Sunday, August 13, 2017

8 Questions from The Good Doctor: Chapter 3 - Velvet Skye! (w/PICS!)

Doc here, a man who some say signed up for a 4-day beaver hunt in northern Ontario sometime in late 2009, when after two days, he realized he was hunting actual beavers armed with nothing more than a bottle of cologne and a line about "I own a mansion and a yacht."

Welcome back to "8 Questions from The Good Doctor", the newest feature on The Journal of Adult Theaters. In this feature, The Good Doctor asks a series of adult theater-related questions to some of the sexiest women I know personally in this thing of ours. Their answers are sincere, truthful, and very hot

This feature has been very popular, and has earned over 16,000 pageviews since launching this past week. (You can catch up on the prior "8 Questions" here: Chapter 1 - The San Diego Smokeshow, and Chapter 2 - The Myterious Maya) . 

Well kids, Chapter 3 features my very good friend, international porn star, and Canada's Greatest Natural Resource, Velvet Skye!
Velvet Skye
Velvet has been a regular contributor to The Journal since it's early days back in 2010, and whether she's on the prowl at Fantasyland in Tampa, 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, or closer to home, she's the real deal.  This tall drink of Canadian water is as charming and funny as she is smoking hot! And best of all, I consider her a true friend. 

Stay tuned until the end, and I'll give you several ways of getting more of the awesome Velvet Skye in your life. 

(All images within courtesy of Velvet Skye, all rights reserved.)

Here we go... 


"8 Questions from The Good Doctor" with Velvet Skye: 

The Good Doctor:When was your first trip to an adult theater? 
Velvet Skye:  Oh my, so many years and so many cocks ago I do not remember, but at least 14 years!

Doc: Which adult theater did you attend, and who introduced you to the adult theater scene? 
VS: The theater no longer exists, it was on a trip to Las Vegas for the AEE and my friend suggested we check it out... well, little did he know what a cum slut/cock monster he had created! He is very perverted, horny friend who I just adore and is my usual companion while being naughty, as I can always count on him for whatever I may need.
Doc: What (and who if applicable) did you do sexually on that first visit? 
VS: No idea who I did, as I always find it more exciting NOT to see who is on the other side of the gloryhole... I know I sucked and stroked quite a few cocks as word got out ... and I learned to bring plenty of wipes for those times when they come all over my tits and a towel to kneel on! those floors hurt after a while!  Haha! I do know however that I had some hot sex in that tiny booth with my friend as we were both turned on so much.


Doc: What is the most intriguing thing to you about adult theaters and bookstores? 
VS: I love the anonymity of it, you go into the booth, a cock comes out, you have your fun, they leave, I call next and we start all over again!
Doc: What is the most surprising thing to you that you can share with other women thinking about going to an adult theater or ABS for the first time? 
VS: I suppose if you go with a partner, how turned on they get watching you suck a random cock, which does lead to some amazing sex after!

Doc: What is the most erotic scene you have personally been involved in while at an adult theater? 
VS: I would say meeting a couple who is at the theater for the same reason, Tampa (FantasyLand) has some nice big glory hole rooms, so 2 girls can go after one cock while getting fucked from behind. Being a voyeur myself, it is very erotic to just sit back and watch another girl having fun at the hole.
Doc: What are your favorite adult theaters you have been to, and why are they your favorites? 
VS:  I have 2, yes 2 favorites! 1) Chicago: MelrosePark 15th Ave. Theater & Bookstore ... clean, excellent staff. I love the various rooms as well as the steambath, shower room and private rooms, the theater room is also amazing... always had the best time here! 2) FantasyLand in Tampa, as it is open 24/7, it's clean, great staff, plenty of rooms to offer various entertainment and a huge theater where there is always action to be found. 
Doc: Did The Journal of Adult Theaters help you in this adventure in any way (be honest)? 
VS: Oh yes, I did quite enjoy my adventure with the Journal....but then a lady never blows and tells... (ed. note: Shhhh)
Bonus Question!
Doc: When is your next trip to an adult theater?
VS: After all these questions I think I may have to go right now!


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to the amazing Velvet Skye for sitting down and sharing these answers with me & the good readers of The Journal.  

Quick aside... When The Good Doctor sat down to do an interview in Penthouse Magazine for the May 2015 issue, the reporter asked me if I knew a few women and/or couples that I thought could add some great perspective into this thing of ours for the article. The first person I thought of was Velvet Skye.  And now you know why...

As promised, how do you get more Velvet Skye in your life?  As it turns out, you have several hot choices:

Velvet Skye is one of the top social media presences on the net, and her content is top shelf!  Give them a try... Doctor's orders!   And please tell her Doc sent you (this is important)!

Thanks for taking in Chapter 3 of "8 Questions from The Good Doctor".  Our next featured guest for Chapter 4 is another very good friend of mine from the adult theater scene, and you'll know her by her amazing body... Who wants to hazard a guess who it is? CLICK HERE TO VOTE .