Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! The Secret Room: 2125 Little Black Dress Party on Friday April 28th, 2017 at 15th Ave. Party Room in Chicago

Doc here, a man who some say know the calls of 43 different birds, across all continents. None of the bird calls has ever gotten him close to getting laid. 

What started as an experiment in a Friday party (Secret Room 2125 Party) to augment the huge Saturday parties The Good Doctor hosts at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago, is now a big deal.  Our first Secret Room 2125 Party drew 32 couples. The 2nd party in March drew 38 couples.

And the the April 28th Secret Room Party?  54 Couples!  And making their first Secret Room Party were my good friends, the amazing Khaleesi, and her Certified Bukkake Technician, her hubby Khal!

Settle in for a wild, wet adventure...Goggles up!



Once again, it hasn't been very long, has it? Eight days after a 28-man bukkake, we were back at 15th Ave. for our second-ever party. This time, it would be one of Doc's New and very popular The Secret Room 2125 parties, this time titled, The Little Black Dress Party!

As always, Doc and the 15th Ave. team had the party room looking great. If you've been to a party, you know the layout, but if you've not yet been to a Friday party, there's one big exception... The Secret Room. A portion of the floor space adjacent to the bar is divided off with a temporary wall to create a private room. It is approximately the same size as another room at 15th that we're very familiar with and inside is a table Khaleesi knows well.
We started our evening at a high-top table with an excellent view of both the stage and the BYOB bar, where the theater power couple of JP and JP's Slut Toy would be tending to the needs of party goers that night. And I had been told by Doc that JP's Slut Toy makes the bar a stage of her own, so I was glad to be able to see both.
JP's Slut Toy
Early on a gentleman approached us and introduced himself. I'll call him Ernie (ed. note: real name LaLover, and he has a report on the way very soon to The Journal). He's from out of state, but travels to theater hot spots often, and over a year ago he had by chance been at 15th Ave. to observe Khaleesi at one of her earliest visits to the back room for a bukkake. This was way back when we used to arrive unannounced, rather than enlisting Doc to rally as many participants as possible as we do now, so it had been a happy coincidence for him and he's been Following us on Twitter and reading our Journal Reports ever since. (I guess he liked what he saw!)

In getting to know Ernie, we met a man with a knowledge of adult theaters to rival Doc. Ernie has been participating in and observing "This Thing of Ours" for 40 years! You name the theater, in any city in the country, still open today or closed for decades, dirty and decrepit or as clean and comfortable as 15th Ave., and I promise you he'll have at least one story to tell you. On several occasions Doc joined us at the table, and for an adult theater geek like me, listening to the two of them in conversation about theaters and legendary ladies past and present was endlessly fascinating.