurts I honestly felt like I had a whole second load come out of me! Even Khaleesi was impressed and she knows more about big loads than just about anyone.

"That was a huge load!" She exclaimed.

At this point Khaleesi would typically get up off her knees and sit back in her chair, my load still warm on her body, and get herself off with her favorite theater vibrator to give everyone the squirt show they've come to expect from her and love watching. Everyone in the theater can hear her gushes hose the plastic seat in front of her and splash down onto the floor, but it's a sight only a few who are close get to see. So this time we moved to the front row, where everyone can see.

Khaleesi took a seat, spread her legs wide, and placed her purple vibrator on it's mark. It never takes long. And it didn't. Khaleesi let loose and the flood began.

"You can start cumming on me if you want to," Khaleesi called out mid-orgasm.

One of our regular guys, The Rookie, stepped up. He positioned himself behind her and let out a heavy load onto Khaleesi's face. After he finished, Khaleesi kept going and three other guys added loads to her face while she got off twice more and kept squirting until there was a sizable puddle on the floor beneath her.

This, a woman writhing in orgasm as men cum on her face, because men are cumming on her face, loving every spurt and every drop, this is what makes participating in a bukkake with Khaleesi so incredible. Guys cum on her face and she gets off. She loves it and anyone who has been there to see her will emphatically describe her passion for the experience.

And so when Khaleesi led the crowd back to the room behind the screen, her load count was already at five. She gave her rules - although by now her following and her reputation is so well known it probably wasn't necessary - and she climbed onto the table.

We've had nothing but good experiences at 15th Ave. We wouldn't keep coming back if we hadn't. And this group of gentlemen was our best ever. Guys stepped up and popped on Khaleesi's face, one after the other, without much waiting in between.

There was a lot of really, really big loads too! In past bukkake visits we could point to one or two guys who really unloaded. On this afternoon, there were at least a dozen guys who drained out some impressive, heavy loads on her face.

It was before she even had ten loads that she asked for a towel to blot up the cum that had covered her eyes. Khaleesi is a total badass and she's tough as nails. She knows we all like to see her covered and only asks for touch ups when the discomfort of all that cum in her eyes is so great that it interferes with her own enjoyment of the event. And she had to do twice more that afternoon.

Guys we've met before, like Slick Willy, were there to unload on Khaleesi's face. Lots of new guys were there too. And you know Khaleesi bestowed each of them with nicknames, like "Marketing Meeting" and "Foreman" and "Olympia Fields."

Yes, Khaleesi loves to talk to her guys, and what a filthy mouth this woman I love has! Damn, she talks dirty. She loves to have men cum on her face and she loves to tell them about it, then moan for them when they do. And she always says "Thank you" afterwards.

Watching Khaleesi is just incredible. Seeing her stroking dicks with both hands and writhing on the table. You can see her excitement when another dick starts shooting. She lifts her head up off the table and cranes her neck to get as close to the source as possible, then rubs the spurting head all over her face as it empties. And while she's taking another load, her hips are rising and contorting. As Doc pointed out to the crowd, you can even see her pussy opening, squeezing and contracting from being so turned on. Again and again I put my fingers inside, felt her constrict around them, then "pulled the trigger" on her G-spot. In seconds squirt was spraying high in the air and well beyond the length of the table.

"The count" - the number of men who had cum on Khaleesi's face - rose quickly. I remember specifically when it reached 28 because the record was tied, but also because the pace finally stalled. At this point, Khaleesi was already a beautiful mess, noticeably more so than either of the other two times she'd had 28. (Big loads make the difference.) Streaks and globs of cum clung to her hair and clothes and a thick, clear glaze of sticky cum was thick on her face, the way it gets when cum dries on her skin and then load after load is added and it dries in layers.

Of course, Khaleesi was loving it. Moments like these are why we keep coming back.

"Where's Doc?" She asked.

Ever since he first gave her an INTENSE orgasm and made her squirt and soak his shirtsleeve at her 26-man bukkake, Khaleesi has asked for Doc to again administer his famous "The Annexation of Puerto Rico" technique. Laying there, covered in cum, she wanted Doc to get her off.

Unfortunately, Doc couldn't be found! I had to scramble and I was able to quickly get her vibrator to her. As she turned it on and started moaning again, I looked around and noticed there were still several guys stroking while they watched, so I spoke up.

"28 guys ties her record, but she really wants 30 today. Gentlemen, she has 28 cum loads on her face right now. Most women haven't had 28 guys cum on their faces in their entire lives! She's laying there covered in cum and she's going to make herself cum again for you because she wants more of you to cum for her today."

I had intended to motivate the guys, but something I said worked for Khaleesi. She erupted in orgasm and gushed squirt all over the table. And just then Doc arrived. I thought maybe the moment had passed, but he went to work - and guys you should really try to get him to teach you this technique - and Khaleesi went off again, harder, and LOUD, and another gush of squirt surged out of her. Doc stepped back, and to my surprise, Khaleesi just kept going!

"Put your mouth on me!" She demanded and I sprawled over the table and dived in with my face in between her legs. Her vibrator was on her clit, so I concentrated my effort on sucking and licking on the opening of her urethra. I'd never done that before - it was all I really could do - but it worked. Khaleesi unleashed a torrent of squirt directly into my mouth and got off soooo hard.

At that point she'd just had three, huge orgasms in succession. Sitting in the front row of the theater and laying on the table she'd had at least seven other orgasms and squirted a lake. She was spent.

"I'm just going to put this in here," she whispered, exhausted, and she slipped the little vibe into her pussy so that only the very end peeked out from inside of her, leaving it on a soft setting.

I stood up and before I could ask again, a group of guys with hard dicks in their hands moved in around her face at the head of the table. "Fuck, yes," Khaleesi moaned and cum started shooting at her open mouth.

29... We had a new record! 30... We finally had the magic number! Then 31! And 32! And finally 33!

Somewhere in the middle of all of that, her little vibrator had been squeezed out of her pussy and was buzzing gently on the table.

Khaleesi sat up on the table and Doc led the remaining guys in giving her a well deserved round of applause. It was awesome.

Gentlemen, we can't thank all of you enough for delivering for us. This is what we talk about when we fuck. As Khaleesi told you guys who were there, when she masturbates she likes to have me whisper in her ear and talk about all of you covering her face with cum. We talk about what happened at the last visit and we fantasize about what will happen at the next.

It's our fantasy. You make it a reality

And, of course, thank you, Doc. That's another great visit you made happen for us.

As we were gathering our things, "The Rookie" walked by on his way out. "See ya, Khal.... You lucky fucker!" He added with a smile.

I couldn't have been happier.


Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friends Khaleesi and Khal for a great report (all of their reports are dynamite!), but for being one of the coolest couples I have had the fortune to meet in this thing of ours in my 30+ years in the scene. 

Operation 30 for 30 could not have worked out any better for Khaleesi & Khal. And the gentlemen that were there that afternoon saw and experienced something special. 

What if I told you Khaleesi & Khal's next visit was right around the corner. A call to arms for adult theater filled with gentlemen. And records are made to be broken, and that record will be set behind the flicker of a movie screen. Stay tuned to The Journal of Adult Theaters, where a man, dressed in white and wearing aviators, will guide you to a place and time. And that time has a name... Operation Body Heat