Sunday, August 27, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Khal & Khaleesi's #35orBust at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 8/17/17 w/PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say for many years was in the #1 broadcast booth for national games, but how finds himself stuck doing sideline work for Jags home games only.

On August 17th, somewhere around 11:15am, The Good Doctor, along with Bob from 15th Ave. Adult Theater, hoisted The Lizardo Lantern to the roof of this adult theater. It's mission: Notify the good patrons of 15th Ave. that the amazing Khaleesi & her squire Khal had arrived for #35orBust, her 11th visit!

In this detail rich report, Khal takes us deep inside this visit in the mid-afternoon in Chicago's western burbs.  It was a visit of some important firsts, including a gentleman who was rewarded for acting like a gentleman in a previous visit. 

Also, there is also an important message to guys attending Khaleesi & Khal's visits. You'll know it when you read it. If guys cannot follow the ground rules of the couple AND the theater's rules of conduct, incredible scenes like Khaleesi's visit will disappear right in front of you. I will speak more about this in the conclusion of this report.

The incredible Khaleesi was ready. Khal was ready. And a Powerball Lottery Winner was ready.

This is their story...


Hello, Lizardudes and Lizardettes,

Can you believe it's now been 11 TIMES (!!!) that Khaleesi has had a group of guys at 15th Avenue give her the bukkake she loves? It's been an amazing series of experiences made possible for us with the help of 1) Doc's continued guidance and promotional efforts, 2) 15th Ave's great facilities and staff, and 3) the spunk shooting help of almost 200 (!!!) polite gentlemen who have become our partners in Khaleesi's passion for bukkake.

If you've been reading Doc's outstanding "8 Questions" interviews with some of adult theater's most legendary ladies, almost all have commented about the surprisingly good behavior of men in the theater. Our experience on our journey into This Thing of Ours has been the same. Many of what we now call "our guys" have been to four or five of Khaleesi's visits. They treat her with respect, they follow her rules, and they shower her with compliments. (Is "shower" too much?)